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Successful Entrepreneurship: It’s All in a Name

Running a business comes with its share of problems, in terms of both mechanics and aesthetics. In my experience, one of the most important challenges every entrepreneur faces is the naming or re-naming of a company. I’ve been involved in the creation of more than a dozen companies, and I have had the privilege of advising on the development of hundreds of others. Here are some of the lessons I learned when it comes to picking a name that will garner success, now and in the future:

Easy-to-Remember Names

Names that are easy to remember are a sure-fire way to increase advertising effectiveness. These kinds of names are easy to pronounce and often have a visual component (think Target and Duracell). The difficulty, though, is that they can be tough to trademark. Also, the specificity of easy-to-remember names can limit a business to a particular region or industry. The perk of these names, however, is their high spend-to-result ratio. If an entrepreneur picks a highly memorable name, he or she can spend relatively little and still net huge results in short working less and making more.

Trademarking That Works

By choosing a name that is easy to trademark, entrepreneurs can ensure that they will have a strong legal claim to their business identity. These kinds of names are often "made-up" words like Novartis, Accenture or ZymoGenetics. Other protectable names are based on unique proper nouns, such as Phillip Morris or Martha Stewart. One drawback of easy-to-trademark names is that they can be confusing. Also, entrepreneurs who choose these names can expect to spend more money on advertising to help customers recognize the name and understand the business behind it. This leaves entrepreneurs with a lower spend-to-result ratio.

Nonsense Names

Some companies have reaped great benefits from names that are both familiar enough to be memorable, but distinctive enough that they’re relatively easy to trademark. These are often called nonsense names. Some nonsense names—Apple, Amazon and Yahoo—combine a known word with an unexpected industry. Other nonsense names combine two familiar words people find easy to pronounce and envision, but meet the uniqueness criterion for trade-marking because you wouldn’t expect to see the two words used together. An example of this is Yogabutter (a local yoga studio) and Talking Rain (a soft drinks pioneer). I experimented with this nonsense approach by creating Purespace, a business that did short-term space rental for holistic practitioners. The name provided customers with a sense of our business, and it bred inquiry.

Testing the Name

I’ve learned that the worth of a business name is in the reaction of the customer or trademark attorney. To determine if their name has long-lasting appeal, entrepreneurs should find out if it allows them to access the tools they need for business. One way to do that is to Google the name. Business owners should ensure that someone isn’t already using the name—or something similar—in a way they wouldn’t want associated with their own business. This could cause confusion and lead to potential legal problems. When in doubt, it’s best to consult with an intellectual property attorney.

A carefully selected business name can save thousands of dollars a year in advertising costs, and it can keep the company on an extended path of greatness. The wrong name can sink a business by making marketing expensive and frustrating, or making it difficult to protect your business identity. When it comes to naming a business, you can never be too careful. After all, your success and future are on the line.

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Christopher Rugh ,EO Seattle

A serial entrepreneur, Christopher is the founder and CEO of several companies, including 1-800-Good Credit, Worldwide Telegraph and He has
been an EO member since 2001. You can reach Christopher at

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The Voice of Small Business: It’s a Start, But Small Businesses Need to Hear More

When Sen. John McCain delivered the keynote address at the National Federation of Independent Business 2008 National Small Business Summit last month, he did much more than speak to several hundred interested small business owners. He pushed the concerns of a significant voting bloc to the forefront of the presidential campaigns. In fact, both Sens. McCain and Barack Obama have spent much time specifically addressing the No. 1 issue among small businesses -- healthcare. And it's about time.

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Small Business Security – It’s A Serious Business

People who own and run small businesses may have been overlooked in the past. Not attracted to the big budgets and sophisticated requirements of big business, the security industry has not focused on providing small business security. Small businesses had to settle for inappropriate and overpriced security that resembled home security systems.

But there's good news. Leading security industry manufacturers and providers are paying attention now. They're beginning to understand that the unique needs of small business security require tailored security measures and systems.

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Email Marketing Company & It’s Services


Email Marketing Services-Now people are becoming internet savvy and are always opting for internet facilities. This is why most of the online companies are taking up email marketing as the perfect way of reaching the right and valuable customers. An email marketing means a lot for all online companies. Online companies invest a lot of money for hiring email marketing companies. On the other hand, email marketing companies are helping these companies in making their email marketing projects successful. These email marketing companies are well-known for what it does for online companies. Their promotional emails are much better than what are written by your company.

Get a good email marketing company and you will have the benefits out of their email marketing services. Never get into clutches of a poor email marketing company or else you will lose out all money. When you are investing money for email marketing, then spend it wisely. Invest at the right sources, so that you can get benefits at the end. If you have a small budget for email advertisements, then get in touch with the one that works for you in small payment. Many small size companies do this and you can also get into this systematic approach. These email marketing companies know your customers well and can instantly contact them whenever you request them. It's the best way of getting your leads.

By handing over the email marketing projects to the respective email marketing companies, you will be free of all tension. It is always good to hand over your email marketing projects to experts who know all the ways to give them proper shape. Try it once and see the difference. Soon you will find that the rate of flow of leads into your account which is more than it used to be in the past. It should make you believe that you can trust these email marketing services without any hiccups. Finally, give it full usage and established yourself as the most successful online company.

These email marketing services are all up to dated. These are prepared with successful research prior giving them the final usage. So, be secure with the kind of email marketing company that you have with you. Before using these email marketing services, you can also do a market study so that you will understand the market trend. Thus, we have seen the importance of email marketing services.

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