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What’s Behind Your Lack of Motivation?

Do you find yourself not fully engaging in life due to a lack of motivation? Do you sometimes feel you're a just spectator and wish you could participate in the world around you more fully?

It is quite common for people to have desires or aspirations that go unfulfilled due to little or no self motivation. As this cycle continues it often erodes your own self confidence leaving you with a low self esteem. This is a dangerous cycle and a bad place to be in. The longer this continues the more it ends up stunting your own personal growth and this downward spiral just seems to continue on.

What we're going to address here today is how to identify the underlying culprits behind this lack of self motivation keeping you from living your life more fully. You can't correct what you can't identify therefore the first step will be recognizing what it is that holds you back.

As we identify 3 common areas that inhibit many people from achieving goals or finding personal happiness you may be surprise how easy it is to overcome these barriers.

Fear of Failure

Make no mistake about it having a desire does not mean you also have the confidence to pursue it. Sadly it is all too common for many to desire something but then convince themselves they can't fulfill it BEFORE they even try to. One big reason this occurs is the natural inclination to have a fear of failure.

All our lives we've been taught and it is continually being reinforced that failing at anything is NOT GOOD. As a result of this learned behavior we naturally avoid any new challenges that may result in an outcome that is less then successful.

This fear of failure is wrong since one of the best ways to learn ANYTHING is thru trial and ERROR, that's right ERROR! Without experiencing mistakes and learning from them we limit not only our personal experiences but also our personal growth.

Fear of Commitment

Another common factor that holds people back from pursuing certain desires or goals is making the commitment to undertake this pursuit. This fear of commitment once broken down is quite easy to understand.

Any new endeavor we might consider pursuing is naturally something we're unfamiliar with since it is 'new' to us. Well if we're 'unfamiliar' with something that means we may not be 'comfortable' with it.

Being uncomfortable with something is usually not a desirable or fun experience therefore it is avoided.

If your anticipation of any endeavor is fun and excitement you're likely to pursue it enthusiastically. If you're unfamiliar and therefore uncomfortable your anticipation may be one of dread. As a result this may hold you back from engaging in it.

Familiarity is only gained thru 'experience' and often times the FIRST STEP towards partaking in that 'experience' is the hardest.

Lack the Proper Skill Sets

Although unfamiliarity is again a factor here, the reasons for it are more tangible then the 'inner fears' we have just discussed. The lack of certain skill sets can be more easily identified and addressed thru training or coaching. As a result these types of limitations can be more easily overcome but still remains a factor that could hold people back.

As we've discovered your lack of motivation often stems from little or no self confidence in your knowledge and/or experience. This can be overcome by learning a little bit more about what it is you want to pursue. Nobody starts out an expert, it is a learned experience! Quite naturally we fear what we don't know but once we gain familiarity with the unknown our fears subside and our confidence and comfort level grows. This allows us to more fully engage in the world around us breaking through the barriers that often hold us back.

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Why people fail in their OWN internet opportunity program

You might have already assumed that this article is going to be about the same ‘oh, why 99% internet marketers fail, ‘oh 99% internet marketers fail” blah blah, but actually I am going to explain why those absurd wrong figures have been used in that manner. The fact is that the number of people that fail in this industry is only period, they ‘fail’, because they usually tend to leave the internet opportunity program all together and look for another one. Did you know that about most every program that claims that there is potential for you to make money online are all legit, and true. People do not understand this, they blame the business they joined or the program but the truth is that it’s you, yourself who is hiding behind the % of failures in this industry. You may suppose that the reason that internet marketers never make it in the online world is because they are not smart enough, they have not learned properly or because they have been looking for a pot of gold behind a tree. You would not be fully incorrect; there is some aspects that is true, for example they haven’t been thought properly or something.

One big reason why internet marketers fail is this, they have tried to do one thing maybe two and did not get the results they wanted, $90,000, in 31 days, which led them to quit all together and start looking for another internet opportunity program. Other sub ordinary reasons come under the heading people being Overwhelmed With Information, people not having Lack Of Key Marketing Basics, or Lack Of Time And Resources or Lack Of determination

All the successful internet marketers have had some experience of failure. I myself had some failures in my upcoming into this industry. However now in these modern days, there is so much help available, step by step approach towards the program, or internet opportunity program, it is possible for you to not to experience failure whatsoever. If you have the right mentor you will have no failure, also you must have the most appropriate program, or business to join.

A little secret, relating to the 99%, 98%, 97% headline failures. Internet marketers use these headings, simply to sell their product that is the logic interpretation of these type of headings. So whenever you see an e-book, or anything for sale within the internet opportunity program, that says, ‘why 98% internet marketers fail’, remember it’s made up, and the people like sheep went along with and happen to become a made up fact itself.

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Warning: A Lack of Self Motivation Can Cost You Your Dreams

These days with all the talk of emotional depression, and economical hard times we as a society have a negative attitude. Believing that because the media says we are in a economical crisis we should give up trying.

Its not going to happen for us anyway. Well, if you adopt a new positive outlook on life, you can achieve your dreams.

Life improvement techniques such as eating right and exercising properly are very frequently advocated by health professionals, but only a few experts focus on the importance of positive thinking and self-motivation towards living a successful life.

This is quite surprising because self-motivation is actually one of the most effective ways of conditioning the mind and helping a person get on the right path towards achieving success in life.

Furthermore, anyone can do it wherever they want, and you don't have to spend a single cent for it.

The Role of Inspirational Statements in Living Your Best Life

Talking to yourself is often looked at as strange. However, it's proven to relieve stress, improve self-confidence, and ultimately improve your life with a small adjustment to your attitude on life.

People when faced with negative thoughts dwell on them until they overcome our entire day, and sometimes overcome most of our general being.

You can avoid getting into such situations by feeding your mind with positive messages right from the get-go. The moment you feel frustrated or stressed out, you can counter these emotions with a positive image or statement. You do have to be vigilant and able to identify these crucial situations.

Once you miss the turning point, you will again fall into the cycle of negative thinking that so many of us have gotten used to.

How Inspirational Statements Can Combat Negativity

The concept behind inspirational statements and self-motivation techniques is to help you talk yourself out of negative situations by reciting affirmations, or simple positive statements that make you focus on the good things about your life.

For instance, if you are particularly frustrated when you were passed over for a promotion, you can say something like, "I am a smart and confident person. I will have my success at the right time."

It might feel strange or even silly the first few times you recite these affirmations. In time, you will get used to it and you will get more skilled in creating these positive messages as well. The more you say these statements to yourself, the more you will believe them, until they finally steer you into the golden path to a successful life.

In the beginning, you might scoff at the benefits of positive thinking and self-motivation, but once you have tried it and witnessed the effects for yourself, you will certainly appreciate the difference it can bring to your life.

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