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Southern California Employment Lawyer Arsenal for Damages, Severance Pay and Employment in Southern California for Job Discrimination or Retaliation

Never have there been so many tools for Southern California employment lawyers to help people recently fired to win damages for discrimination, to seek a better severance package, including not only a longer period of pay benefits, but also other items, most important of which can be a longer period of health insurance benefits following the termination, or even to save the employee’s job.

If you’ve been fired from your job as a result of discrimination or retaliation, been harassed or the victim of a hostile work environment, or paid less than a person of the opposite sex for the same work for no other valid reason, visit our website at and call us at any of the numbers easily found on our website.

In Southern California where private employers and government offices have laid off people by thousands, sometimes on a weekly basis there is substantial fear among those who have recently been terminated and those who are in fear that they could be next to be let go. In the areas of Southern California where unemployment and foreclosures are at their highest in the state, many employees who have been discriminated against or fired in retaliation for complaints of harassment and who previously feared making any complaint, now feel they have nothing to lose.

Some employees are filing class action lawsuits based on everything from age and sex discrimination to discrimination against veterans. Individual claims are being made for overtime pay that the employees never received and retaliation for whistle blowing or reporting harassment.

One of the best tools for Southern California employment lawyers is often the employee’s company manual and other memos of the company which often lay out glowing descriptions of how fair the company will be in their employment practices. Such manuals often describe all of the types of actions which the company claims they will not tolerate including the various forms of harassment and how the company will never take a retaliatory action against anyone blowing the whistle on harassment at the company.

Such manuals provide a powerful tool to the employee and the employment lawyer to show the company exactly how they violated not only the law, but also the company’s own employment guidelines. Faced with such violations of the principles the company itself laid down and promised to their employees, it is difficult for such companies to argue that they didn’t realize how they were supposed to respond to an employee’s reports of harassment or that they didn’t know they couldn’t fire someone for making such reports.

Employees must keep in mind that under California law, complaints alleging discrimination or retaliation must be filed with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement in California within six months of the alleged discriminatory or retaliatory action by an employer, except in certain circumstances.

Some of the laws enforced by the Labor Commissioner in the State of California which prohibit discrimination and retaliation include discrimination or retaliation for threatening to file a complaint with the Labor Commissioner, for taking time off to serve as a juror, be a witness in court or to attend judicial proceedings related to being a victim of a crime or related to a victim, for discharging victims of domestic violence, for taking time off to seek medical or psychological treatment related to domestic violence or a sexual assault, for taking time off to go to a child’s school at the request of a teacher, for disclosing his or her wages, for engaging in political activity, for being a whistle blower (not the real whistles), for being paid less than employees of a different sex for the same work unless based on a bona fide factor other than sex, or for complaining about safety or health conditions.

For Southern California Employment Lawyers such as myself who are also Women’s Rights Lawyers, when President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 in late January, he remedied a great injustice and provided employment and women’s rights attorneys with yet another tool in our arsenal to fight for employee’s and women’s rights.

Now women in Southern California and the rest of the nation have a law that gives them the ability to redress the wrong suffered upon them by society in allowing men to receive more money for the same work from an employer and limiting the rights of women to bring a claim for pay discrimination.

In the past, women were required to file suit within 180 days after first being paid unfairly, even if the discrimination of being paid less than male workers in the same jobs continued. And if a woman failed to discover that male workers were being paid more for the same work, a woman still could not hold her employer accountable if she didn’t learn of the unfairness and take action within 180 days of first being paid the lesser rate.

Under the Fair Pay Act of 2009 signed into law by President Obama, the statute of limitations of 180 days starts with each discriminatory paycheck, rather than when the employer starts to discriminate. So long as a woman in CA files her claim within 180 days of receiving any discriminatory paycheck, not just the first one, she is considered timely in bringing her claim.

An important aspect of the Act is that the effective date of the Act is retroactively set at May 28, 2007, which will allow it to apply to all compensation discrimination claims that have been filed on or after that date.

Women can sue for back pay awards for up to two years before she files her employment discrimination claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Fair Pay Act of 2009 does not change the two-year back pay limit.

Under the Act, an unlawful practice occurs when a discriminatory compensation decision or other practice is adopted, when a person becomes subject to the decision or practice, or when a person is affected by the decision or practice, including each time wages, benefits or other compensation is paid.

California also has it’s own version of the Federal WARN Act which in certain circumstances requires 60 days warning before laying off workers. Under the 2003 California version of the Act, the requirement of 60 days warning applies to establishments with 75 or more employees who have been employed for at least 6 of the previous 12 months, who layoff or relocated 50 or more employees within a 30-day period. There are also various exceptions to the rule.

For the elderly employee laid off, an important ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court has given added protection to older workers. Elderly persons who file employment discrimination lawsuits no longer need to prove that an employer acted intentionally. It is enough that the employee can prove that the layoffs had a disparate effect on the elderly workers.

Layoffs of caregivers providing care to sick family members may also violate federal law.

And all of these tools are still in addition to the tools Southern California employment lawyers have against employers who practice discrimination based on sex, religion, race, age, or sexual orientation, or who subject their workers to a workplace that constitutes a hostile environment.

Visit our website at and call us if you have been discriminated against or are the victim of retaliation by an employer in Southern California or if you have been receiving less pay than a person of the opposite sex for the same work by your employer for no other valid reason.

It is thus imperative that an employee being laid off who is provided with a separation agreement and release of all claims against his employer consult with an employment attorney to determine if there weren’t violations of any of these laws and others that can assist the employee and his or her attorney to negotiate a larger severance package.

If you have recently been fired, are in fear of losing your job or if you have been presented with a separation agreement or severance package and have been discriminated against, harassed or are the victim of retaliation in Southern California by your employer, we invite you to call our office.

Visit our website at if you are the victim of employment discrimination, retaliation or of discriminatory compensation in Southern California. We have the knowledge and resources to be your Southern California Employment Lawyer and Southern California Employment Attorney anywhere in Southern California from San Diego to Orange County, and Santa Barbara to Palm Springs and all points in between, including Irvine, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Ventura, Newport Beach, San Luis Obispo, Temecula, Santa Ana, Riverside, Ontario and Palm Desert.

Find a Legal Advice of Employment Lawyer Over Employment Issues

Employment according to dictionary means service. Employment involves two parties; employer and employee. Usually there exists a form of contract or a set of terms and conditions in employment. The employer is the person who holds power and is ideally in the authoritarian position and the employee is the person hired to render service/labour. Employment is a very important facet of a working person’s life. To him, employment defines his existence; his life-style, standard of living and bare necessities of life are regulated by employment.

Individuals, in most cases are competent enough to manage employment issues or any employment related issues themselves. But in some cases, the situation becomes grave and tricky and legal help is asked for. There are well-defined laws in every form of employment. However, with changes in every field and every aspect of life, these employment laws are changing rapidly. Even the most tactful and competent employer seeks help of an Employment lawyer to keep things in control. This is from one point of view, i.e. the employer’s side of the story. Employees, working and serving whole-heartedly often become victims of ill-treatment, sudden dismissal or discrimination. Many king-size organizations have trade unions to maintain employee interests and job security. But they also need the advice of employment lawyers to save their interests fighting against the employer.

Duncan Lewis & Co. is one of the leading and fastest growing law firms in U.K. Since its birth in 1998, Duncan Lewis & Co. have earned both name and fame in serving country’s corporate bodies and individual private clients with quality legal advice and winning law cases of any form. Duncan Lewis & Co. is highly reputed for settling the most complicated employment disputes. Employment law is changing everyday with all new forms of modernity and you really need to take expert assistance to sort any employment issues.

Our clientele ranges from individual Employees to small or big Employers and we render our service to all of them alike. We assist employees in case of sudden change of employment contract, sudden dismissal, racial/sexual harassment, bullying at work, holiday/sick pay or maternity rights, employee representation at Tribunals and settling any other unique employment hazards. Our employment department is available to help you in advising or making any employment legislation. It includes all issues regarding drafting of contracts, making agreements and negotiations, dismissals, defending claims against discrimination and the like.

Duncan Lewis & Co. helps you resolve any employment related issues or disputes at competitive rates and you are sure to get value for money. Clients are satisfied by the quality service they get from us and contact us time and again, whenever needed. For any employment related advice, visit for immediate results.

Sridhar is an experienced writer with expertise in writing about unlawful dismissal from work, non payment of wages & race discrimination at work place.


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