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Entrepreneurship: Becoming Famous

Everyone has an equal chance for fame... now I'm starting to doubt on that.

Well, can we actually believe that all of us can be famous someday? Maybe with a good streak of luck and some real hard work then we might all come to the point of becoming famous. However, not all of us have luck. And though many of us have dreams of comfortable and luxurious life, the majority of us cannot stand up from our asses and make something useful.

It is easy to dream dreams and wish wishes. But it is never easy to create wheels to drive our dreams nor our wishes to their realizations. Success never comes overnight. It has to be built somewhere and it has to be willed to come.

Success is one element wherein active participation from the aspirant is very badly required. No one can be famous without doing anything, may it be good or bad. And no oaf can be turned into a mogul without having to spend time devising ways and mustering courage to be one. Someway, we all must invest on some things that would cause us to be productive.

Braving the world of entrepreneurs is such that one has to really muster all the resources he has, risk it all in one chance and take the consequences in return. The bad thing though is that risk, by nature cant be equated at any assurances. You just have to take the risks and accept what they are or leave them and be forever resentful that you didn't even took time and see what truly lies ahead your muddled living.

Fame, on the other hand, is corollary with success. In most cases, people who are successful are equally famous. They are distinguished through their achievements, which if we truly are to analyze are standing above those achieved by common people. Their accomplishments paved their way to becoming famous entrepreneurs. This is almost inevitable as all people who have done great jobs normally received favorable acceptance in a group or community. Thus, they are elated to heights not reached by those who did not shed time to make their parts.

What makes successful entrepreneurs famous is not the name they bear. Well somehow the name has the parts on it. It is not also the companies they were able to build. Or is it the people that they were able to develop. What make them famous are their successes behind those successes. One good point to argue is their personal development after having to go through all the hardships of entrepreneurship.

Now can you ask yourself, will I make it to the entrepreneurial world? The answer lies only on you.

If you said yes then it is proper to say that the stage is now open for you to take the risks, make the changes and be the person you have dreamed and wished to be all your life.

I think it is worth repeating that being an entrepreneur entails that you become a good risk taker. If you already have this quality on you then the lesser work you have to put. However, if not then courage must be integrated in your personality. It takes so much will for one to actually be able to gather his strength and manipulate the risks towards his own advantage. We cannot teach risk-taking here, you have to know where does the vein starts. Find it in you.

Just a word to remember though, don't be too brave in taking risks.

Remember that when starting with your business, the fastest way to kill yourself is to be overly confident against the risks that face you. You have to test grounds first and see if you can cross the water with all things that you have. Equate the chances of failure against success and make decisions according to your sound, calculated judgement. Keep in mind that most entrepreneurs, before even reaching the point of fame, have already self-destruct or died of natural death. Don't be like most of them. Keep faith in your pocket, have enough load of strength and believe that you can be a master to failures.

You see, at the end of the day, anyone truly ahs the equal opportunity for fame. Only we have to take our parts on living that opportunity.

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The Natural Limits of Entrepreneurship

by: Geoff Ficke

I have had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of individuals who have attempted to become successful entrepreneurs. It is always fascinating to observe the difficulties that always confront people seeking to expand their range from one field of endeavor to another and how they handle obstacles. If it was easy everyone would try and the majority would succeed. In reality, only a few try and far fewer succeed.

I am reminded of a story about a United States Naval Academy graduate who rose to become a Fleet Admiral. One day he was on Chesapeake Bay on a friend’s 40 foot sail boat. The owner asked the Admiral if he would like to dock the sail boat. “No way”, said the Admiral. “I would not know how to handle this little boat in these winds and currents, you are experienced with her, you handle her”.

This is a classic example of a man knowing his limitations. Most people have some area of expertise in their arsenal of life’s experiences. They often utilize this expertise in pursuit of a hobby or in their work. The opportunity to hone and improve skills in a specific area where they have talent often leads to innovation that can be commercialized.

We all know the person who is able to build things with their hands. The artisan craftsmanship that they produce can become a lucrative business or enriching hobby. The entrepreneurial craftsman, or artist, enjoys the wonderful luxury of being able to make their living doing something that they enjoy and find fulfilling.

The true entrepreneur knows his limitations. This natural skill barrier, however, does not deter this innovator from finding a path to successfully commercializing their idea. If deficient in some areas, say sales, marketing, logistics, or planning, this person recognizes that expertise in these skills can be obtained from many sources. The dreamer, or faux-entrepreneur, sees this type of hurdle as a reason, really an excuse, to quit.

Very few people have the intangible ingredients necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Most people dream about innovation, new ideas or starting their own business. These wannabe’s will never get much further than the dream sequence in turning their wishes into realities. They can never quite find the right time, the right place, or the right platform to launch their concept and turn it into a going concern. There is always a reason not to move ahead.

I often lecture at university business schools on the topic of entrepreneurship. The question most often posed to me is, “what makes a successful entrepreneur”? There is no definitive answer to that question. It is a bit like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s response when he was asked to if he knew how to define pornography. He replied simply, “I don’t have the definition; I just know it when I see it”.

It is much the same when we meet potential clients seeking to take the entrepreneurial plunge. The courage, vision and willingness to soak up knowledge that is so essential to successfully competing for commercial success is rarely evident. Most people are destined, and should continue to pursue their current life’s work. The ability to overcome repeated obstacles, keep fighting and never quit in the pursuit of a goal is quite simply not present in most people. Most people do not make the cut as entrepreneurs, but we do know potential entrepreneurs when we meet them.

Entrepreneurs have a positive personality. They see the possible and recognize that the word “no”, really just means “not now”. Obstacles are simply challenges to be overcome. They have the courage to take risks, and recognize that success is not assured. The competitive juices run deep in true entrepreneurs and they possess a real independent streak that is lacking in most people.

I know people in the fourth quarter of their lives that are sad, disappointed, some bitter, about the course they have chosen and the lot they have been dealt. I am sad for them. They have missed out on many of life’s greatest opportunities that come from pursuit of a goal, the chase, the struggle and the attainment of success.

In the 21st century it seems as if the pursuit of security and avoidance of risk is the chief goal of many people. That is fine for them. I would argue that the greatest risk is to live a life without challenges, working for stretch goals and basking in the glow of success that can best be secured when dreams become realities. The happiest people I know are entrepreneurial. They live full lives, commercially, spiritually and psychologically. In their life’s fourth quarter they have a treasure chest of accomplishments and memories that they know they will leave behind. The footprint they make on life is significant and memorable. They make the world a much better place for their contributions to it.

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5 Ways To Successfully Motivate Yourself

Learning how to motivate yourself is an asset that will serve you well throughout every aspect of your life. It is unrealistic to depend upon others to supply you with the drive you will need to accomplish great things in your life. Self motivation is something that can be learned if you do not already have it and can also be reinforced if it tends to weaken. Having a lack of motivation is the single biggest reason why many do not achieve their goals resulting in a feeling of emptiness.

There does exist ways to ensure that you do not suffer the same fate many do when they fail to reach goals they have set for themselves.

Here are 5 simple techniques you can use to help maintain your self motivation so that you can consistently accomplish any objectives you set for yourself.

Remember Your Reasons

It is important to continually remind yourself as to why it is you are pursuing any particular goal or objective. This is especially true with goals that may take longer to achieve than others. It is normal to lose motivation after investing a lot of effort and not seeing the desired results. Reminding yourself of the benefits 'reinvigorates' your motivation so that you can continue to move closer to accomplishing your objectives.

Daily Inspiration

Periodic reinforcement of the success of others is an effective way to strengthen your own self motivation. Knowing that others have endured the same or similar challenges and succeeded is both inspirational and proof that it can be done.

Associate with Like Minded People

Surrounding yourself with like minded people or those who at least are supportive of your actions will help you to maintain your motivation. Having a source of support and encouragement can help you through times of frustration and can also offer insight that may be helpful.

Monitor Your Progress

Chart your progress and especially if you expect that your efforts will take a long time before you see any results. By doing this you can seek and find encouragement as you see progress being made. Nothing will zap your motivation quicker than realizing your efforts are getting you nowhere.

Learn from Set Backs

Expect setbacks and mistakes to occur so that when they do you can identify what went 'wrong' so that it does not happen again. Every mistake should teach you something of value if you are observant and this will make you better at what it is you are trying to accomplish. This feeling of 'empowerment' is a great source of confidence and self motivation.

When you learn how to motivate yourself you no longer fear those unexpected obstacles life often presents that may not allow you to reach goals you have set. Self motivation is a very empowering feeling since you do not have to rely upon others to maintain your ambition. Having the ability to call upon your own 'inner means' to either overcome a lack of motivation or to strengthen what you already have is a liberating sensation. The 5 techniques discussed above will help you maintain your self motivation for whatever reasons you may have. The end result will be more successes and less failures making for a happier and fuller life for you.

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Entrepreneurship Starts at Home

There are lots of people who create a transition by becoming entrepreneur from an employee. It has been found that very few people succeed in this venture. Lots of people fail to make a mark as the owners of the business due to certain reasons.

It is very important to search for the reasons which lead to the failure of these people. One of the major reasons is that they might not be ready for the change yet. You must always remember that starting a business is not that easy.

You need to have the qualities that are required to become successful. There are certain points that you need to check before you start out for this venture. One of the major things that you need to consider is family support. Family support for entrepreneurs is very much necessary.

It is said that entrepreneurship starts at home. You must always keep this phrase in mind before you take the leap. If you have an idea of starting your own business then the first thing that you need to do is share the idea with your family.

You need to convince them that the venture you are trying will help you go ahead in life and you are ready for this kind of a change. If your family members are not buying into the idea then it might become quite difficult to make the transition from an employee to an entrepreneur.

The family members usually fear the risks that are related to this venture. Any new thing you start will be a little bit risky. So it is your duty to make your family understand that you need to take risks to become successful in life.

Once you are on the right path you will surely start getting proper results. Family members will surely be skeptical about certain things. You need to remove the skepticism with proper logic.

Other than this, being an entrepreneur you might also be working at home. Your family members also need to cope up with these matters. If you can get proper support as well as encouragement from the family you can fight all odds that come your way while making the transition.

Your family can also provide you with some better suggestions because they are the people who know about your strengths and weaknesses. It is also very much important for you to evaluate your past performances so that you can learn more about your qualities.

Once you find out the weakness you can work to improve on that area. It is also very important to define your goals. You need to find an answer to an important question like why you are starting a business.

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