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ECEM Tools Are Important Enterprise Management Tools

A lot has changed since the Kyoto Protocol, then seen as a very significant landmark, was signed into existence. As countries from around the world gather in Denmark to debate the content of its successor, the world is indeed a different place.

The scope of this problem is already well defined at the present and specifications on scopes pf responsibilities has already been set. The new US administration is already bound to address environmental issues more effectively.

Today, as the role of business in the play of climate change is the subject of much attention, enterprise carbon and energy management systems are in the process of becoming key management tools.

Corporate practices and methodologies are always changing and dependence on sophisticated platforms and interaction among diverse stakeholders are increasing. We live in a very aware society, one in which media and communication has evolved beyond all recognition. No organization can keep its head stuck in the sand when it comes to climate related issues and each company must take responsibility for its position.

ECEM systems will be able to forge companies to make a stand and be included in the new carbon economy. We have already seen significant efforts, led by the UK's CRC Energy Efficiency scheme, to require organizations to purchase their right to emit carbon. In a very short space of time, the carbon footprint has emerged from the realm of public relations to become the subject of a tradable commodity, core to an organization's very existence.

AS early as 2010, a cap and trade program might be adopted in the US as legislation on this is on the table. We have already seen the willingness of Pres. Obama to focus on core sustainability, as his executive order is now causing federal agency chiefs to hurriedly define their agency emissions, understand sustainability and plan for reductions. Forward thinking organizations should be able to see the possibility that these initiatives will become mandatory in the near future.

Enterprises really need powerful solutions which will be able to provide the needed information and material to succeed. There are already upcoming Enterprise Carbon and Emissions Management Systems.

Carbon trading, in and of itself, can represent a threat or opportunity, depending on how you view it and how prepared you are. It is certain that highly accurate data will be required and that this will require a thorough analysis of the business lifecycle. Asset performance must be optimized, understood and recordable, as at the core of enterprise carbon and energy management systems. It is no longer acceptable to "do-it-yourself" using any number of hybrid calculations and approaches. The integrated system must anticipate the information that will be required and provide it in timely fashion.

Many systems provider like Verisae offer platforms which can help address enterprise carbon and energy management. The Sustainability Resource Planning product gathers data from assets across the distributed enterprise, drawing resources together, providing real-time information on energy use, efficiency and subsequent carbon emissions.

Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) platform for carbon emissions and refrigerant gas tracking, energy efficiency, sustainable asset management, and water conservation. Increased greenhouse gases regulations are causing significant challenges and impacts to business operations, brand management, and fiscal accountability. Learn more at

The Enterprise Management Rule(III)

In last article, we have talk about the first four chapters of the enterprise management rule, today, let’s continue others.
Chapter V: advocating team spirit
Bill Gates said: "Teamwork is the guarantee of business success, don’t attach importance to team, business will not successful." Building a cohesive team now has been a basic condition for a modern enterprise survival and development.
50. Cooperation with Washington's Law: a team is not a simple sum of human
51. Barrel's Law: pay attention to the weakness link in the team
52. Harsh Krishna's Law: to determine the best number of management
53. Cohesion effect: the greater the cohesion, the more dynamic business
54. Lazy ant effect: lazy in debris can be diligent in brain
55. Ant effect: lose the extra workflow
56. Flywheel effect: success is inseparable from the unremitting efforts
57. MiG -25 effect: the overall capacity is greater than the sum of the individual capacity
Chapter VI: decision-making is the heart of the management
Management scientist Simon said: "Management is the decision-making." Decision-making is the core of enterprise management, it relates to the vicissitudes of business, life and death. It can be said that the scientific and rational decision-making is equal to half the battle.
58. Confucianism and Buddhism Fall Law: Effective prediction is the premise of wise decision-making
59. Jide Lin Law: Recognizing the problem is equivalent to half of its solution
60. Watch Law: Do not let employees not know what to do
61. Pierce Law: Perfecting the system of training successors
62. Herding Law: to upgrade their discretion, not blindly follow the trend
63. Water philosophy: only large quantities could produce cheap products
64. Panasonic dam operating rules: Save money to cope with contingencies
65. Buffett's Law: to invest in where there are few competitors
66. Giegler Theorem: setting high goals is equal to achieve a part of the target
67. Cabernet's Law: Sometimes, giving up has more meaningful than striving
68. Buli Dan Effect: Success begins with a bold decision-making
69. Hemphill's Law: no matter how good the decision-making cannot withstand a delay
70. Wolfson's Law: put the information and intelligence to the first place
71. Hamer's Law: There is no bad trading
72. The tunnel vision effect: not be a lack of foresight and insight
73. Frog rule: always maintain a sense of crisis
74. Crash theory: relying on "heroes" is inferior to rely on a mechanism
75. Occam's Razor's Law: Do not make things complicated artificially
76. Parkinson's Law: find problems from their own body

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The Enterprise Management Rule (II)

In last article, we have talk about the first two chapters of the enterprise management rule, today, let’s continue others.
Chapter III: a flexible and effective incentive
An effective incentive would ignite the passion of employees, prompting them even stronger incentive to work so that they can generate the desire to surpass themselves and others, and potentially release a huge driving force for the enterprise vision to give their passion.
25. Catfish Effect: Activate staff
26. Horse-fly effect: promote an awareness of competition
27. Rosenthal effect: full of hope of incentive
28. Peter principle: promotion is the worst incentives
29. "Bowling" effect: the difference between appreciation and criticism
30. Elimination through selection rules: play out of the limits of human ability by competition and elimination
31. Murphy's Law: lessons learned from its mistakes
32. "Garbage can" theory: an effective solution to their jobs and excessively bureaucratic style of work
33. Pygmalion Effect: How to achieve incentive in the "pressure"
34. Yokoyama's Law: to motivate staff to work spontaneously
35. Soapy water effect: critics will be caught in the praise
36. Wilson's Law: Example is better than precept
37. McClelland's Law: Let all employees have a right to participate in decision-making
38. Blue Berger's theorem: create the necessary sense of crisis for staff
39. Heller's Law: effective monitoring, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the staff
40. Incentive multiplier formula: using praise to motivate staff
41. Top-heavy management rules: Powers granted to employees
42. Old John Dixon theorem: not to be a charge of being tired
Chapter IV: Communication is the management of enrichment
Matsushita had a famous saying: "Enterprise Management in the past is communication, now is communication, the future is also to communicate." Manager's real job is to communicate. No matter what the time, enterprise management cannot do without communication.
43. Hawthorne effect: let employees vent their dissatisfaction out
44. Jieheng Li's Law: use a frank and sincere way of communication
45. Communication potentiometer effect: Equal exchange is to ensure the enterprise effective communication
46. WILD Theorem: Effective communication begins with listening
47. Kick the cat effect: not to vent your dissatisfaction to subordinates
48. Lei Baofu rule: understanding themselves and respecting others
49. Terry's Law: frank to admit their mistakes

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The Enterprise Management Rule (IV)

In last article, we have talk about the first six chapters of the enterprise management rule, today, let’s continue others.
Chapter VII: Innovation is the life of enterprise
Innovation is the driving force for development of the core, is the inevitable result of market competition. Only through innovation enterprise can break the routine, break traditions; only constant innovation can be invincible forever in stimulating competition.
77. Davidow's Law: continue to create new products and eliminate old products
78. Path dependence: step out of a fixed way of thinking
79. Flea effect: managers do not self-handicapping
80. Buren Law: Failure is also an opportunity
Chapter VIII: intelligence and strategy for decisive competition
The 21st century is a highly competitive age. The biggest weapon for survival is competition. In this contest, the management of the methods of competition, competitive strategy and competitive means will become a key factor in corporate victory or defeat.
81. Dogs mastiff effect: let enterprises to survive in the competition
82. Zero and game theory: to achieve win-win situation between competition and cooperation
83. Superfish rule: speed determine success or failure of competition
84. Matthew: Only the first, there is no second
85. Niche's Law: to find differences in competition, to achieve dislocation management
86. Monkey - Elephant Law: small win over large, the weak win over the strong
Chapter IX: details determine success and failure
The inequality of details implies that 1% of the errors led to 100% failure. The failure of many enterprises is often because of the details having not been coped well. Into any details been done, companies will not be within a problem.
87. Broken Windows effect: timely correct and remedy the problem that is occurring
88 Domino effect: all goodness is hard if only one goodness, while all will be bad easily if only one bad
89. The Butterfly Effect: 1% of the errors led to 100% of the failure
90 Hein's Law: any unsafe incidents are preventable
91. Wang Yung-ching's Law: to save a dollar is equal to a net profit of a dollar
Chapter X: playing marketing card excellently
No successful marketing, no successful enterprises. Marketing activities are the ultimate means to achieve profits. In the market homogenization of highly competitive products, marketing often determines the success or failure of business.
92. Veblen effect: the higher commodity prices, the easier it will be selling
93. "100-1 = 0"'s Law: Let every customer satisfied
94. Tank Theory: find the most essential needs of customers
95. Bullwhip Effect: Enhancing Supply Chain Management
96. Frisch's Law: no employee satisfaction, there is no customer satisfaction
97. 250 Law: Do not neglect any one customer
98. Brit Theorem: make full use of the role of advertising promotions
99. Nirenberg's Law: in success of negotiations, both sides are winners
100. Weite Lai Law: starting from the people do not want to

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