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Five Interesting Ways to Market Your Home Business





When it comes to marketing your home business, you should definitely use the tried-and-true methods such as Internet advertising, newspaper advertising, yellow pages advertising and flyer advertising. However, there is absolutely no rule that says you can not utilize innovative and interesting marketing techniques to spread the word about what your home business has to offer. If you like the idea of marketing your home business using unique and interesting ideas, you will definitely want to read on.  




Everyone Loves Candy 




Personalized candy bar wrappers have become very popular ways of announcing marriages and births, why shouldn't they be used to advertise a home business? Everyone loves getting candy. If you wrap Hershey bars with personalized candy bar wrappers that advertise your home business and hand them out in front of a mall or another high-traffic area, word about our home business will certainly get out. This is an especially good idea if your home business involves catering, gift basket creation or other food-related products or services.  




Billboard Body Advertising 




Using temporary body tattoos to advertise your home business may be a great way to get the word out. Some home business owners have experienced great marketing success by renting "body space" from people and then putting temporary tattoos on them and having the person sign a contract to display the tattoo in public for a certain number of hours each week. If you want some "shock value" advertising, having your home business web address tattooed on someone's forehead is surefire way to get noticed. 




Get Media Attention




One of the best advertising methods is media attention. While it is not always easy to get the media to do a story about your home business, it is indeed possible. The first thing you need to do is create a buzz about your home business. If the product or service your home business offers is newsworthy, that should not be hard to do. However, most home business owners need to rely on more creative measures to get the buzz going about their home business. 




Some good ways to create a buzz about your home business include making a substantial gift to a charity, giving away a certain amount of the products or services offered by your home business, sponsoring a local contest or event, or holding a food drive for the homeless.  




Once you have something newsworthy to report about your home business, you need to get it to the media so they can cover the story. To do this, you will need a press release. You can either write the press release for your home business yourself or you can hire a writer to write the release for you. Once the press release has been created, you just need to submit it to the different media outlets and then give interviews to the news people who contact you. Make sure you plug your home business each and every time you give an interview. 




Sponsor a Local Little League Team 




If you live in an area where local businesses sponsor little league teams, you may want to think about getting in on the action. Little league sponsorship is surprisingly affordable and the kids will be wearing uniforms displaying the name of your home business for an entire season. That is quite a bit of exposure.  




Get Into the Movies




Getting movie theater advertising may be a lot easier and cheaper than you would think. In some areas, movie theaters rent out slide ad advertising. The theater rotates different slide ads for local businesses before the movie trailers and feature film begin. When people arrive early to a movie, they have nothing better to do than watch the ads rotating on the screen. If your ad is one of the ones they are looking at, it is going to draw a lot of attention for your home business.  




While you may think this form of advertising would cost thousands, many movie theaters offer this type of advertising for well under $100 a month. If you think about how many people see movies each and every day, you begin to realize how much exposure this type of advertising can give you.

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What is an Online Market?

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