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The Business Intelligence Market Outlook: Key drivers, market challenges and vendor strategies for future growth

The Business Intelligence Market Outlook: Key drivers, market challenges and vendor strategies for future growth

IT majors need a new rallying cry to get big businesses and wider user communities excited about new types of IT systems, driving IT spend across the wider economy. There is a sense of agreement among the leading IT vendors that Business Intelligence (BI) is that rallying cry. Key IT vendors such as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and SAS have made a series of acquisitions in the space, and the centrality of Business Intelligence in their overall marketing messages is testimony to the emergence of Business Intelligence as the ‘next big application of the future'.
This report closely examines the Business Intelligence supply side, looking at how BI vendors are performing in the context of helping organizations to understand their past state, comprehend their present state and predict what to expect in the future.
Beyond the BI supply side, this report assesses the state of the global BI market from the demand side perspective. Demand side analysis investigates the uptake of BI globally, investments on current BI use and planned future use, and usage of BI in key verticals such as banking and insurance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, government, retail and telecom.

Key features of this report

• Definitions of key terms
• Provides Business Intelligence market sizing and forecast to 2013.
• Analysis of proprietary data related to Business Intelligence usage gathered from surveys of CIOs across a wide variety of vertical sectors and geographic regions, and of leading BI vendors.
• In-depth examination of key vendor offerings and strategies.
• Case studies of organizations that have adopted Business Intelligence.
• Analysis of key technological and market issues affecting Business Intelligence market growth.
Scope of this report
• Establish the size of the BI market and identify growth drivers and patterns.
• Understand the challenges that still stand in the way of BI market development.
• Identify the types of organization that are adopting BI by size and vertical industry.
• Identify the buy-side priorities in the context of BI usage.
• Gain insight into future BI usage by enterprise functions and components
• Gain insight into the offerings and strategies of key and emerging vendors in the BI space.
• Gain insight into the direction in which the BI market is heading and what it could offer in the future.

Key Market Issues

• BI is increasingly becoming a central theme in most major IT offerings. Key IT vendors such as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and SAS have made a series of acquisitions in the space, and the centrality of Business Intelligence in their overall marketing messages is testimony to the emergence of Business Intelligence as the ‘next big application of the future'
• Growth of the BI market has been phenomenal. BI is probably one of the very few segments of the IT market which has seen double digit growth in this difficult economic climate.
• Mega-acquisitions have had a far-reaching effect on BI market development. The impact of IBM, SAP and Oracle's entry into the BI market through their recent BI pure play acquisitions is propelling these IT majors to position themselves further away from being fixated with a particular type of data format, towards enhanced understanding and capabilities of managing diverse data types and formats.

Key findings from this report

• The global Business Intelligence market was worth around $8.4bn in 2008, and is forecasted to grow to $13bn by 2013.
• Market growth will be driven by factors including acquisition synergies resulting from data management providers acquiring pure play BI vendors, leading to new types of business analytics services and therefore new market opportunities. Other key drivers include increasing uptake of BI and business optimization, an overarching need for business transparency, better corporate governance and the need comply with stricter regulations.
• Of those organizations which do not currently use BI tools, the biggest barriers to uptake are cost and complexity.
• A lack of mining capabilities for unstructured data such as text, incompatibility of BI solutions with inter-vendor ERP/CRM systems, and lack of understanding of available BI services among the mid-market users are major stumbling blocks for wider adoption of BI.
• The vendor landscape is heavily dominated by the big five: IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle Hyperion, SAS and Microsoft.SAP. BusinessObjects and IBM Cognos lead the global BI market followed by SAS, Oracle Hyperion and Microsoft.

Key questions answered

• How big is the global BI market?
• What is driving BI market growth?
• What types of organizations use BI? In which enterprise functions? For what purposes?
• What are the main priorities for organizations, and how does that relate to their usage of BI?
• Who are the leading players in the BI vendor space? What are their growth strategies?
• What does the future hold for BI?
• How can BI deliver real value to the end user?

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Internet Marketing Change the Way You Market Your Business

What would it take for you to listen to someone about Internet Marketing? Would they have to be in the business long? For more detail go to: about successful? A well known name around the Internet maybe? Well, if you're looking for just one of those or they all sound good, you might want to turn your attention to Armand Morin's Internet Marketing Explained. It could possibly change the way you market your business.

In the beginning of the sales page for Armand Morin's Internet Marketing Explained, you will hear about all the trials and tribulations he went through as a novice Internet Marketer. Even when his skills were more advanced, there was always something more to learn and while it would be frustrating at times, he kept on jugging along. Once your finished reading about his experiences then it will be time to learn more about his program.

One thing to know about Armand Morin's Internet Marketing Explained is that it comes from a man who has made fifteen million in the last year, sat and dined with Prince Charles, writes a monthly column for Opportunity World and Money N' Profits, as well as holds seminars, blah. The point is what you are about to learn is from someone who has been around for quite some time and has figured out the path to online success many times over.

When you get a hold of the Armand Morin's Internet Marketing Explained, you'll realize the reason why many other informational products don't help you make money. We'll give you a hint now; it's all about having every aspect available on the Internet. Not just promoting, not just getting Opt-Ins or creating great sales letters, but finding information on everything all packed into one product.

One of his main remarks is that people who are selling things online do so one part at a time. Why not, after we thought about it, it's just more money their pocket anyways. However, with Armand Morin's Internet Marketing Explained you get it all according to his sales page. For more detail go to: for one price you will learn the ins and outs of the facet regarding Internet Marketing and everything it is known to do.

Listen, this is really serious stuff here and if you aren't really going to push to become successful and only do this part-time then we think you should pass on it. The information provided with Armand's sales page alone lets us know it's a heavy hitting product and if you're not willing to work hard and learn everything then it's pointless to spend the money.

Then again, you may sick and tired of spending $197 here, and $497 there (where do they come up with the $7 anyways). Over time that adds up and you is either waiting forever for the next product to be launched or you're getting information from several different people. Why not go and get everything from one person who by the way has a beautiful home thanks to the $45 million he's made over about eleven years. Seriously?

Let Armand Morin Review Kings Brian Garvin and Jeff West teach you more about Internet Marketing Review Kings. Feel free to use this article but please leave all links and author bio intact.

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Online Market Research Surveys

The world of global sourcing is taking cognizance of all involved tasks in conducting booming online market activities. Much of the activities multinational purchasing activities that are currently offline are being done on online market and an online market research can definitely help evaluate the prevailing scenario of online market as a whole and your business in particular. Given this, online market researches are employed by both global sourcing and multinational purchasing companies as a means to gather valuable market intelligence. Market intelligence concerning trends competitors and opinions become necessary in order to succeed in the global sourcing scenario. Online market researches also help in evaluating new product potentials and service offerings.

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Embracing Online Market – Multinational Purchasing and Global Sourcing Firms

Online Market is one fast growing internet market place preferred by one and all including sellers, global sourcing and multinational purchasing companies. While global sourcing is a timeless and boundary-less activity, the 24hrs nature of online market fits pretty well in their scheme of things. Looking at the pace with which the online market is growing and being encouraged by the multinational purchasing and global sourcing community, it can be safely said to be growing at an exponential rate.

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