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Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis

Product Description
This book provides a how to approach to mastering business analysis work. It will help build the skill sets of new analysts and all those currently doing analysis work, from project managers to project team members such as system analysts, product managers and business development professionals, to the experienced business analyst. It also covers the tasks and knowledge areas for the new 2008 v.2 of The Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOKÂ

Book Review – Mastering Online Marketing by Mitch Meyerson

Mitch Meyerson is a Guerrilla Marketer and founder of Guerrilla Marketing Coaching.

Someone recommended this book to me a while ago. I looked it up on Amazon, saw the cover and backtracked. The cover sends very strong out-of-date signals to me. If you are going to read something on internet marketing you want it to be up-to-date, don't you?

Then a few more people recommended the same book. I thought my reaction to the book cover might be a culture thing. I've been living in France for a long time after all. A country proud of its design culture.

So I took the time to read that Michael Gerber had written the forward to the book. Now I listened. I strongly recommend anyone starting a company to read Michael Gerber's book, The E-Myth. I avoided looking at the book cover and ordered the book.

To my surprise, once I opened the book I really enjoyed Mastering Online Marketing. I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting. And I got my notebook out and took notes. Not really because I was learning new things. But because the book inspired me.

It gave me new ideas of what I should be doing on my own websites and for my online business. And I have already implemented a few of them this morning.

Unlike the cover, the content is very up-to-date. It was actually published in 2008. I particularly liked the style of the content inside the book. It is very clear. Very easy to read. Very useful. And it inspires immediate action. There are tests, checklists and to-do lists at the end of each chapter to help you master your online marketing.

This book is perfect if you are just starting an online business or if you feel you have let your current online marketing slip and need to review your strategies. This book is a kind of inspiration workbook for you to set up your online marketing strategy. It guides you to decide where you should spend your time to make your business a success.

It is obvious the simplicity within the book is distilled from expert knowledge and sound business practices. A lot of thought and expertise went into writing it.

Mastering Online Marketing starts off with a few of the principles in The E-Myth. There is a Business Mindset Self-Assessment Test and a Marketing Mindset Self-Assessment Test. The first few chapters help you to step away from your hands on tasks and evaluate your strategic marketing plan.

There are chapters covering everything else you need to incorporate into you online marketing plan:

Your products and services
Design and navigation
Web copy
Traffic conversion
Traffic strategies
People power
Web 2.0
The importance of momentum

At the end of each of these chapters a check list helps you to clearly identify your action plan. Your action items are business focused.

I'm not going to put this book back on the bookshelf just yet. I want to go back and review some of those check lists again.

This is the book I'll bring out again whenever I want to spend a short hour or two to review and improve my online marketing plan.


The book is so good it can actually help you to improve your online business in such a short time.

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Mastering Niche Marketing: A Definitive Guide to Profiting From Ideas in a Competitive Market

Product Description
The business world is a competitive market and big businesses make extremely large amounts of money. So how can you as an entrepreneur and small business person compete with this . . . ? . . . with Niche Marketing of course! As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you have the ability to find a perfect niche market that the large businesses have overlooked, don't have time for or wouldn't be profitable enough for them. And whether it's a service o... More >> Mastering Niche Marketing: A Definitive Guide to Profiting From Ideas in a Competitive Market

Mastering Online Marketing: 12 Keys to Transform Your Website into a Sales Powerhouse

Product Description
12 World Class Strategies That Cut Through the Hype and Make Real Money on the Internet "Much like The E-Myth, Mastering Online Marketing, is not just a collection of tools and tactics. Mitch has created a solid step-by step system for you to build and sustain a thriving e-commerce business... Read it. Digest it. Follow it letter by letter. Then get out there and do it - because that's how you'll experience the true rewards. " -Michael Gerber, a... More >> Mastering Online Marketing: 12 Keys to Transform Your Website into a Sales Powerhouse

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