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Make a Good Business Statement before Starting a Marketing Plan

There is no point of creating a marketing plan if you don’t know what you are going to do with your business. It is important to determine your business aims first so the marketing plan will be able to be formulated in order to approach the aim gradually. You can start it by determining the objective of your business from the short, medium up to the long term to be prioritized in every step you take regarding your business.

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Small And Medium Enterprise Managers

If you are one of the trained manager in all aspects of management styles, you would understand and adopt to various style at different situation. If you moved over to small and medium enterprise, would your management style remain?

I was one of those manager who work for Multi National Corporation (MNC) for more than 10 years before I moved my job to a small and medium enterprise. It was a culture shock for me as the work environment was do different from MNC. I have hard time to adjust myself to suit the style of my employee while tried to used some of the management style I learnt. After a while, I realized my style skew toward and closed to the leadership style of the management.

Even though you are in a small and medium enterprise, the people behaviours are about the same with those in MNC. If you understand the different management styles and applied them accordingly, you would have a better chance to manage your staff better because your staffs would have different characters as well.

One of the way to stay on with small and medium enterprise, you may train your staff on various management styles and let them appreciate the differences and characteristics. Once your staff understand better, they may appreciate your point of view and corporate with you.

Nevertheless, most mangers in a small and medium enterprise has their way to manage their employee to get things done. This could due to less expectation from employee work in these type of industries.

Dr. L M Foong wirtes and publises articles the application of Total Quality Management and lately he published a blog on management style


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