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Funny conversation I had with a (so-called) Microsoft Certified System Engineer

Yesterday, I was traveling back from Nagpur to Pune in a train. Air-conditioners were set for a very sweaty temperature - so, I decided to get some fresh air outside the compartment. I happened to share the small, congested space with a huge fellow passenger near the door. We exchanged smiles & made space to enjoy the fresh air. Standing there, I was just browsing through my iPhone, checking emails, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2008

  • Details
  • Clear
  • Easy to understand
  • Help to develop and build own company commercial sites
  • Run good businesses online
Product Description

Maximize the Business Intelligence Tools in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Manage, analyze, and distribute enterprise data with help from this expert resource. Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 covers the entire BI lifecycle and explains how to build robust data integration, reporting, and analysis solutions. Real-world examples illustrate all of the powerful BI capabilities of SQL Server 2008. This is your one-stop guide for transforming disparate data into actionable insight for users throughout your organization.

  • Understand the goals and benefits of business intelligence
  • Design and create relational data marts and OLAP cubes
  • Manage Analysis Services databases using BI Development Studio
  • Cleanse data and populate data marts with SQL Server Integration Services
  • Take advantage of the flexibility of the Unified Dimensional Model
  • Manipulate and analyze data using MDX scripts and queries
  • Use data mining to identify data patterns, correlations, and clustering
  • Develop and distribute interactive reports with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
  • Integrate business intelligence into enterprise applications using ADOMD.NET and the Report Viewer Control
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Microsoft Office Groove 2007

  • Collaboration software program helps teams work together effectively, (even if team members work for different organizations), work remotely, or work offline
  • Keeps your team, tools, files, and information in one place to save time, increase productivity, and help improve and strengthen the quality of team output
  • Features a results-oriented user interface that lets you manage and increase every team member's individual impact; Helps simplify collaboration, streamline business processes and content management, and improve business insight
  • Gives you access to a set of next-generation Web design tools, so you can deliver improved information management and teamwork solutions through a fully-integrated set of office utilities
  • Shorten review cycles with integrated alerts and contextual communication tools; publish completed documents to SharePoint document libraries with one click for workflow, storage, and retrieval
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Why Avail Small Business Technical Support Services?

Small Business Computer Support introduces a comprehensive list of computer support functions pertaining to computer software, hardware, and communications. With the increasing scope of the Internet based services and the spread of high speed connections, it is now possible for small businesses to employ high qualified computer technicians to look after the maintenance of their business system resources, and to provide computer repair facilities 24x7.

Online tech support companies have professional and trained computer engineers who remotely manage your systems and prevent the need to haul them to repair shops, thereby saving you time and money. Most small businesses have approved of such services as they can now their computers productive and effective at all times.

Small business tech support eliminates the need for sending personnel to customers’ offices to fix the issue. They provide support more quickly and efficiently than any in-house staff can with expertise being the sole reason. The complete procedure is done online using remote desktop connection. With your permission, the technicians remotely take hold of faulty computers, diagnose issues, and resolve them right away. Everything is being done before customer who enjoys the authority to control the actions taken on the computers.

Such server services are gaining in popularity primarily because of the convenience they provide to the customer. Another underlying benefit is the cost. The customer need not pay if the technician fails to resolve the issue. Moreover, everything is offered at the convenience of the customer’s premises.

Emergence of companies like Circuit City and iYogi has enabled both established and start-up businesses to make use of cutting edge technology to readily fix their nasty computer errors and problems. These companies have highly trained technicians who maintain professional conduct along. They provide the expertise that small businesses require to leverage finest technical support for efficient working.

Online vendors dealing in small businesses computer support boast to have distinct plans which are tightly integrated to enable small businesses leverage the best computer support and tech support benefits at price suitable for rigid budgets. These plans are made after taking everything including companies’ potential, future growth, and number of computers into consideration.

If you are facing any kind of computer server problems or having a technical and Computer issues? Looking for remote support of branded computers like Microsoft, Dell and HP, MP3 player support services etc.? iYogi will provide quick technical help on 1-866-914-9838 for your infected pc by Microsoft certified specialist.

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