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Self Motivation for Losing Weight

If you have decided to take the first step to lose some weight then that is great. It is not an easy task to work up the motivation to start. There are three key important types of exercises aerobic and strength training are two and they will both help you burn off the majority of calories.

Due to the fact that the amount of weight that you have on your body depends on two factors, taking in less calories or burning more of the calories off. The best thing to do is to concentrate on these two aspects in the beginning to ensure your self motivation stays as you lose the weight.

But many people whose self motivation has actually helped them to begin an exercise for their weight loss program forget about the importance of strength training. Aerobic exercise will burn off more calories in the beginning; however lifting weights will increase your muscle mass, and muscle burns off more calories than fat.

One pound of muscle will need 35 calories a day to function at rest and only one pound of fat only needs two calories for that same function. One thing you need to remember is to not be discouraged if you are not able to accomplish all of the reps that you are supposed to on every set. Self motivation is what got you to start your routine, but many people have problems keeping up with it.

One thing that you must do is believe, just take a moment and think about it for a second. Understanding what ideas motivation for you is important if you want to lose weight the more motivated you are the more likely you are to start and continue your exercise program. There are different things that motivate different people you just need to find out what exactly is for you.

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Self Motivation Testing

If you want to know what exactly motivates you then there is an online self motivation test designed to see all the different sources that motivate you that mainly focus on your professional goals and desires. If you know your motivation then you will be able to choose the correct career for yourself, you will be able to develop your career in the proper way and even be able to motivate yourself to complete the tasks you do not like to do.

There are various factors that determine your success such as money the respect from your friends and also adventure. By completing this test you will b e able to see what exactly motivates you and what you should actually do to achieve this success. There are 15 different sections in which motivation is divided into. Each category plays a role in your life.

The categories are power which is how much you like controlling other people, lifestyle which is do you need to have a comfortable lifestyle, creativity do you need a creative outlet, status do you hope to be on the higher end of society, respect is it important to you what other people think about your work.

Then there is stability which is how often do you want to change jobs, compensation is money your main motivator, location do you mind traveling far, intellectualism are you able to work on repetitive tasks, philanthropy are you eager to give back to the community, travel do you need adventure to travel?

The other categories are recognition do you want to be recognized by strangers, family is your family what motivates you, self-improvement how important it is for you to develop in your profession, and finally independence do you work better without a boss. When you have completed the self motivation test you will see your top motivational strengths and also your weaknesses.

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Self Motivation, You Have To Have It To Succeed

As a legitimate home based business opportunities owner it will be completely up to you to motivate yourself to action. Most of us have many things in our lives that we should and that we like to do that make it easy to put off your home based business until later. A home based business like any other business needs to be structured and part of that structure is going to work at set times. In order to work our home based business effectively we must learn to motivate ourselves. Below are 5 tips to help you in self motivation.

5 Tips To becoming self motivated.

Number One Is To Get Other People Involved

This first tip is one of the hardest for many people because it involves your pride. You are putting yourself on the line and doing anything other than what you promised can mean failure to yourself. This tip is to involve others in your project. Even those of us who live very Hermit like lives know people we can involve. They can be personal friends, people in our neighborhoods, family and those we have occasional casual conversations with. By telling these people what you are doing and by setting a date for completion you are placing expectations in the minds of your friends and family.

When you do that you are actually doubling your motivational factors. The first thing you have done is to tell them of your project and set an expectation of a great finished product. You have put yourself on the line and must now do the very best you possibly can. No one wants to show their friends something they have done that wasn't done the best it possibly could be. You will be motivated to do the best you possibly can. The other thing you have done is set an expected due date.

This will motivate you to finish on that date and often times before the due date. When you tell the people you know and hold closest that you have a project your are building up your own personal motivation. This can be the strongest motivational factor that you have.

The Second Tip Involves Setting A Due Date

Businesses have to have set goals in order to grow at acceptable rates and to produce the income they need to survive. A home based business is no different. You must have an understanding of what a certain task will do for you and how it will either maintain or increase your income levels.

You must have a clear knowledge of the repercussions of not completing a task. Most of us do not like the idea that we may be loosing money if something we must do is not completed. By knowing these goals and outcomes and then setting a time frame for completion of our products we are motivating ourselves to complete the needed work. Money and the loss of it is a strong motivational factor. Setting time frames that must be met is also a strong motivational factor.

Step Three Is To Treat Yourself

Using treats as a reward is something that many of us do or have done many times in our lives. When raising our children we know that rewarding them with a treat when they have finished their chores often times not only motivates them to finish it motivates them to finish quicker. The reward can be any number of things. For children it can be a trip to the park or playground, maybe a Pizza for dinner or a special candy treat that they like best. The same things can be applied to how we treat ourselves.

Make your treat something that is special and something your strongly desire. Then do not give it to yourself until the task is completed. This might require a little self discipline especially if you are accustomed to treating yourself when ever you please. What it will do for you is the same thing it did for our children. It will cause you to complete your task and often sooner than the time you had set. It will give you that little bit of motivation that is often needed in building your home based business.

The Fourth Tip Is Creating A Positive Mindset

It is far to easy for the self employed home based business owner to think about the negative things in their lives. We are often alone with our thoughts and can easily let them slip off into the negative. That is something you must change right away and it's not that hard to do. If you have animals think of the crazy things they do. Dwell on the last trip you took with your family or possibly a friend who always makes you laugh. Put some fun music on for you to listen to. You can even start to think about the money your business will bring in as it grows and as you complete each project.

Dwelling on negatives will bring you down and cause you to stop working on your projects so it must be turned around quickly. Happily it is not hard to do and once you start thinking about all the positive things in your life those thoughts will quickly overcome the negatives and will last the whole day through. You can't be motivated dwelling on negatives but by dwelling on positives your motivation level will grow.

The Fifth Tip, Give Yourself A Break

It will be difficult to apply the other 4 motivational techniques if you are working yourself to death. Most jobs give their employees breaks during the day, set days off, and vacation time. As a home based business owner you must do the same thing for yourself. You need time away from your business to regenerate your spirits and your energy level so you can approach your business with a renewed spirit and a readiness to do the best you possibly can.

The old saying "all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy" is very true for the self employed. Overworking your self will dull your senses, slow your thoughts and minimize your production. It is a motivation killer. By giving yourself a break and taking time off you are doing the exact opposite. You are reviving your senses, awakening your thoughts and enhancing your motivation levels.

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Self Motivation Ideas

Sure other people can try to motivate you as much as they like however if you do not motivate yourself then you will never get out of any bad situation that you are in or achieve any goal that you are trying to reach.

If you really think about it you need some kind of motivational drive for just about anything. Your boss or colleague might motivate you to finish a specific task that you have been stalled on, if you play sports you may be tired of running however the possibility of winning motivates you to keep on going. You will be absolutely surprised with how easy it can be to have self motivation if you just simply follow these tasks.

First things first do not worry or beat yourself up if you make any mistakes, mistakes are inevitable and we can only learn from them so that we may improve and do things differently in life. The next thing is to feel happy about your self and about life. Happiness and positive energy is what motivates you. It keeps you optimistic and also enthusiastic happy people are generally more motivated to accomplish or complete something as oppose to people who have negative thoughts on their minds.

The next thing to do is put yourself in good surroundings. If you are surrounded by people whom are risk takers, goal achievers, and have positive energy, then you are going to feed off their positive energy and feel like you should do something positive and be in a positive mood as well. Being around negative people tends to bring down your mood and that is not what you want.

Finally you must not pay attention to what people say if you do then you are always going to concentrate on that and let it bother you. The constant need to please will eventually bring you down. These are just a few of many self motivation ideas
that can help you with your motivation.

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