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The Music Royalty Breakdown

Every musician, independent or not, should understand music royalties. Sadly, most don't. So I'm going to break it down so that you can understand how they effect you, regardless of where you are in your music career. First, you need to understand the difference between the Songwriter, Publisher, and Recording Artist. The Songwriter The Songwriter is the person who actually writes the song - but that's a loaded statement. Really it is whoever wrote the portion of the music that can be copyrighted. Here in the USA that boils down to the melody and lyrics. You're not allowed to copyright rhythms (i.e. drum beats) or chords. So if you're a drummer in a band, and your sole contribution to a song is the drum beat, then you aren't technically the songwriter. That's why if you look at the songwriting credits for the Beatles' songs, you'll rarely see Ringo or Harrison's names pop up. But if you're a drummer, bassist, or rhythm guitarist, you shouldn't give up and quit. You can always make agreements (or preferably contracts) with your band mates that the band and its songs could not exist without ALL of you, and therefore everyone is credited as a songwriter. That's what U2 did! Read the rest of this entry »

Extra Cash with Fun Weekend Job

Are you looking for job which able to provide extra cash on your spare time? Well, there are actually a lot of weekend jobs you can consider to make your weekend profitable and you can even make it enjoyable to be worked on your weekends. Here are few examples of those fun weekend jobs.

If you are someone who happen to enjoy and know a lot about music, working as a DJ on weekends will be suitable for you. You will have so much time spending your nights as DJ, doing your hobby while entertaining people with your music. Other job that you can consider is working as Life Guard. We all know that weekends means crowded beaches. There will be many life guards required to provide sufficient safety personnel, and this means new opportunity for you. Imagine spending your weekend in bright and warm beach with nice view and meeting new people, don’t you think it will be exciting? For this job, a good lifeguard skill such as swimming ability and fast response in handling emergency situation is required. If you think you are qualified, don’t be hesitated to apply for the job.

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Advertisement Through Music

Did you know that ice cream carts passing around your house before you see the cart or the retailer. Then, you are also interested to buy it? This illustrates that music can be an element for communicating a brand in consumers' minds. Music is an audible then we know as branding.

Over time, the use of music as a means of branding has evolved into an effective strategy. Now, the use of music was not what it used to be that music is solely used as an advertising jingle or just to raise awareness of a particular brand. Therefore, its use is now more varied and integrated branding strategy.

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Motivation and Music

Even for the most confident person it is only natural and a human characteristic to lack self motivation at times. We may learn several different ways to improve our lives but then a lot of times we do not take action on this. This may happen for various reasons for example we can get distracted or we simply lack motivation to follow up on what we have learned. Even a person who normally has a high motivation level can have difficulties getting started on a task. There are many solutions, hundreds maybe even thousands if we really think about it. However one solution that you can try is music.

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