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Overcoming the Fundamental Obstacle to Entrepreneurship

Starting anything new entails risks and demands dedication. Whether you decide to take up playing piano, learning French, or building model aeroplanes, it is going to cost you money, time, and a fair amount of frustration due to inevitable beginner's mistakes.

Irrespective of the technical difficulties of your chosen endeavour, nothing can be compared to the level of commitment required to get a new business off the ground. The sheer number of different tasks that entrepreneurs must perform, from product development to marketing, is overwhelming.

On the other hand, entrepreneurship possesses three characteristics that render it uniquely inviting and reassuring. No other human activity offers these advantages to its practitioners. It is regrettable that many men and women graduate from their studies without knowledge of these facts:

1.- UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES: If you spend some time doing research, you will find areas of enterprise that require little or no formal education and negligible start-up investment. By combining elements of your background, knowledge, and personal circumstances, you can come up with innovative business models. In today's global market, you can subcontract most routine tasks and concentrate on what you do best.

2.- UNLIMITED SCOPE: While many areas of human action impose strict rules to be followed, entrepreneurs remain free to choose their path. North or south, right or left, the business owner can follow his intuition without need to ask for permission. His only arbiters are his cash flow and his customers' satisfaction. Each entrepreneur determines his own speed and how he will break the barriers to his growth.

3.- UNLIMITED LEARNING: Business is the ideal field for the active mind. No discipline is foreign to the committed entrepreneur. The man who manages his own enterprise is a practical philosopher and a street intellectual. Entrepreneurs' tolerance of mistakes comes from their experience of dealing with all kinds of people. Creativity and resiliency are skills that entrepreneurs develop by facing daily challenges.

If the great potential of entrepreneurship is so well established, what explains that it is only able to attract a small part of the population? There is one reason, one major obstacle that prevents many from crossing the line. You can name it marketing, distribution, income generation, or simply sales.

The fear of being unable to achieve enough sales is what blocks 99% of those who entertain the idea of becoming entrepreneurs. Other obstacles pale in comparison to this one. If you succeed in getting over this initial hurdle, chances are that your business will be able to face whatever problems might come your way.

Compared with previous centuries, our digital era has not essentially changed the answer to the sales problem. In the field of commerce, like in any other area of life, action is the best antidote against paralysing fear.

Start small, try different things, see what works and what doesn't. Learn from mistakes, don't be discouraged, and ignore malevolent criticism. Take limited risks, follow market signals, be persistent, and you will eventually get it right.

JOHN VESPASIAN writes about rational living. He has resided in New York, Madrid, Paris, and Munich. His stories reflect the values of entrepreneurship, tolerance, and self-reliance. See John Vespasian's blog about rational living.

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The Biggest Obstacle in Online Marketing

The internet has opened up a whole new arena for marketing and with it has come many obstacles. There is an abundance of information on the internet that will tell you dozens of ways to market your product or business to the masses. I have purchased my fair share of courses and read more e-books than I care to admit, and I have now found the #1 obstacle in online marketing. Its not skill, its not money, its not time and its not fear.

The number one obstacle in online marketing is simply: a starting line.

The problem many of us face is that there is so much information available on so many different strategies: forums, articles, MySpace, E-bay, U-Tube, Funded proposals, etc, etc, etc. There are so many different strategies that it becomes overwhelming as to where to start. The problem is that many people get so overwhelmed with what to start with that they don’t start with anything. Trying to sort through all the information available on all the different online marketing strategies is like trying to eat an elephant. My grandma always told me there is only one way to eat an elephant; one bite at a time.

So which bite do you take first? The answer is it really doesn’t matter. Start at the tail of the elephant or start at the trunk, just start somewhere.

I found it easiest to start by creating a blog, writing a few articles and posting them to my blog along with a short description of me. Make sure that your blog contains links to your website. Once you have several articles on your blog, post those same articles to 4 or 5 article directories. You will now have your name and links to your company website in 20-30 places. Continue to write and post articles as frequently as you can. I try to post at least one new article every day.

Forums are also a great way to get your name out, but there are a few guidelines you should follow. Join forums that are of interest to you. These can be forums discussing your industry, network marketing, or any other hobby you might have. Use the reference box to promote your product or company, not the body of your posts. You will soon find yourself banned from the forums if you are promoting your products instead of providing assistants to other forum members. Also make sure you are adding to the discussions within the forum. No one likes a spammer. Don’t post just to post. People will see right through this and you will soon lose credibility.

I also encourage you to lean on your sponsor or mentor. Find out what they did and see if they have any articles that you can borrow for ideas on what you can write about. Make sure that your articles contain information that is accurate and of value to the reader.

To be effective in marketing your product or business, you have to diversify and use many different marketing approaches. No one approach will ensure success in your business, but a combination of them will.

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