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The Future of Online Marketing Companies in India

It is just the beginning of internet in India and it has already received so much exposure that the internet using head count is on an ever rising numbers. It is truly hard to believe that internet is just a decade old in India. The response that it has received is unbelievable. The number of online marketing companies that have cropped up in the country is the proof of how well the industry is flourishing.

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MLM Online Marketing- How to Grow Your MLM Business on the Internet

The internet, without a doubt, is a powerful tool for MLM entrepreneurs. It'll take the average person adding 1 or 2 people a month, and increase that to 15 people a week. What I'm going to share with you are ways to grow your MLM business using MLM online marketing.

MLM Online Marketing Tip #1

The overall idea of online marketing for your MLM business is to generate leads. You need a ton of leads. So, to generate leads, you can use various marketing techniques. One of which, is blogs. You can get a free blog at

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The Biggest Obstacle in Online Marketing

The internet has opened up a whole new arena for marketing and with it has come many obstacles. There is an abundance of information on the internet that will tell you dozens of ways to market your product or business to the masses. I have purchased my fair share of courses and read more e-books than I care to admit, and I have now found the #1 obstacle in online marketing. Its not skill, its not money, its not time and its not fear.

The number one obstacle in online marketing is simply: a starting line.

The problem many of us face is that there is so much information available on so many different strategies: forums, articles, MySpace, E-bay, U-Tube, Funded proposals, etc, etc, etc. There are so many different strategies that it becomes overwhelming as to where to start. The problem is that many people get so overwhelmed with what to start with that they don’t start with anything. Trying to sort through all the information available on all the different online marketing strategies is like trying to eat an elephant. My grandma always told me there is only one way to eat an elephant; one bite at a time.

So which bite do you take first? The answer is it really doesn’t matter. Start at the tail of the elephant or start at the trunk, just start somewhere.

I found it easiest to start by creating a blog, writing a few articles and posting them to my blog along with a short description of me. Make sure that your blog contains links to your website. Once you have several articles on your blog, post those same articles to 4 or 5 article directories. You will now have your name and links to your company website in 20-30 places. Continue to write and post articles as frequently as you can. I try to post at least one new article every day.

Forums are also a great way to get your name out, but there are a few guidelines you should follow. Join forums that are of interest to you. These can be forums discussing your industry, network marketing, or any other hobby you might have. Use the reference box to promote your product or company, not the body of your posts. You will soon find yourself banned from the forums if you are promoting your products instead of providing assistants to other forum members. Also make sure you are adding to the discussions within the forum. No one likes a spammer. Don’t post just to post. People will see right through this and you will soon lose credibility.

I also encourage you to lean on your sponsor or mentor. Find out what they did and see if they have any articles that you can borrow for ideas on what you can write about. Make sure that your articles contain information that is accurate and of value to the reader.

To be effective in marketing your product or business, you have to diversify and use many different marketing approaches. No one approach will ensure success in your business, but a combination of them will.

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How to Use Business Article Marketing Tips to Make Money Online

By using any of a number of business article marketing tips, you can make the most of the advertising potential of writing articles and submitting them to article directories to make money online. This potential is sufficient to enable you to achieve a Page #1 listing on Google and to attract tens of thousands more visitors to your website.

Not only that, but these visitors can be directed to specific pages on your website that you choose. It is possible to direct over 100,000 visitors to one page on a website where the Home Page gets only 1,000 visits per month. This is because of the benefits of being able to offer any link of your choice in the resource section of your article.

However, prior to offering all these article marketing tips it is important that you appreciate the fact that there is more to writing articles than just offering some badly written text and then expecting it to be published and read - it might be neither if your standard of writing is not good enough. So it is essential that your article is lucid and grammatically written if you wish to use them to make money online.

That said, here are some business article marketing tips on how to make the best of your article if it is intended for publication on article directories.

1. Make sure that the URL in your resource is related to the subject of your article. I don't mean just the general niche, but the specific subject, so if you are writing about bow ties don't lead them to a page about ascots or cravats. Lead them to a page explaining why most men who wear bow ties do so because most men don't wear bow ties!

2. OR - and an important 'OR' - lead them to a squeeze page offering something in exchange for their name and email address. By doing that, you can use your article, not to offer readers further information, but to persuade them to join your list. You can offer a free course or a free eBook or report on your niche in return for their first name and email address. You will need to use an autoresponder such as AWeber or GetResponse to handle the form and list for you, but using article marketing to build a good email list is a fabulous way of using your article writing skills.

3. You can also use your articles to direct readers to your Squidoo lens or even your Facebook Wall or a YouTube video. You can make a video using a simple webcam that promotes your business, and then publish it on YouTube. By providing a link to that video in your article resource or bio, you can promote your business or product on the video.

4. Why not write an article about a common problem connected with your niche? Explain how frequently this problem arises and how it can affect various people in different ways. Examples are a) being unable to access certain websites from your computer, b) dogs that keep biting the postman and that are in danger of being put down, or c) how when some people diet to lose weight they appear to have no energy to do any housework.

Then, having presented the problem offer a partial solution, such as in a): web proxies can be used to access websites through a third party, and b): dogs can be trained to accept postmen walking down their path and opening their mailbox, or c): there are ways to diet that do not deplete your readers of the carbohydrates needed for the generation of ATP energy.

Then use your resource to suggest that you can offer more extensive solutions to their problem if they simply click on the link provided. Then make sure that you deliver the solution on the landing page. If you impress them with your knowledge and help, they will be more likely to purchase your products and help you to make money online.

These are just four business article marketing tips on how to use article marketing to get yourself known and persuade readers that you can help them with their problems. In using them, make sure that you not only offer genuine solutions to their problems, but also persuade them that you can offer a lot more help if they visit your website. Once on your squeeze page (a page persuading them to give you their contact details) give them a persuasive reason why offering their contact details will be of benefit to them in not only having this problem solved, but many other associated problems. You will then find that your emailing list will grow rapidly.

I am sure that you can now think of many more ways in which to provide business article marketing tips to readers of your own articles, and once you find you can do that then you should be able to build up your business, not only to make money onlinefor yourself, but to help solve the problems of your prospective customers which, if you are honest about it, will give you as much satisfaction as selling any products related to it.

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