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New Real Estate Online Marketing Platform Revolutionizes Internet Property Search

There's no question that real estate marketing has definitely shifted ground. In years past, the primary choice for selling property was overwhelmingly traditional advertising. Online advertising, however, has supplanted the printed media in a big way. It's estimated that at least four out of five of those searching property listings are now beginning their search on the internet. As a matter of fact, it's projected that three billion dollars will be spent on online real estate marketing by the year 2010.
At the same time, it's also essential to differentiate yourself in this incredibly competitive market and industry. The financial turmoil, facing us today has created many challenges- and those marketing property of any kind must find new, cost-efficient ways that deliver recognizable results to successfully market real estate
With all that in mind, Locally has created an entirely new online business model for posting any type of real estate listing - at a price anyone could live with free.
Locally's revolutionary new online marketing platform applies the popular online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) business model to selling real estate. That means anyone is welcome to post real estate listings at no cost - the advertiser only gets charged when a potential online buyer clicks on their listing to open it and examine it in detail.
The end result? The advertiser only has to pay for serious customers interested in looking over a specific property listing. And that's well worth the minor PPC fees to those who want to most effectively use their marketing dollars.
The ground-breaking PPC marketing concept was introduced in 1998 and was mostly utilized by businesses looking to gain the maximum amount of customers in the most cost effective way -while obtaining the greatest possible ROI (Return On Investment). With Locally's innovative new use of PPC, real estate advertisers can finally take part in the most popular online selling practice in existence today - which is expected to gross over 3.7 billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2009.

Just like most PPC advertising systems, Locally gives the advertiser complete control over the number of clicks they want to pay for, the length of time they want the listing posted for, and the budget they want to spend. All of these parameters, of course, can be adjusted as need be, after the listing is posted. Advertisers will also be able to control how often they would like to receive account updates, which will allow the user to thoroughly test their marketing efforts.
Unlike most traditional PPC systems, however, Locally does NOT force the real estate advertiser to bid against other advertisers worldwide for the best placements. The playing field is level - and the PPC charge is equal for everyone, not driven up by big business wanting to squeeze the most money out of the small advertiser.
Another overwhelming advantage to is that the site will post any type of real estate listing - making it a hub or "one-stop shop" for any potential property prospects, and anyone seeking information on a specific geographic area of interest to them . is also committed to being more than a traditional real estate search site. To attract a steady stream of traffic consisting of potential property buyers, the site will be filled with enhanced targeted real estate content - including news article's, blogs and forums. This content will utilize the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, ensuring the site high search engine result rankings, which will bring about exposure to the greatest amount of online users interested in real estate and all the supplemental information they would need to make an informed decision .
Local Search will also be an important and integral part of Locally Local search is now a close second to email as the most utilized function of the internet. By enabling specific geographic guidelines, Locally will be able to further target buyers on the lookout for property in specific areas with the assistance of satellite and map views, and many more free tools to assist its users in making the most informed decisions.
Local Searches are growing three times as fast as other kinds of online searches, as more and more people use the internet instead of print and other traditional media to find and research information on nearby neighborhoods. Obviously, this category includes real estate - a category that Locally is strategically positioned to heavily influence with its innovative new approach to real estate marketing.
Internet marketing has come of age - and Locally is determined to bring online real estate advertising up to speed in the most cutting-edge and cost-effective way possible.

For our residential Real Estate agent advertisers, we go the extra mile. When you list a residence with Locally we will in turn list the home on many of the nations largest Real Estate search engines, giving your property unparalleled exposure and the attention it deserves. Instead of just listing your home you are now utilizing a professional, and testable, marketing vehicle for the most minimal cost possible.

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How Realtors Can Use Online Marketing SEO to Become Experts in Their Industry

The first step for any successful realtor is to use web design and search engine optimization to create a traffic-magnet website. Once these online marketing SEO techniques have been employed, the audience will arrive with high expectations and very short attention spans. There are many ways to establish oneself as an expert within a field, but Adam J. Morien, founder of OptiTrex Internet marketing SEO company, says the best way is by providing in-depth information that is useful and dynamically written.

"The old saying is very true - 'Content is king.' You need the content to professionally portray a successful, conversion-centric website," Morien states matter-of-factly. There are many ways to add internet marketing SEO content - rewrite the homepage, add more portal pages, publish articles and press releases on third party sites, or start a blog.

"Blogging allows you to increase the ability of your voice to reach people and the number of people you can contact to establish relationship," added Daniel Rothamel, a member of Strong Team Realtors in Charlottesville, Virginia. "You can be constantly creating your own content and greatly increase your ability to educate people."

Blogs are especially important resources for out-of-state homebuyers and foreign home buyers - and therefore, make great online marketing SEO tools for realtors. This year, the National Association of Realtors found that, on average, 15% of a realtor's business comes from a foreigner purchasing a second home in America - notably Florida, Southern California and Texas (where half of all expats buy their US homes).

Additionally, a 2008 Mayflower Transit study interviewed more than 15,000 people about relocating from state to state for work - and they found that 50% of all respondents had moved in the last year for employment reasons! The most popular destinations were: Washington DC, Kentucky, Vermont, Nevada, South Carolina and North Carolina. Realtors in these particular markets need to be cognizant of these relocating audiences and provide more in-depth coverage of the distinctive neighborhoods, employment information and regional flavor of their areas. However, providing this information in any area is a great way to get ahead of the competition since most real estate websites are stingy with their information and overwhelmingly full of generalizations. It's a simple formula: the more specific the online marketing SEO information is, the more knowledgeable the real estate agent will sound.

"Blogging and social media online marketing are the latest and greatest strategies we use to increase quality traffic, leads and exposure of our clients' businesses," Morien explains. He adds that search engine optimization and blogging particularly go hand-in-hand because search engine spiders at Google and Yahoo are looking for certain things while ranking pages. The more pages of useful, keyword-rich content a website has, the more favorable that page will fare in the search engine results. Since most consumers never make it past the second page, Internet marketing SEO strategies need to focus on getting the client's site within the top 20 listings.

Another online marketing SEO strategy that ranks well in search engines is social media content - particularly Myspace blogs, pages and images (which is more open than, say, Facebook.) Social media marketing can be linked to a realtor's website and blog to create online chatter and inspire word-of-mouth marketing. "Think about social marketing like the chat room of consumer reports," Morien says. "We leverage our clients by setting them up as the authority resources in their industry - and the 'buzz' of social marketing and blogging has successfully contributed to this strategy."

Crafting press releases to market on third party sites and exchanging links with other industry leaders (like builders, housing organizations, etc) are other invaluable Internet marketing SEO techniques. These methods are like testimonials, votes of confidence and vouches for a realtor's trustworthiness. Not only does this resound favorably with audiences, but also with search engines which are scouring the Internet for the "best of the best," the most highly recommended and the most popular.

It's safe to say that most realtors don't have the time to maintain a daily blog, craft in-depth press releases or keep up with social media traffic. However, hiring a professional Internet marketing SEO copywriter for a few hundred a month can have a major impact. These trained writers can not only do all the research about neighborhoods, events, properties for sale and the local real estate market trends, but they can also write in an engaging, intelligent manner that will keep readers coming back for more.

"Home sellers and buyers are in the driver's seat today when it comes to finding real estate services on attractive terms," said the National Association of Realtors Chief Economist David Lereah. "This is a great time to look for a realtor who will deliver the best service and the best price."

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Online Marketing and Offline Marketing Strategy in B2b Portal

If Business is to profit, then Marketing is to business. Since, without marketing, business is not possible whether it is done in any form. Even traditional business had some marketing tactics, be it delivery unto buyer place or flexibility in payment terms. Ultimately, what can turn on more business is often considered as marketing and its implementation after analysis of the situations from time to time can be termed as strategy. I often found, when you say strategy, people nod their head but when it comes to know what is strategy they loose the color of their face.

Strategy is a factor which construes marketing and marketing runs on strategy. What RCC beams are to a building in the same manner strategy is for marketing .if one claims to be doing marketing without strategy then he may be fooling himself and more to others as without strategy in any manner , marketing is not possible.
The very next thing which comes is how to make strategies for marketing the product?

Before that, let us take some pain to understand what exactly is strategy. Strategy is nothing but understanding the basics of positioning a product, features and potential of product, strength and weakness of products, timely review of planning’s etc and then analyzing it to conclude with some parameters for selling the same product with respect to different zones and geographical areas, this result into strategy. Isn’t it very simple. If one makes simple strategy, he makes simple way to success in business.
After Strategy, What Next?

Then comes the real marketing play. Again, it is followed by another question how to and what can be the modes of marketing.
Lets us see which mode is required, when marketing modes option comes to be chosen for business:

Whether Online Marketing?
Whether Offline Marketing?

Before, discussing about advantages and dis-advantages as well as requirement of online marketing, let’s see the modes and strategies of offline marketing.

a. Direct Marketing
b. Telemarketing
c. Advertisement in TV
d. Campaign based advertisement in Radio.
e. Advertisement in public places, public transportation
f. Participation in Exhibitions & Trade Shows
g. Door to Door Marketing
h. Promotional campaigns
i. Discounts and offers
j. Referral Marketing
k. Public Relations
l. Print Media
M. sponsoring some events, sports etc.

The list can have much more to it, but the aforesaid are considered to be the prominent amongst any other options possible or available for any person.
So, after doing, still one requires any other mode of marketing, before we make a hasty decision, what if some online marketing options are just explored:

a. Contacting and Responding through Mail
B. Advertisement in Google, Yahoo
C. Advertisement through Ad brite
D. Advertisement in Blogs
E. Advertisement in most popular sites and portals
f. Article Marketing
g. Affiliate Marketing
h. Online Viral Marketing
i. Email Marketing
j. Activities in Forum & Social bookmarking
K. Linking with quality sites
l. Banner Exchange
m. Search Engine Optimization via Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Many more to be added, even in this sphere alone.
After referring to all, do you feel one is required and sufficient and if one is, then which one .Then I must answer that absolutely NOT, one cannot be a substitute for other, but both are required.
Because, Offline, marketing is very well known potential mode of marketing and will always be required but at the same only offline marketing will not do justice to your marketing, still don’t believe, then just check the truth as stated below:

a) Round the globe more than 50% business is carried out and communicated through mails which is online mode.
b) Corporates, SMEs, MNC all are dependant upon mail for communication.
c) Young generation is net savvy.
d) People are dependant upon websites to fulfill their basic necessities be it
1) jobs,
2) accommodation,
3) buying and selling
4) marriage
5) chatting
6) communication
7) outsourcing work
8) filing tax returns
9) gathering any information etc
10) on an average more than 50% business man and involved in international trade use B2b Portals to effect the business .
If this is the some eye opening facts , can still one keep away from online marketing ………….Now You Decide !

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Understanding 3 most popular forms of online business advertising

These days, online business advertising is becoming more and more popular. This is because it is affordable and effective. Business advertising helps to introduce your business among people, so that you can sell your product to them. However, in the online world, if you have a good presentable business website and you don't advertise your website in that case you will not able to sell your product. In order to sell your products online, you need to promote your business in an effective manner through online business advertising. The three most popular forms of online business advertising are as follows:

1) Write and post articles:
You can create and post written articles on most article publishing sites. This method is considered as the most popular and effective method of promoting a product online. These days there are lots of free sites on which you can advertise your services or products for free. At the bottom of each article, you should have your website link. The place where your link will be provided is known as the author Bio box. When people start reading your article and they will finally reach towards the bottom side of the article and as they click on the link, they will be directed straight away to your main website. Once they get access to your site, they can read all the information about your product and do the necessary purchases. This is how you can get your customers through your articles. However, you must ensure that your articles should be unique and interesting so that they feel like clicking on to the resource box and get access to your main site in order to get more information about your product.

2) Forum posting:
These days there are many types of online forums that you can easily come across online. You can select a particular forum that is related to your website and as soon as you get registered with that particular forum, you can get the opportunity to interact with various types of people within the forum. They are real people with various types of background experience. You can exchange your knowledge with each other and also receive feedback about a particular common topic of interest relating to your business.

By being a forum member, you not only get the opportunity to interact with likeminded people but you can also promote your product by providing a link to your website in your signature link information.

3) Make use of Email newsletter:
Email newsletter is an excellent marketing tool which can be emailed to your potential customers. Once people subscribe to your newsletter you can then send them product updates and announcements through newsletter emails. People can opt for receiving this E-newsletter on a weekly, monthly or daily basis. Your email newsletter should consist of useful and educational content, so that your customers will have something interesting to read about. Once you build their trust in you as an expert in your field, they will then buy your services or products.

Online advertising can do wonders for your business. In fact, the idea of using the internet for promotional and advertising purposes is becoming more and more popular throughout the globe. Small time and new businessmen are now learning how to promote their business on the internet. They are taking this step because they have realized that online business advertising is effective and they do not have to spend on huge advertising cost.

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