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New APP For Living: 10-Step Plan to Create Your Action Passion Plan

No, this isn't an APP for your iPhone or Droid. This is a post about developing an "Action Passion Plan" (APP) for a new life. Do you need of a little jumpstart in your life? A little self-promotion? I truly believe anyone can utilize public relations tools to help boost self-esteem, confidence, vitality, purpose, vision, clarity and compassion in their life. How can a person use PR to obtain these things? It's fairly simple, anyone can become their very own publicist and change their life. I know, I hear you saying, "Oh I'm not good at talking about myself." No kidding! Not many people are. PR is all about subtleties, you want people to perceive you in a positive light naturally, not because you screamed in their face, "LOOK HOW GREAT I AM!!" Nobody wants that. Read the rest of this entry »

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