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Management and Rehabilitation boost business transformation and upgrading of Quanzhou shoes

The municipal economic commission jointly with the newspaper the "Promotion of Enterprise Management" column, the operation of a month, the focus of the city s new series of supporting policies promulgated by the introduction of a number of corporate cases, both 9 Mu Wang, Green, etc. a number of well-known enterprises, but also stable ride, Jian Feng and other growth companies. Since the launch reported that many business owners and management consultancy activities on behalf of the community have said that the response is good, and made many suggestions. The next stage, a typical column in addition to continuing concern about management of enterprises, will also focus on technological innovation, economy, finance and other areas of security, and plans a series of joint activities, management consulting and on-site diagnosis.
To strengthen the interaction with readers, easy and effective communication and interaction between the column special hotline 18605950110. Whether you want to join us for activities, or in business management, technological innovation, financing guarantees and other enterprises operating in any doubt exists, and Wen Ti, Huozhe You what O.K. practices, experiences and proposals that can dial the hotline call us. Apart from Selected Case, we will also invite "Quanzhou business management expert advisory" for you to clear up doubts, and collected to the relevant Government departments to help solve the problem.
Reporter from the recently held a quarter of the city's industrial economic performance was noted that a quarter of the city's total industrial output value of 126.1 billion yuan, Bi Zeng more than 25.4%, including large-scale industrial output value of 111.298 billion yuan, 28.88% Bi Zeng, industrial economy showed higher open state, to achieve a good start.
Enterprise value of over 100 000 000 168
According to analysis, a quarter of principal operating characteristics of the city's industrial performance for the three "improvement", 3 "rise", three "outstanding", a "deepening", the further pick-up in industrial production, showing a higher open state. Enterprises operating rate and the boom of postganglionic also improved significantly. Domestic and foreign orders this year are more abundant. With the European market continued to slump more than a year after the demand to pick up, foreign orders showed a more substantial recovery of a rebound. Especially in the shoes industry, to strong domestic sales based Asia Jinjiang shoes, clothing and other wild force some companies presented their own brand and OEM booming situation, part of the enterprise-order scheme has been arranged to the second half. In addition, business investment will increase, many companies have adopted technological innovation, improve product quality and labor productivity. Hang textiles Quangang out on this new digital control 60,000 spindles spinning equipment, Yongchun 10000 United States plans to import 500 Taiwan and Belgium computer weaving machines, the output value is expected to achieve 500000000 yuan.
Of traditional industries and new industries take off together. In the first quarter, the five traditional industries more than 66 billion yuan output value, Bi Zeng two percent, the cumulative rate of increase than the 3.4 percent increase from January to February. The level of corporate profits rebounded in which large-scale industrial Jinjiang total profit 2.337 billion yuan, Bi Zeng 40%. Five new industry output value of 104% Bi Zeng contributed more prominent. Petrochemical projects to drive the effect gradually, after the textiles and shoes industry scale. As the state has increased investment in 3G construction, start "triple play" and the energy industry to increase efforts to support the new policies such as the driving effect, microwave communications, digital satellite equipment, electronic components, smart security, intercom and other industries generally optimistic about the situation , order enough, the electronic information industry into the fast track of development.
Billion in outstanding corporate performance. A quarter of the city total output value of over 168 billion enterprise, in March added output value of over 90 million companies, 24 more than last year, output value of more than 50% Bi Zeng. 5 total enterprise value of more than 1 billion yuan outstanding, 138% output value Bi Zeng, representing the city's total output value of 100 million yuan output value of more than 61% of new enterprises. In addition, the inclusion of new economic growth point at the provincial level, 50 projects, 45 have been carried out technological transformation and expansion of production scale, output value of 102% Bi Zeng.
Ensure that the above-scale industrial production accounts for the first half of year target of 44%, to fully tap the business potential, every effort increments, to vigorously develop the market, do a good job promoting the production orders. Give full play to industry associations, chambers of commerce of the role of different places, continue to organize enterprises to participate in Baotuan famous, influential event. Further support the use of state export enterprises of foreign trade and economic development policies to support and guide the enterprises with good export credit insurance policies to support. Market research to guide enterprises to strengthen and continuously improve marketing strategies, expand sales channels and extensive promotion of e-business applications. Through the device of transformation, technological progress, increased labor productivity units and reduce excessive dependence on the frontline workforce.
648 industrial projects pay close attention to
Promote the development of the project is to promote the first engine. Grasp of major industrial projects, is to transform the development mode, and speed up economic powerhouses needs. All over the city this year, the municipal total of 648 key industrial projects, total investment of 113.66 billion yuan, annual plans to invest 28.157 billion yuan. In the first quarter, industrial deepening project, industrial investment growth continued to accelerate the completion of industrial investment in the province accounted for 18.75%, ranking first in the province.
Economic Development Zone in Quanzhou, special steps the company to invest to more than 2300 million yuan, the introduction of Germany's SAP software, the purchase of HP and IBM servers, ERP has basically completed the retail distribution system construction, the entire project is expected to greatly enhance the flow of supply chain efficiency, improve management Accuracy and Management of the image. Licheng Jiangnan High-tech Park in Fujian Stone Energy Corporation building Jun 20 amorphous silicon thin film solar cell production line, the completion of the five workshop infrastructure, is carrying out the production staff recruitment, pre-job training, early next year, annual production capacity of amorphous silicon thin film solar cell production capacity of 200MW. In the forefront of Jinjiang, capital markets Kiyomi upstart companies boost investment 120 million yuan in the energy storage function of sport shoes production line technological transformation project in the end, the scale of production can be achieved this year, 12 million pairs; 100 investment 420 million yuan Wang chemical fiber production capacity expansion and technology differentiation change the project drawing to a close, after the annual output of differential chemical fiber production 240,000 tons.
Next, the clear objective of progress decomposition refine goals and tasks, in accordance with the principle from the early and fast and take the initiative toward the front active coordination and take effective measures to implement the case resolved, improving service effectiveness and promote the city more than 648 city-level industrial the smooth progress of the project. Full account of the main city in the industrial investment characteristics of the higher proportion of private enterprises, and actively guide the direction of private enterprises select the right investment, increased investment, accelerated investment pace. Give prominence to 128 provincial industrial restructuring and the revitalization of key projects for the city and lay a solid foundation of industrial economies. Which, Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical 12 million tons / year refinery project, 2 Fujian refinery project in Fujian Petrochemical 1 million tons / year ethylene expansion project, Quanzhou shipyard shipbuilding project, Nine Dragons Paper, Guangdong projects high-grade packaging paper become a priority. For the project implementation process of the construction land, approval approval, EIA, local matching funds the outstanding issues to sort out the necessary classification, strengthen communication and close cooperation, in a timely manner to resolve.
Management and Rehabilitation wheel drive
Promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading, not only the industrial areas of the city a profound change in the general business ideas is a profound change, required to create atmosphere, multi-pronged, speed up the transformation to upgrade. Continue to carefully sort out the national, provincial and municipal series to promote the industry to upgrade and support enterprise development policies, continuing to carry out "policy to send into the enterprise" activities. Timely publicity around promoting industrial transformation and upgrading of new initiatives, new experiences, to fully demonstrate the practice of industrial transformation and upgrading, and further inspire the spirit of confidence. By-industry technical benchmarking activities, and guide enterprises concerned about industry trends, technical level of the standard activities, looking for gaps, enhance the sense of urgency to carry out technological transformation. Implementation of the "1000 Technical Renovation Project" program, in textiles and clothing, building materials, food and beverage, technology products, traditional industry focus, step by step implementation of a group of industry related degree, high technical level, good market prospects, key technological transformation projects to promote traditional industries technology level.
On the magnificent bamboo fiber, Haitian maize fiber, China and Thailand and other solar slab bearing the backbone of industrial restructuring to enhance projects, demonstration projects, do its utmost to support and strengthen the supervision of major technology projects and evaluation of effectiveness to make a real difference to support funding . Actively guide companies in their own "wall of" spare the article, to encourage enterprises to use existing plants, land to carry out technological transformation.
Enterprise management is the soft power of competition to different levels, and steps to promote corporate governance to enhance the work. Guide and promote enterprises in the refinement of any real effort to improve the level of modern management, to management for efficiency.
SME managers should take the training as the main object, with the focus on reducing consumption and increasing efficiency, market development and business training content to support policy, for holding five or more courses, take the knowledge lectures, panel discussions, role play, advice Q & A and on-site observation and other forms of flexible and improve effectiveness of training. Enterprise training for senior management as the main target, focus on the laws and regulations related to corporate, industrial transformation and upgrading policies and corporate mergers and acquisitions and other content related to training, for holding two or more courses, and improving the strategic management executives, risk management, Market operation capacity.

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