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Beat the recession, educate yourself to do business on the internet

The most effective educational tool available today is the internet, connecting billions of people to conduct research, find education, seek all sorts of entertainment, explore business opportunities and to do business on the internet.

But as an educational tool, the Internet is unsurpassed in terms of effectiveness and force. Think about it,virtually every major library in the world is connected and online. You can access virtually any information stored in these libraries and read books from media such as your laptop and handheld device.Then there is the power of search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing, you can type in any word or phrase, and instantly find thousands or millions of related results.

In these days more and more people turn to the internet to seek for ways to do business on the internet. The key here is to recognize the perfect storm of opportunity that has been presented by the recession and hard financial times, combined with the exceptional supremacy and potential of the Internet. When people begin to consider the potential risk that the declining economy poses to them, thousands will explore the opportunity to do business on the internet.

The other thing is that most people know very little or nothing about money.How to aquire,keep and grow. What they do know they may have picked up from family and friends. When times are good this is not really a problem because there's plenty of money to go around and even though it may not be well spent or well-managed, there's enough of it. When times are tough, all of this changes. People become concerned and many of these people turn to the Internet for information and directions on how to aquire,keep and grow their finances.

If you can fulfill this need for financial information and education, you'll be well on your way to securing your own financial future and income. There are many opportunities available online that revolve around providing financial education and consulting to people who are looking for these services. It's a recession proof market, and an income opportunity that offers major potential for growth and financial freedom.

Don't wait until the ‘time is right’ start exploring legitimate internet opportunities and change your future today.The way of the future is definitaly to do business on the internet.

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Internet Marketing and the Global Recession

Internet marketing experts are thriving today as never before; more people are making money online than at any time in the 14 years the World Wide Web, and Internet marketing, has existed. But those considering starting a business online may not realize that Internet marketing is still viable during the current world-wide financial meltdown.
The global recession is an accepted fact - right now every major economy in the world is suffering a recession, as defined by two consecutive quarters of negative growth. Worldwide, for more detail go to: outlets scream their headlines of the latest layoffs, foreclosures, bankruptcies, bailouts, devastated retirement savings, repossessions and the like.
On a personal level, every intelligent, caring human hates it - the pain, suffering and stress it generates, and the jump in hunger, homelessness and true poverty that results in more and more instances.
Offline businesses hate it too. In the business-to-business realm, keeping your own business afloat, supporting your share prices and maintaining a positive cash flow are just the start of it - but what about your customers and suppliers? As businesses slash their expenditures, customer lists are shrinking and average order value is plummeting.
And 'Just-In-Time' supply systems, the darling of the 80's and 90's with it's reduced inventories, has become a major headache. With no existing inventory to fall back on, corporations are finding it necessary to prop up their suppliers or face a lack of product while they search for new sources.
Business-to-Consumer business is just as bad, if not worse. Millions of jobs have evaporated in the past year alone, taking those salaries with them. Falling home values in the US and UK, for example, for more detail go dried up many equity lines of credit, and the general credit squeeze is making it even tougher to ride out the storm on credit. Credit card companies are lowering limits and/or raising the interest rates for those already struggling, exacerbating the situation even more.
And even families with no job losses or income reduction are realizing that savings are at all-time lows while household debt is reaching record heights. So again spending is curtailed in an attempt to pay down debt and rebuild a financial cushion against the unexpected.
Yet Internet marketing and its subsets - affiliate marketing and niche marketing - continue to thrive and even boom during it all. If you've been considering getting into Internet marketing but have hesitated because of the recession, it's time for a major reframe of your viewpoint...
Let's start with the headspace of people using the Internet in general. In tough economic times people don't head out to the mall as often - because the mall is a place to shop and spend money. But the main reason people go online is for information, so that psychological barrier isn't there. While they're still willing to spend SOME money, they just aren't heading out LOOKING to spend it.
Second, no market is expanding, or has ever expanded, at the pace the Internet community is growing today. Every single day tens or hundreds of thousands of new people come online, and some will be potential buyers for any online business. Even if Internet marketing had reached market saturation, new blood would provide a new potential market every single day.
But the truth is, Internet marketing is nowhere near market saturation - not by a long shot. Think of the number of stores in the offline world. Not in your locale, your city, your state or even your country - but in the WORLD. Obviously, the number dwarfs current Internet marketing ventures. Even the biggest Internet marketing opt-in e-mail lists have just millions of subscribers out of the billions of Internet users - and most Internet marketers have lists of less than 50,000.
But even if the market wasn't growing, sales and profits would still be climbing fast due to higher conversions through new tools and techniques. Like Internet marketing itself, the World Wide Web is still in it's infancy - new technologies like audio & video are being developed all over the world. And as older phone company and cable company hardware systems are upgraded, these technologies will advance faster and faster, both in penetration and presentation.

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Can Small Businesses Survive This Recession?

Tougher times are expected for small and medium sized business. Business failures are expected to rise by a staggering 50% which means that failed businesses could peak around 32,400 in 2010; this would be the highest level recorded since 1992. The Federation of small businesses said that they had recorded a dramatic increase of 214% in the amount of calls to their legal advice line on redundancies from concerned small businesses in the fourth quarter of last year.

Their members are concerned about jobs and how to hold on to jobs; small businesses are usually the last businesses to make employees redundant. The calls are asking how to make employees redundant, how do I do it, what action should I take, this is extremely worrying when it is thought that 32,400 business may go bust. On average each small business employees approximately 5 members of staff; this means that 150,000 people could lose their jobs from small businesses this year.

The federation of small businesses is the voice of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK; they have over 215,000 members, who employ more than 1.3 million people with a combined turnover of

Getting Small Business Loans with No Collateral in this Recession

The global financial crisis has made it quite difficult for companies, especially small businesses, to get business loans. Ironically, it is also in this situation that smaller companies often need additional capital infusion to boost income. You may need to get small business loans to acquire a better business location, construct a new building, renovate your premises, pay for new equipment, fixtures or furniture or increase inventory and working capital.

Most Small Business Loans Require Collateral

To get business loans, even small business loans, is a major challenge.

First you need to identify which among the many types of small business loans you need. Small business loans ranging from $5,000.00 to $35,000.00 are called micro loans. For larger needs, such as for the acquisition of land, buildings and other major fixed assets, development financing is what you should find. There are also import export loans as well as franchise financing. Do your research to find out if you are qualified for small business loans guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration or SBA.

Any of these small business loans will require extensive preparations and paperwork. As a small business owner, you will need to prove your credit worthiness through a personal credit history report. Lenders will also require a business plan which includes your credentials as the business owner, your company financial statements, business assets and an analysis of your market. All of these should be packaged in a professional loan proposal which presents how the loaned amount will be used to strengthen the business and how you intend to repay the loan. Most of all, you need to present your loan collateral – the assets you will put up to secure the loan.

Quick and Easy Small Business Loans with No Collateral

For smaller acquisitions or day to day business needs, there is a way for entrepreneurs to get small business loans easily and quickly with no collateral. This is through merchant services.

Merchant services provide credit card services to businesses. This enables them to accept and process payments through credit cards or debit cards either through face to face purchases, online transactions, or even by phone or fax. Merchant service providers supply terminal equipment for card swiping, as well as the necessary software and high speed IP solutions.

Most businesses need credit card services since consumers routinely pay for goods and services through credit cards and debit cards these days. If your business has not taken this step yet, you may have been missing out on more than half of your income potential.

These same merchant services also provide the solution for your small business loans. Collateral-free loans can be availed of through their cash advances, with the loan amount computation based on the monthly credit card revenue your business generates. Credit card sales requirements may be as low as $3,000.00 a month. You will not be asked for collateral since your future revenue is your collateral.

The best types of merchant cash advances do not require fixed monthly payments nor do they impose deadlines on loan payment. A certain percentage is instead deducted automatically from your credit card revenue each month to go towards loan payment. This way, you never have to worry about loan amortization.

Once your cash advance has been fully paid, you may apply for another one. It is like having a revolving credit line. Make sure that you compare the terms of several merchant service providers, though, and read the fine print on contracts. There are so many merchant service providers competing for your business that you'll surely find one that fits your needs.

Advanced Merchant Services
Contact Name: Roger Inman
P.O. Box 1475 Safety Harbor, FL 34691
Bus: 727-642-3606
Bus Fax: 877-413-6067

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