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Online business is an industry that requires a huge amount of self-motivation

The Online Business Crucial Success Factor
In a marathon the physical factor for runners might be very comparable, but what could be the main differentiate between those who get to the finish line and those who don't? And what would be the main differentiating between those who finish first and those who finish last? What makes a person push himself/herself to the maximum limits to achieve his/her targets?

Depending on the field, things like physical fitness and knowledge are pre-requisites of course, but endurance and patience are the common denominator that separates the winners from the quitters in any field.

From normal observations we realize that the level of endurance and patience to achieve self set targets differ between one person to another. So what is it that creates this difference? It is motivation and more importantly self-motivation.

The engine that drives us to overcome obstacles and enhance our endurance and patience is how well we can motivate ourselves. We need to differentiate between external motivational factors and self-motivation.

Results and achievements motivate most of us, but if failure and slow or no improvements are happening, the only source of motivation available is within ourselves.

Online business is an industry that requires a huge amount of self-motivation. Self-motivation is the sole driver for discipline, endurance and patience, which are the success factors that differentiate the winners from the quitters.

This makes self-motivation the most crucial success factor in online business as external motivators take time to materialize.

How can we fuel the self-motivation engine to keep it running? There are numerous ways:

1- Set clear Targets: I know you have heard this a million times, but the reason we are mentioning it here is the following:

a. Clear targets are easily measured and accordingly you will see by time the small improvements you are making. Thus energizing your self-motivation by this external factor.

b. When setting clear targets, you can easily divide them into targets to meet within smaller time intervals. Accordingly, you see closer results.

2- Keep remembering your initial driver: Keep reminding yourself why you got into online business in the first place. Keep implanting this driver into your head on daily basis.

3- When you completely lose hope and realize that online business is not for you, try to find other options that would satisfy the driver that made you start your online business. If you could not find other options you will realize that online business is your only option.

4- Do not talk about your online business with potentially skeptical people.

5- Pick an active forum and hang around there every now and then, not only because it is good for the business, but to keep you motivated by helping others and getting help from others. You can find ideas that you never thought of before and are easily implemented which will give a huge boost to your motivation.

6- Try to enjoy your online business and make money a secondary issue. By enjoying the work you will find the material factor accomplished without you noticing. If you keep stressing yourself out regarding the monetary achievements, each day in online business will seem like a whole year. This one is the most magical of all solutions.

Do not make your online business like any other job. This is your kingdom and you can create any working environment you desire. Therefore, create an environment that will keep you motivated all the time.

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Successful Online Marketing Requires Effective Keyword Research

The fundamental building block of successful online marketing is keyword research. Unless you can identify what it is your customers - or potential customers - are searching for online and the words and phrases they use to describe the products or services they are looking for, there is little chance that you will be able to optimize the flow of web traffic to your site - or the site's revenue.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has aptly been described as a mixture of art and science. With the introduction of a new, more detailed key word research tool from the world's leading search engine, Google, there has now been a decided shift to the science end of the spectrum - at least when it comes to identifying the key words you can focus on to drive web traffic to your site.

Google Adwords' New Keyword Tool

Google Adwords, the pay-per-click advertising side of Google, recently introduced a new and improved Keyword Tool in July 2008. Where the key word research tools SEO professionals had formerly relied upon to gauge the web traffic associated with a particular search query - tools such as Wordtracker, a paid-subscription service, and Overture's Keyword Tool - provided good approximations of web traffic for a particular word or phrase, Google Adwords new and improved Keyword Tool, provides a great analytic breakdown of the approximate search volume for keywords across the Internet's dominant search engine.

Unlike the Keyword Tool formerly offered by Google, which showed only a rough approximation of traffic flow based on a series of green bar graphs, the new Google Adwords tool offers much more quantified numbers and trends for specified and suggested keywords.

Generating Keyword Ideas

Google's new Keyword Tool offers two ways of generating keyword ideas and suggestions. Firstly, by entering descriptive keywords or phrases in its search box, Keyword Tool will show the keywords and keyword phrases associated with your descriptive word or phrase (and their synonyms). The list of associated keywords and phrases, with detailed metrics about the search volumes for these associated terms, will allow you to quickly identify which profitable keywords you have not targeted.

Secondly, Keyword Tool allows you to enter a specific website address into the search box. Keyword Tool then analyzes the keywords that Google associates with that website's URL. This website content function of Keyword Tools provides two very valuable streams of information. It gives you valuable insight into what keywords your competition is focusing on and highlights keywords and keyword phrases you may not have otherwise identified. Moreover, by entering your own website's URL addresses in the search box, it allows you to see the keywords that Google itself identifies as being related to the content on your web page. In many instances you may find that Google views and interprets your page in a much different way than you do. Difficulties in ranking a page may be quickly diagnosed and corrected to the extent that Google is seeing your page as being associated with keywords you have not intentionally focused on. Thus, Keyword Tools functions as a quick diagnostic tool that allows insight into the way your site, and its individual pages, is viewed and ranked.

Researching Search Volumes

The new Keyword Tool from Google Adwords also provides detailed metrics for each keyword or keyword phrase it identifies or suggests. Keyword Tools displays both the approximate search volume for the current month, but the approximate average search volume per month as well. Other valuable metrics include search volume trends. If the product you are marketing is seasonal by nature - for example you prepare tax returns, or distribute children's Halloween costumes - Google will show you month-by-month the rise and fall in numbers of search queries for your particular keywords, as well as indicate which month the highest volume of search queries for each keyword appeared. (Not surprisingly, searches for children's Halloween costume flatline throughout the year only to jump in September and peak in October.)

Google's Keyword Tool is specifically designed to assist paid advertisers target the keywords they wish to purchase for sponsored links. Yet its usefulness to organic SEO is obvious. Even the estimated "cost-per-click" information available through Keyword Tool gives organic search SEOs vital information about the popularity, or perceived popularity, of keyword terms.

Value of Keyword Tools to SEOs

For most SEO purposes, the new and improved will function nicely alongside (and may even replace to a large degree) Wordtracker and Overture, although for niche marketing purposes the two programs that were formerly the preferred tools of experienced SEOs may continue to dominate. However, for many online marketing purposes the new tool from Google, which was formerly highly resistant to broadly disclosing the metrics of its search numbers, may prove to be a one-stop keyword research shopping experience. Much will depend, of course, on how "approximate" the reported approximate search volumes are. To the extent that reported search volumes accurately track web traffic on the search engine that handles approximately 80% of all search queries, Keyword Tool may prove to be a one-stop shop for online marketers.

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Internet Marketing Requires Research and Analysis Effort for Individual Website!

Internet marketing is essential to the success of web sites. You can have a professional looking website but what good can it do if internet users are not able to find it when they need your products and services? That is where an internet marketing campaign comes into play.

"Your website has to magically appear before buyers when they need products and services."

Internet marketing is similar to designing websites- it does not require much experience to do a good job, just good knowledge and a keen eye for details. It is fundamentally important for a good internet marketer to constantly update himself weekly, if not monthly, of online markets. There are many ways to market your website.

-- Find A Competent and Reliable Internet Marketer --

Justify the costs of hiring an Internet Marketer - First of all, getting an internet marketer is not essential for every website. If your website is a business website or a website which you want to generate revenue from, it is good to seek a competent internet marketer to work on your website. For more details visit to The costs spent on your website for internet marketing has to be justified and often, they are justified by having more revenue and traffic to your web site.

Potential customers have to know that there are no guarantees in SEO. Since everything is fundamentally based on search engines, SEO work is at the mercy of major search engines like Google. Many SEO companies tried to secure customers with guarantees that they cannot fulfill, resulting in lawsuits or customers getting burned for hiring their SEO services.

-- What an Internet Marketer can offer --

In short, an Internet Marketer oversees that your website
is built properly for visibility and promoted with the best dollar spent on your internet marketing campaign. It is no good having a website and not appearing in internet searches. Your website has to magically appear before buyers when they need products and services. Internet Marketers deploy search engine optimization techniques to make your website visible and targeted to internet users.

Internet marketing requires research and analysis effort for individual website, followed by optimization of website. For more details go to Hundreds of hours may be spent on each website, depending on the size of your targeted market. You are essentially paying for the amount of effort involved, effectiveness of your internet marketer and daily sales tracking of your website.

How to choose Internet Marketer- Internet marketing requires constant updating of skills and knowledge. One crude way to test if your internet marketer is a genuine or fake- Ask your internet marketer about recent events that happened in his field. If he cannot answer that, he must have a genuinely good reason to back himself as a good internet marketer! At times, it is easy to fall prey into the hands of bad internet marketing companies as happened in US and other parts of the world.

It is also important for you to feel comfortable with the amount of money you are spending on getting your site popular before committing yourself to an internet marketing campaign. Internet marketing campaigns typically last a few months and requires monthly tune-ups to your website. Include the costs of an internet marketing campaign when doing your company's advertising budget.


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