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Small Business Secrets 101 – 6 Critical Secrets For Thriving In 2010

First I have a very endearing story and I personally promise a wealthting small business point to be made afterwards.

I have more than my big toe in the water dad. now what? The curious child replied. Dad being both astonished and proud at the same time - embraced the child dearly. The pair elevated their responses to each other for years after that. To this day in fact. Long after the high school then college football appearances. Fond memories of his son turned father abound and eternal glories rekindle weekly.

Do your small business clients respond to your product or service with as much bonding as that?

The small business mentality of business survival has some serious flaws. Like the Survival word as the eventual Goal. You dove into the small business arena with passion and flair for success. Your dream was so vivid that our family hung up pictures of our dream vacation house at the beach.

Now you are feeling like we are stuck and going nowhere in business. Now the family is running around looking for the next Genie Bottle to rescue them off a small business deserted island - somehow.

Enter Small Business Secrets 101 for 2010.

Small Business Rule 1 - Never assume anything in business. This is a core concept throughout your small business. An example would for your marketing websites and printed media. The 6 figure earners and above are all doing it. What are they doing? The top marketers out there are always testing their clients and prospects responses - to their marketing campaigns.

Small Business Rule 2 - Always prepare more or accomplish more than you think you will need to for a given goal. Lets say you are ramping up for a major product launch. Contact several times as many potential clients as you have projected to need. Contact them 3 or even 4 Months earlier than you think.

Small Business Rule 3 - Do what you love and the Money will follow. Remember that one? Let's apply it to your business day. What specific areas are You both passionate And Sharp in? Superb - Stay There. Sorry for the tough love. It's also the finest advice you will ever experience.

Small Business Rule 4 - Outsource what you are not good at. Outsource what isn't Vital for You Personally to do. All of your daily routine tasks can be accomplished by a virtual assistant. These people are freelancers for hire. The quality of their work varies ñ just like people who show up at an office. Find the right ones that resonate with you. This alone is invaluable.

Small Business Rule 5 - Optimize your existing office staff to manage pools of virtual assistants. Now you have leveraged your existing small business staffing - and kept them. This will preserve the value of loyal office staff and optimize your business too. Offer them compensation on a sliding scale based on workflow accomplished. This gem both keeps the great ones and rockets your business forward.

Small Business Rule 6 - Hire Out what your are not personally Great at. Simple as that. Never scrimp on VIP level quality and persona. Copyrighting is a typical example. The entire process of getting client on board with your small business depends on this. And the overhead of small business marketing still costs the same. When you are clearing $1,000,000 a month, a 6 figure marketing budget sounds like a beautiful thing. The first bucks, like the first guts to actually Do something new and potentially challenging ñ are always the toughest.

The Toughest Million Dollars to Make - Will Always be the First One.

That statement is due to Lack of Knowledge. A billionaire's reflections are that making a million dollars a Day, is not so tough. It's making one hundred million a day that gets his renegade mindset to the table each day.

For more revealing small business wealth creation and passive income secrets of cash flow, Click on the links in the Resource box below. Glen B. Stewart

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The Enterprise Management Rule

The competitiveness of enterprises is ultimately a competition of talents. Talent is the value of enterprises, how to manage the talent, take advantage of talent, develop and retain talent, then have become the enterprises growth and development key in the fierce competition.
Chapter I: the way of managing, employing, educating and retaining talents
1.    Ogilvie's Law: make good use of persons who are better than our own
2.    Halo effect: a comprehensive and correct understanding of human resources
3.    Not worth Law: let employees choose the work their own like to do
4.    Mushroom management law: respect the law of the growth of talent
5.    Bell Effect: create the stand out opportunity for talented subordinates
6.    Wine and water law: the timely removal of rotten apples
7.    First effect: avoid employing personnel basing on impression
8.    Gresham Law: avoid the general manpower expulsion of talent
9.    Rainier effect: attract and retain qualified personnel in affine cultural atmosphere.
10.    The appropriate law: The right people on the most appropriate place
11.    Tremeur Law: there is no useless personnel in enterprise
12.    Steve Jobs's Law: recruit top talents
13.    Daiei's Law: the most major issue for enterprises to survive is to train qualified personnel
14.    Tidal effect: appeal talent with superior treatment, encourage talent with cause
Chapter II: a people-oriented humanized management
As the old saying goes: those who gain populace will gain the world! More human interest in corporation management can help to win the identity and loyalty of staff. Only those who truly captur the soul of the employees can be invincible when faced competition.
15.    Nam Fung Law: honestly warm Staff
16.    Yan's Law: look the staff as a partner
17.    Mutually beneficial relations law: Love your employees, he would love a hundredfold of your business
18.    Blue Marsden's Law: create fun working environment to employees
19.    Flexible Management Law: "people-centered" management of human nature
20.    Kanter's Law: management from the beginning to respect
21.    Potter's Law: do not always stare at a staff’s error
22.    Hedgehog's Law: maintain "an appropriate distance" with your staff
23.    Hot stove rule: everyone is equal before the rules and regulations
24.    Goldfish Bowl Effect: increase transparency in the management

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The Enterprise Management Rule (II)

In last article, we have talk about the first two chapters of the enterprise management rule, today, let’s continue others.
Chapter III: a flexible and effective incentive
An effective incentive would ignite the passion of employees, prompting them even stronger incentive to work so that they can generate the desire to surpass themselves and others, and potentially release a huge driving force for the enterprise vision to give their passion.
25. Catfish Effect: Activate staff
26. Horse-fly effect: promote an awareness of competition
27. Rosenthal effect: full of hope of incentive
28. Peter principle: promotion is the worst incentives
29. "Bowling" effect: the difference between appreciation and criticism
30. Elimination through selection rules: play out of the limits of human ability by competition and elimination
31. Murphy's Law: lessons learned from its mistakes
32. "Garbage can" theory: an effective solution to their jobs and excessively bureaucratic style of work
33. Pygmalion Effect: How to achieve incentive in the "pressure"
34. Yokoyama's Law: to motivate staff to work spontaneously
35. Soapy water effect: critics will be caught in the praise
36. Wilson's Law: Example is better than precept
37. McClelland's Law: Let all employees have a right to participate in decision-making
38. Blue Berger's theorem: create the necessary sense of crisis for staff
39. Heller's Law: effective monitoring, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the staff
40. Incentive multiplier formula: using praise to motivate staff
41. Top-heavy management rules: Powers granted to employees
42. Old John Dixon theorem: not to be a charge of being tired
Chapter IV: Communication is the management of enrichment
Matsushita had a famous saying: "Enterprise Management in the past is communication, now is communication, the future is also to communicate." Manager's real job is to communicate. No matter what the time, enterprise management cannot do without communication.
43. Hawthorne effect: let employees vent their dissatisfaction out
44. Jieheng Li's Law: use a frank and sincere way of communication
45. Communication potentiometer effect: Equal exchange is to ensure the enterprise effective communication
46. WILD Theorem: Effective communication begins with listening
47. Kick the cat effect: not to vent your dissatisfaction to subordinates
48. Lei Baofu rule: understanding themselves and respecting others
49. Terry's Law: frank to admit their mistakes

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The Enterprise Management Rule (IV)

In last article, we have talk about the first six chapters of the enterprise management rule, today, let’s continue others.
Chapter VII: Innovation is the life of enterprise
Innovation is the driving force for development of the core, is the inevitable result of market competition. Only through innovation enterprise can break the routine, break traditions; only constant innovation can be invincible forever in stimulating competition.
77. Davidow's Law: continue to create new products and eliminate old products
78. Path dependence: step out of a fixed way of thinking
79. Flea effect: managers do not self-handicapping
80. Buren Law: Failure is also an opportunity
Chapter VIII: intelligence and strategy for decisive competition
The 21st century is a highly competitive age. The biggest weapon for survival is competition. In this contest, the management of the methods of competition, competitive strategy and competitive means will become a key factor in corporate victory or defeat.
81. Dogs mastiff effect: let enterprises to survive in the competition
82. Zero and game theory: to achieve win-win situation between competition and cooperation
83. Superfish rule: speed determine success or failure of competition
84. Matthew: Only the first, there is no second
85. Niche's Law: to find differences in competition, to achieve dislocation management
86. Monkey - Elephant Law: small win over large, the weak win over the strong
Chapter IX: details determine success and failure
The inequality of details implies that 1% of the errors led to 100% failure. The failure of many enterprises is often because of the details having not been coped well. Into any details been done, companies will not be within a problem.
87. Broken Windows effect: timely correct and remedy the problem that is occurring
88 Domino effect: all goodness is hard if only one goodness, while all will be bad easily if only one bad
89. The Butterfly Effect: 1% of the errors led to 100% of the failure
90 Hein's Law: any unsafe incidents are preventable
91. Wang Yung-ching's Law: to save a dollar is equal to a net profit of a dollar
Chapter X: playing marketing card excellently
No successful marketing, no successful enterprises. Marketing activities are the ultimate means to achieve profits. In the market homogenization of highly competitive products, marketing often determines the success or failure of business.
92. Veblen effect: the higher commodity prices, the easier it will be selling
93. "100-1 = 0"'s Law: Let every customer satisfied
94. Tank Theory: find the most essential needs of customers
95. Bullwhip Effect: Enhancing Supply Chain Management
96. Frisch's Law: no employee satisfaction, there is no customer satisfaction
97. 250 Law: Do not neglect any one customer
98. Brit Theorem: make full use of the role of advertising promotions
99. Nirenberg's Law: in success of negotiations, both sides are winners
100. Weite Lai Law: starting from the people do not want to

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