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Sabotaging Your Online Marketing Effectiveness

Your marketing effectiveness online often has more to do with your own efforts than it does with your skills. The misconception that many have about marketing on the internet is that it is more complicated than it really is. The fact is that the success of most online marketers is based upon their level of dedication and focus and not their skill set. The key to being successful when working online is learning to manage and motivate yourself since most times you will not be working with others. In fact the biggest obstacles many face are their own habits and shortcomings that result in sabotaging their efforts.

With that said here are 7 of the most common issues facing online marketers that keep them from being successful when working online.

Time Management Skills

Managing time is one of the biggest 'culprits' effecting people working online. Marketing on the internet involves several tasks many of which are easily able to devour much of your time. Learning to properly prioritize how you devote your time is a big key to being successful when working online.

Poor Planning

Without a solid plan you have absolutely nothing to build upon and you will only succeed at wasting much of your efforts. Remember that this is a business which will require the proper planning in order for you to effectively direct your efforts. You want to know where it is you are going and then you will need a plan on how to get there.

Inconsistent Effort

Understand that there you be good days and bad and do not allow that to alter your efforts. In order to make progress on anything you will need to be constantly moving forward and this can not be done without consistent effort. Building a business is much like pushing a boulder up a hill, without consistent effort you will lose momentum and never reach the top!

Lack of Resolve

When things do not go the way you intended you get easily discouraged which breaks your focus, dilutes your efforts or even makes you quit. DON'T! Expect mistakes or setbacks and learn from them so they do not occur again. Even on a bad day you can learn things that will be of benefit in the future.

Making Things Complicated

Making things harder than they are is a very common barrier we all unknowingly build for ourselves. Simply because something is new to you does not mean it will be complicated and if it does seem so it is only because you have not learned it yet. Be patient!

Misdirected Creativity

We use our creativity to invent reasons as to why something can not be done. This is very common with people who carry a negative attitude. Although you may think you are positive minded it is easy and natural to create reasons why we can not succeed if we are afraid of failing. The logic here is that if we do not try we can not fail. In a twisted way it can be interpreted as nothing venture nothing lost! A large part of being successful is maintaining a 'can do' attitude!

Scatter Mind

By spreading yourself too thin you will accomplish little other than increasing your frustrations. Business building requires your attention to certain details that need to be 'completed' before moving on to the next tasks. To approach it in any other way will only set you up for frustration and failure.

Your online marketing effectiveness is usually based upon the efforts you invest more than the skills you possess. Being successful online is more about being able to manage and motivate yourself since in most cases you will be working alone. Ironically enough it seems that in many cases it is are own bad habits that sabotage our online success more than it is a lack of skills. 7 of the most common issues facing aspiring online entrepreneurs and keeping them from being successful are discussed above. By recognizing these shortcomings it is therefore easier to address and overcome them. In doing so marketing on the internet then becomes both enjoyable and profitable and a lot less challenging.

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