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Like the world of writing? Or want to start a business that is related to the hobby of writing? This one is a web based business is probably one that can inspire you. is a site that target among internet users who like to write. But unlike most sites, Figment seeks to accommodate the needs of users in a wider scope. This was proved by the author and readers are to be able to share, discover and communicate interactively. Site based in New York, United States, it can basically be regarded as a free community. In it, users can share their writing. In addition, users can communicate with readers and find stories and new writers every day. Genre writing is quite varied. We can find a sonnet to mystery stories, from science fiction to novels with contemporary modern theme. Figment allows registered users to pour a post, comment and following their favorite writers. Authors can choose to allow public access to their works, to filter who can read, or even block access. An access code will be distributed when registering for distribution to readers who want to believe in order to get input.

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Size Of The Business Entrepreneurship

Everything does not depend upon the whim of an entrepreneur. There are some economic and non-economic factors that influences the size of a business entrepreneurship. They are as follows :-

1. Demand for the product : There are some products whoes demand is more and it keeps on increasing. Such products need wide market. Therefore, the size of the business should be large. E.g. iron and steel industries. On the other hand, if demand for a product is less, they can only be sold in the local markets, the size of the business should be small. E.g. Handloom and crafts industries.

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Immense Scope in Home Business

Home business opportunities had been continuously growing over the last few decades. The current economic recession sweeping the world countries had brought several miseries along with it. The major problem had been the countless layoffs and job cuts by the commercial establishments and factories. People that never foresaw an uncertain future had been finding themselves suddenly getting the layoff notice. The biggest casualty had been the working mothers, particularly single mothers supporting their children on their own. This bleak scenario had not left any nation on the globe. People had been forced to find alternative work that would give them a decent income.

In this direction, home business ideas had been a real boon to several persons that had been the victims of the present economic downturn. Several new and novel home business opportunities had cropped up. Hundreds of websites had been offering lucrative home business alternatives to regular work. The advantages of a home business are obvious. The working hours are flexible, the income is regular and assured, and you spend more time with your family. All these factors usher in a relaxed atmosphere and peace of mind. The tensions and stresses of a regular job are totally absent in home business.

However, a fair amount of caution is required in choosing the thousands of home business opportunities available on the net. Many of them had been pure swindles, taking easy money out of desperate persons. Instead of paying your hard-earned money to such websites to get home business ideas, you would do well to think of the various home business opportunities on your own. Still, a few home business ideas are presented here.

At the outset, analyze carefully your inherent capabilities and talents. Find out what you would be able to do best and what you like to do more than anything else. If you like outdoor work, then you might think of taking up work like lawn maintenance, garage construction, etc. If you wish to work from the comfort of home, then furniture assembling, jewelry making, toys making, etc. offer very good opportunities.

Home business opportunities exist in innovative fields like mystery shopping, product evaluation and review, etc. Several departmental stores and chain shops wish to have their workforce reviewed for quality service and efficiency. They hire people to visit the stores as regular customers and observe the behavior of the shop employees. In this exercise, you are paid for reporting the kind of service offered by the employees, the aesthetics and cleanliness of the shops, and other such related factors.

Product review work is also an interesting one. You are supplied with a product, which you should use and write a review about all aspects of its performance. In general, you are expected to write a favorable review of that particular product. If your review is accepted by the company, either you are paid a decent fee for the product or you are allowed to keep the product in lieu of a cash payment. Several other home business ideas could be thought of, if you apply yourself to it.

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What is the scope of MBA in Entrepreneurship Programs?

As we all know MBA has a reputed stand in the industry when it comes to work with top multi- national companies. So, all you aspiring professionals must try your hands on MBA!

Business management courses delivers knowledge in management, data stock, data withdrawal and business study to categorize, track and develop key processes and information of any organization. Over all, it makes you fully skilled and equipped with fight against any situation and grows the business further. If we talk about any specific business course that guarantees a success in your professional life by identifying and monitoring the trends of corporate, competitor and market performance then MBA in Entrepreneurship programs would be the best one to choose!

Scope of MBA in Entrepreneurship programs

MBA in Entrepreneurship programs (MBA- ED) is a course specially designed for those who are interested to gain a command over hard core business decisions. In today's competitive business era, you need to be ahead of others to get the best. Business degree in Entrepreneurship programs trains you to be a leader in your relevant filed. MBA- ED is a must have for small scale business owners or any individual who wants to stand out in the industry by effective handling their ventures and by taking it to the next level of success. Any one who possesses this degree automatically comes in the limelight through their unmatched skills to develop business. Hence, becomes the first preference of many renowned companies.

Career Prospects in MBA Entrepreneurship

Any one with a business degree in Entrepreneurship is all set to rule the industry with their own skill and knowledge. Apart from this, all companies love to hire professionals who need less training and can individually handle the business projects. Here by the scope of career growth in this field is immensely high!


MBA in entrepreneurship is the perfect course for the people who want to run their own business. Know more about the business management school and executive mba programs.



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