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Learn How a Disc Jockey Made a Fortune Through His Secrets of Self Motivation and Success

“When I get that job I really want then I’ll start really applying myself.”

“When I achieve this or that I’ll be happy.”

“When I’m at this weight I’ll feel good about myself.”

“When I’m in that perfect relationship I’ll be filled with love.”

Sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard or said something like one of these statements.

I feel like we’ve all been brainwashed into waiting for something to happen before we allow ourselves to feel great about ourselves.

But the universe doesn’t work this way. Whenever we put ourselves in a holding pattern of waiting – the universe waits with us! Excellence, integrity, success, joy, love, confidence – all start in this moment of NOW. It starts with us cultivating and participating in the quality NOW from the inside. And low and behold, the universe then steps forward to meet us bringing forth more of what we are already experiencing.

There is a great motivational speaker named Les Brown who shares his story of how he got his first job working at a radio station. He wanted to be a disc jockey but he didn’t start there. It was pure enthusiasm that got him in the door where he started as a “go-fer”. He showed up for work every day with passion – going above and beyond what was expected of him. He even washed the car of the owner of the station without been asked. He participated in his job from an attitude and ‘being-ness’ of excellence. And while he was showing up in this manner, he was secretly practicing his own disc jockey skills every day. In fact, he was practicing to be the best disc jockey that ever was! He was practicing ‘excellence’ even before he had any experience!

One day, by “accident” the opportunity presented itself for him to go on the air. To the utter amazement of his boss, the minute he spoke into that mic, he seemed like a seasoned pro. It was all there - the confidence, the skill, and the enthusiasm. It was like he had been doing it all his life.

Les Brown explains that he was already living from this space of excellence and success – before he actually became a successful disc jockey – not after! And this is how Les Brown lives his life. He is always participating in this internal fountain of possibility and his life fully demonstrates this way of thinking.

Here’s what I’ve learned from Les Brown. We can become who we aspire to be before an opportunity presents itself. Don’t wait! An opportunity in life does not determine who we are. It is who we are when we meet opportunity that makes all the difference. Learn more about this here .

Let’s stop waiting…. And start ‘being’ who we choose to be. The universe will do the rest

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How To Build Wealthy Home Business Secrets Revealed

It is really possible that you can start from humble beginnings and become wealthy almost overnight. In fact scores of people are included in the millionaires club, while a few dozens move up to the big boys billionaires club every year. You can build a wealthy home business if you have the qualities that are essential for success. So whether you wish to earn six figure incomes, have multiple streams of income or residual income then the list of required attributes in building a wealthy home business can be group into five broad areas namely: desire, choosing the right business for you, attitude, marketing and leadership.


The quality of leadership is not dependent on a genetic trait or some special rights bestowed on the privileged few, or the six figure incomes you earn, but is solely dependent on your commitment to diligently pursue those qualities that will strengthen and develop you as a leader. Therefore the magnitude of your commitment to becoming a leader will determine the quality of your leadership. Remember leaders are not born they are made and whether you have these naturally organic leadership qualities or not is not a hindrance to you becoming a leader. Leadership is an essential characteristic in any business model of your choice and also very important in building a wealthy home business and residual incomes to enjoy the lifestyle you wanted for you and your family.

As a leader in a home business you must be enthusiastic about your work and have a passion for excellence. Good leadership means being a source of inspiration for your team and motivator to taken action. Good leaders developed the ability to always focused on the main goals, analyzing the task at hand as a whole as well as breaking it up into sub-parts that are more manageable and progress towards achieving the desired outcome. Therefore passion, inspiration, motivation and the ability to remain focused on your goals are key elements of leadership in building a wealthy business from home and creating multiple income streams.


“Leaders are not born, they are developed”


Desire by itself will not ensure that we life a life by our design, to win the money game or become wealthy but it is an important ingredient and an essential step for moving in that direction. If you want something badly enough you will get it because desire can be an unstoppable force. If you want to earn six figure incomes, residual incomes or have multiple streams of income, then an unstoppable desire to succeed is essential. A strong desire to succeed in building a wealthy home business dispels any thought of ever quitting as an option. If you want anything badly enough you will find a way or make one, in order to be successful, no matter what the price or sacrifice required. Once you have the desire to become successful you must persevere and remain steadfast on your task. This is keen to note because some people seem to “born tired” and are naturally lazy possessing no self-reliance or perseverance. Your desire is the fire that heats you up to perform, to excel. P.T. Barnum, in the book The Art of Money Getting, stated that “If you hesitate, some bolder hand will stretch out before you and get the prize”. The proverb of Solomon succinctly puts it like this: "He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand; but the hand of the diligent maketh rich." One simple exercise that I’ve found useful in fuelling my desires constantly to be successful in building a wealthy home business which I’ll share with you now is:

1) On a piece if paper or word pad write down all the reasons why do you want to achieve your goal.

2) List all the benefits you can gain if your goal were achieved, starting with the word “I”. For example; “I am a successful business man”. “I am building strong family ties at home”. “I am a successful internet marketer”. “I provide for all my families need”. The more clearly stated reasons you have, the stronger will be your desire to be successful.

3) Practice to reading your list of benefits every morning.This affirmative action triggers your sub-conscious to act as though you have already achieved your goals, since your sub-conscious mind doesn’t distinguish between realities. It places your goals or wish list into the present and not something to be achieved at some later time. This daily affirmation keep you connected with your goal during the day, making you more motivated and inspired.


"Desire overcomes obstacles to success.

Desire makes molehills out of mountains.

No matter what stands in the way, it is moveable.”


Maintaining a positive mental attitude is very important in the pursuance of achieving your objective to build a business from home and gain the wealth you need to live the life that you always wanted. After all the old adage is true, “so a man thinketh so is he”. In other words, we perform the way we think. Positive attitude and optimism work like a magnet for success. If you maintain positive attitude no matter what the situation is success will come to you automatically.


“We may not be able to control the obstacles of life,

But we can control our attitude.”

Every goal will require some kind of sacrifice. There is always something to give up in order to achieved a certain desired outcome, and if you wish to build a successful business from home so you can have the wealth to enjoy the lifestyle you want, then don’t forget this fact. In business this sacrifice is called the opportunity cost. The right attitude for success means having the right priorities. It is only the right attitude toward success can allow an aspiring entrepreneur to live the kind of lifestyle that you for yourself and your family, having a steady stream of residual income to do so.

So what kind of sacrifices have you had to make for your goals in the past? What kind of sacrifices have you been making (or struggling to make) with your current goals?

When it comes to sacrifices, only two things matter:

Is it worth it?

With every goal, you need to know that what you stand to gain is worth the cost of what you’ll have to give up.

Are you willing to do it?

If you find that you are willing, all you need to do is simply keep reinforcing that decision mentally every time you feel tempted to act in ways that are counterproductive to your goals

Choosing The Right Business

So you have decided that you wanted to start your own business, be your own boss so you can be become financial independent, maybe you want to become a multi-millionaire earning six figure incomes and retire at 35 years old but do you know what business to get into and do you have the requisite Business Management Skill Sets to be successful and build a business from home?

Starting a business may involve many steps and some critical decision making, namely: 1) should you or not go into business and take the plunge so to speak. 2) What business structure or model should I adopt- sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability Company etc., 3) what kind of business, or what kind of company should I start. I am of the view that the most critical decision is the kind of business to start- Brick and Mortar, Home-based, E-commerce, Multi-Level Marketing (mlm), Niche market websites or Franchising and Licensing. What makes it so critical is that there are so many businesses available. Aspiring entrepreneurs, without proper research and guidance, fall victims in making the mistake of investing in the wrong type of business. It is therefore critical to choose a business model that’s appropriate to your interests and even your personality.


“Unless a man enters upon the vocation intended for him by nature,

And best suited to his peculiar genius,

He cannot succeed.”

Thousands of business opportunities out there vying for your attention; a Google search will find over 4 million business opportunities advertised. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Although each business model has its own distinct structure and way of being conducted, some of the most commonly chosen models are:

1) Brick and Mortar:

This is your traditional type business where your business activities are conducted in a separate space like say, a shop, boutique or a plant depending on the nature of your business.

2) Home-based:

These are the preferred choice of businesses of most entrepreneurs who are seeking residual incomes and multiple stream incomes because it gives them the flexibility they need to shuttle back and forth between business and personal life. It is usually run from a small office space in your own home.

3) E-commerce:

The internet is by far the most dynamic vehicle for growth for those entrepreneurs who wish to become successful by building a wealthy home business earning six figure incomes or may be it’s just to diversify your earning potential with residual incomes and multiple income streams. Some online business opportunities such as Carbon Copy Pro or provide home based entrepreneurs, who are willing to put in the work, with the income streams to winning the money game and live the life of their dreams.

4) Multi-Level Marketing (mlm):

MLM is a good residual income earner for those entrepreneurs involves selling and building up a network. The earning potential is good, if you are high up in the network triangle. The more people you have under your own network, the more money you earn and the larger is your stream of residual income over time.

5) Franchising and Licensing:

Franchising and licensing is yet another home-based model to consider if you are seeking to create multiple income streams for you and your family. Franchising involves acquiring a license from a large and well-known business and selling their products on their behalf. Some characteristic of a good franchise are:

How long has the company been around? Are they local or global? Is the Company financially stable AND well capitalized? What experience does the leadership team you will be working with have? Do you believe these products or services provide a value to the buying public today? Will you enjoy what you will be doing and will you feel comfortable sharing it with your loved ones?


A guerilla marketing strategy for all aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to successfully build a wealthy home business, earning six figure income or a constant flow of residual income, is called attraction marketing. Attraction Marketing is a very powerful way to optimize the leverage of your home based business. It can be used to build any kind of home based or small business by leveraging social media, internet marketing and direct response marketing principles.

Attraction marketing primarily involves the branding and promoting of you the entrepreneur, not your business opportunity or network marketing company or program. You can personally brand and promote yourself to your potential clients using any of the social media available to you. These include web sites, blogs, videos and social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and email marketing. By doing so a home based entrepreneur can attract like minded people who resonate or relate with their story, their background, their hometown, their college or high school and this helps to build a list of contacts, which is the lifeblood of any online business.

The essential tools of attraction marketing are simple and consist of:

You sharing value with others.

Constantly learning and sharing valuable skill sets or powerful information in the area of personal growth, business, internet marketing that your potential clients can use.

Lead Capture page.

This could include a simple one page web site that offers a compelling offer such as free information, video, training, or eBook in exchange for the prospect's contact information that is, name, email, phone number, so you can build your list.

Auto responder

This is an Email service that allows you to deliver a designed and targeted follow up campaign to your prospects to further build your relationship, deliver valuable that educates, invites and sells your product, service or system on autopilot for you.

Bio Page

A meeting place on the internet where a prospect can get to know more about you. This is essential because people join people; they do not join products, services or programs.

Affiliate Marketing

This a way of increasing your income stream and earn six figure income providing your clients with additional offers of valuable products and services in your target niche which you can offer by simple email reviews and recommendations to your list for long term sales. This could include low priced informational products or high priced seminars, courses or coaching programs.


“Attraction Marketing is a simple philosophy that is very effective for home based entrepreneurs”

Many dream of starting their own businesses, but remain frozen in status quo mainly because they do not know what business to engage in. While starting a business with your individual interests and expertise in mind is crucial, so is the necessity of making sure that this enterprise represents a concrete entrepreneurial opportunity.

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The Secrets to Making Money Online with Email Marketing

There are several secrets to making money online with email marketing. Marketing through the use of email is a simple method of marketing in a direct fashion. An electronic message is sent out to a targeted audience as a level of communication for the purpose and intent of promoting and/or instructing a service and/or product. Email marketing is a common type of direct response marketing in todays virtual business world, it is important that you know a few of the secrets of standing out above the rest. Here, I will share some of the secrets to making money online with email marketing.

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Discover One of the Most Important Secrets of Email Marketing

Now I am not talking about spam marketing I am talking about opt-in email marketing. You already know this aspect so I won’t go into this.

Just like any other marketing campaign your number one aspect would be your headline. Whether it is offline or online marketing. The same holds true for email marketing, especially email.

Just look at any magazine in the checkout line at any grocery store or the magazine rack at any bookstore. It is all headlines to create curiosity to get you to open the magazine or newspaper and the end result to buy that particular publication. The same strategy is true for email marketing.

By the way at the end of this article you will be getting a Bonus. You can get 20 of the most profitable email subject headlines ever written that you can copy and swipe for your own campaigns.

Moving right along.

Your subject headline is the most important part of your email campaign. Your prospect will either open it or delete based on what the headline says. I delete plenty of emails based on this criteria especially if it is spam.

You only have about 3-5 seconds to capture you prospect with your subject headline. This also holds true for any marketing campaign especially online where that is all a person sees first is your headline.

Your headline has to be so compelling, provocative, bold and intriguing that they drop whatever they are doing just to click on your email subject headline. Other wise it just gets deleted or unsubscribed from and it’s over.

Of course there are other aspects of your email marketing campaign that need to be perfected but the first and foremost is the headline in your subject line.

Okay here we go as I promised here are 20 of the most profitable subject headlines ever written:

1). Your websites findability

2). (first name) I’m finally spilling my guts…

3). (first name) here is the process I used…

4). (first name) Find out what is really working on the net…

5). Warning: Why almost everyone is Dead wrong about internet marketing!

6) (first name) You have got to see this…

7). Make search engines work for you.

8). Our new tool increases your websites profitability.

9). Search engine secrets discovered

10). This email could be worth thousands to you

11). (first name) A great tool for increasing all of your sales & ad profits…

12). (first name) A great resource I just discovered to boost your profits

13). Here’s a trick to more affiliate commissions.

14). (first name) Are you making this mistake on your website?

15). (first name)’s lazy way to internet marketing success

16). Are you neglecting 70% to 90% of your profits

17). Start driving buying customers to your website

18). Discover the Secret to….

19). Here’s 7 ways to….

20). Get Internet marketing secrets absolutely FREE

This is just a partial list of the 101 best emails subject lines ever written. There are actually 81 more.

Let’s recap.

Your headline is the most important aspect of any marketing campaign, email or otherwise. Mess this aspect up and no one will ever see what you are offering. This is what captures the imagination of what you are offering, and gets the person to take action in the next step of the process which is clicking on a link.

Take care.

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