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Secrets to Successful Email Marketing

Copyright (c) 2008 Colin Meunier

If you have decided to use email marketing to further the prospects of your online business, you have to tread very carefully. One little mistake, one little misdemeanor and your email marketing will be labeled as spamming. But if you do not use email marketing at all, you are losing out on the vast potentials that it has in bringing meaningful traffic to your business website. So, the crux of it all is that you have to use email marketing, but use it with the right balance. This is the main mantra of successful email marketing.

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Online Business Advertising – Result Getting Secrets Exposed!

Online Business Advertising - Result Getting Secrets Exposed!

So you need to promote your online business and get results? In this article you will find ways to advertise online as well as the strategies you need to make it work. The most important thing you need to do is....

….Make sure that you test everything !

Everything measured improves, you can't afford to waste your marketing budget on things that are not performing so remember with all of these methods, Test, Test, Test!

Some Of The Things You Need To Test:

Your Landing Page Headline

Different Traffic Sources

Your Price

Your Guarantee

Your Call To Action

Your Offer

Next Your Need Some Reliable Traffic Sources To Test:

Free Methods

Web 2.0 Sites

There are many of these starting to appear all around the web and some of them are starting to rank very well in the search engines which means you can get free traffic from them:


Article Marketing

These are a very good way to get traffic by providing quality articles relevant to your website, you can get a steady stream of highly qualified prospects visiting your website. The top 3 that you can post to are:

Video Marketing

These sites do indeed get a lot of traffic and have the potential to go viral, if you can make an interesting and compelling video to presell the visitor on going to your website, you can syndicate these videos across all the majors video sites such as:


2) VideoEgg

3) Dailymotion

4) YouTube

5) Veoh

6) Google Video

7) Grouper

8) Jumpcut

9) AOL

10) Eyespot

Paid Methods

Pay Per Click

All the major search engines allow you to bid on search keywords and have you ad appear along site the search engine results, you need to make sure you setup there conversion tracking so that you can test each keyword for its ROI (return on investment) the three major search engines pay per click programs are:

Google Adwords



Pay Per View

These company's charge you per view rather than per click and have distributed pop up ads bidding normally starts at as low as $0.015 cents a view, here are the top three networks you can look into:

Media Traffic

Traffic Vance


Banner Advertising

You can inquire at individual sites that are relevant or complimentary to yours about putting up a banner ad, if the targeting is chosen well and the price is right this can still be a very profitable method of advertising.

eZine Advertising

Placing adverts in online email newsletters can be a good way to get massive traffic in a short amount of time, prices vary but you can usually get a solo ad for around $10 per 1000 subscribers

Printed Classified Ads

Putting small classified ads in printed papers and magazines can be effective especially when you not trying to sell the product or service in the ad but selling the idea of visiting the website where you have more space to pitch. Its best to use ads the create curiosity but appeal to your target audience when using this method

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The ‘Hidden’ Secrets of Internet Marketing for You

For many years, we depend on our TV sets, radios, newspapers. But when the internet was born, everything has changed, almost overnight.

Since then, the internet has become a major part of our lives. It has become indispensable because we consider it as the biggest source of communication and information for us. More than 800 million people all over the world are using the internet to listen to music, to shop for clothes, get directions, and much more.

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Using Twitter Marketing Secrets For Powerful Online Marketing

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your online marketing, you need to learn as many Twitter marketing secrets as possible. There are hundreds of Twitter marketing secrets that you can use to make your online marketing very successful. Anyone who wants to market online successfully needs to know how to use the secrets that others use for social network marketing.

Twitter is a social networking site. There are millions of people who are using Twitter and millions more are expected to follow. It has passed MySpace when it comes to popularity. Naturally, if you are looking for a way to practice online marketing skills, you can learn quite a bit when you go to Twitter. But you need to learn the Twitter marketing secrets so that your online marketing venture is successful.

Many people think that they can just start practicing online marketing on social networking sites without having to learn anything about it. They usually end up wasting their time. Twitter marketing secrets are learned by a few, but many more just go on the site and just start trying to sell products or opportunities without any finesse. This usually results in a failed attempt at online marketing. In order to be successful when you are marketing on Twitter, you have to learn Twitter marketing secrets.

Twitter marketing secrets are a lot more than just posting a link on your page. If you think that Twitter marketing secrets mean link posting to other sites or groups, think again. This will not only be a failed attempt at online marketing, but you will most likely get kicked off of Twitter. Most of the people who join sites like Twitter do so because of the social aspect. This does not mean that they do not make good customers and business partners, but it does mean that you have to be a bit more discreet when it comes to your online marketing.

You can be very successful if you practice online marketing on Twitter or other social networking sites. But before you can achieve this sort of success, you have to learn the Twitter marketing secrets that others know. Fortunately, there are sites where you can go to learn these secrets that are only available to a few. Once you learn the secrets of viral marketing, you will be not only able to market successfully on Twitter, but other social networks as well.

Social networking marketing is very successful online, but you have to know the rules and secrets before you start trying to sell a product, idea or anything else when you are on the internet social sites. Learn as much as you can about Twitter marketing secrets before you attempt to practice viral marketing and you will most likely be successful in your endeavors. If you fail to bother to learn and just go rogue online, trying to market on social networking sites, chances are that you will end up failing at this marketing attempt and wasting a great deal of time.

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