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Seeking Massive Success Via Online Marketing? Then You Must be Aware of These Two Words That are the Kiss of Death

Here is a pill that’s very hard to swallow: Nobody wants to buy your product. As Lily Tomlin used to say in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (I’m dating myself here…) “That’s the truth!”

That IS the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

So, since it is a fact that “Nobody wants to buy your product”, what DO they want? They all want to buy the product of your product, the benefits. So the more you’re able to focus on them – and NOT on the features – on what is in it for them, the more you’re able to win their trust.

You earn their trust based on merit. And merit is always defined on the terms of the buyer, never on the terms of the seller. Ultimately, it’s the buyer who will decide if there is something for them in what you have to offer.

Not sure of the difference between features and benefits? Well, a simple explanation is that features are what you and your products and services ARE or HAVE, while benefits are what you and your products DO. What EXACTLY do you DO for your customers and clients? If I buy one of your products, or attend your seminar or workshop, what SPECIFICALLY will I get out of it? In other words, WIII-FM – What Is In It For ME? Can you answer that?

Amazingly, most businesspeople can’t. It’s especially evident in their ads and on their website – which for many is the most expensive component of their marketing budget.

A year ago, we were featured on a local TV business show. We were invited to talk about our unique workshop that we delivered to business people in corporate boxes at the ballpark, before the game. The title of the workshop was, appropriately enough, “Getting on First Base”.

During the conversation in the green room before going live, the host told us that her biggest frustration in researching guests for her popular show was the amount of time wasted on websites where after 20 minutes of reading “…you still don’t know what that person or company does – what benefits they provide.” She went on to complain about “… graphics, images, audios, videos, and text, text, text that spotlight the ‘features’ instead of the benefits.”

Hey, if you want some action, you’ve got to get to first base! That’s a principle that applies to getting a job interview, or with a visitor to the home page of your website. First base means you got their attention. What’s the best way to get someone’s attention? Sharing benefits that make them think “Tell me more.” What’s the best way to strike out – aka not getting on first base? Boring your audience with a litany of features that make them think ”So what?”

”So what?” is the kiss of death for a business – particularly online – as it’s usually followed within seconds by this sound: “Click!” – the sound made when someone leaves your uninteresting website to go look for something more captivating elsewhere. And chances are good they won’t come back.

Our advice? Go to your website, read your content – particularly your sales page – and after each bullet point, statement, or paragraph, listen to your inner voice… Is it saying “Tell me more” or ”So what?”

“Tell me more” means you’ve invested your advertising money wisely. ”So what?” means your online advertising costs are an expense – and not a good one at that.

If it turns out your online marketing is an investment, bravo! If not, seek out more info about benefits and features, and make the necessary adjustments on your website, and in ALL your ads. Doing that well will automatically move you ahead of 90% of your “So what?” competitors.

I wish you ALL the personal and professional success you desire and deserve. (Just remember that…What you “desire” is a function of your ambition, what you “deserve” is a function of your ACTIONS…Are the two aligned?)

Daniel G. St-Jean, BB, IMA, AMA, FBMI, SEM

(BizzBooster, Internet Marketing Advisor, Article-Marketing Alchemist,

Firm-Base Marketing™ Instructor, Successerenity™ Exponent & Mentor)

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Seeking Maximum Success Via Internet Marketing? Then You Must Add This Essential Ingredient to Every Element of Your Campaigns

It’s very possible – more like probable according to the latest statistics – that as an Internet Marketer you’re you having PROBLEMS…

-Grabbing and keeping surfers’ attention…

-Driving lots of targeted traffic to your Web site…

-Generating scores of quality leads and prospects…

-Building a huge, responsive mailing list…

-Making enough sales to cover your expenses (even though your goal is to make lots of money to do the things in life that you and your loved ones really want to do).

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Desperately Seeking Blog Traffic? : Online Marketing Business Tips That Help

If you have an online marketing business, chances are pretty good that you are desperately seeking blog traffic. Setting up a blog is easy-peasy, but finding content for it that makes readers come back for more can be much more difficult. The internet is a huge network of people all trying to accomplish something big with their websites and blogs. Finding your blog might be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So how do you get more traffic?

There are many reasons why one might decide to set up a blog, and too often, people just want to express themselves and try to make a few bucks doing it. The problem is, if you're talking about something on your blog that no one really cares about or is interested in, then you're probably wasting your time. An online marketing business can be comprised of a lot of different sub-topics. Choosing and focusing on a few topics that people are dying to know about, such as increasing blog traffic, is a great way to improve your readership.

You have to find a hungry market within your online marketing business niche, and make what you write about interesting and attention grabbing. You can do this by tuning into what people want. Searching the dicussion forums for hot topics and emotional topics may be a good way to decide what to write about in your blog. If you can appeal to someone's emotions, or write what people are passionate about, then you are likely to draw in a good audience.

Creating a good title for your article and blog posts is a crucial step in creating blog traffic. If you do your keyword research and use good keywords and keyword phrases in your titles and blog posts, then your keywords will be indexed by the search engines. When people do a keyword search in Google, chances are your page will come up in the results. Good titles and keywords may lead to clicks to your blog, but obviously you need more than a title and a keyword to attract a solid readership.

One thing that online marketing business owners seem to forget is that you need to network with other bloggers. By this I mean visiting other people's blogs that are related to your business, and making comments on their blog posts. You may wonder what the use of this is and how this can create more traffic to your blog, but when you leave a useful comment with a link to your blog, you will get more visitors to your blog as well. Just remember to leave a useful comment that makes people want to know what you have to say on your blog.

It's nice to show a bit of personality in your blog posts so that people reading your blog know that you are human. By doing so, you also spark some emotion in the readers. Particularly in the online marketing business world, which can get pretty boring, it's good to show a bit of yourself and your experiences within your posts. But over-doing it can be more detrimental than good. Make sure you include some beefy articles with juicy content that readers can't get anywhere else, or in very few other places.

Getting the search engines to index your blog posts is a great way to generate traffic to your blog, but online marketing business owners often forget that there are search engines, and there are blog search engines. Google is fantastic, but remember to also use it to look up "blog search engines" to find a list of other great places to submit your posts to.

Finally, it's easy to get into this routine of creating blog posts for your online marketing business in a certain familiar style. While consistency is good, it's also a great idea to go crazy once in a while and do something completely off-the-wall and original. Something as simple as including a photograph in your blog posts can really bring in a lot of new traffic.

Use these top online marketing business tips if you are desperately seeking blog traffic and you will notice a definite improvement that will make you a happy blogger!

Liane Bate owns a Plug-in Profit Site web business. Desperately seeking blog traffic? Use these Online Marketing Business Blog Tips


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