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Self-motivated Children

Wouldn't you just love to go home and find your kids doing their homework without your having to nag? Wouldn't it just be great if the priority of school work over their favorite TV show was clear in their minds? Well, it can happen. You just have to build the right circumstances and conditions at home and teach your kids a very simple concept.

Why at home when we are talking about school work? I hear you ask. For a very simple mathematical reason: Out of the 24 hours we all have in a day, let's say that kids spend about 8 at school. That's a pretty good average, sometimes it may be more, or a little less. This leaves two thirds of the day where school is not responsible for kids. Who is responsible for them then? You, their parents. You might not be able to always be there with them but you are in charge of making whatever necessary arrangements for them. Now, let's take into consideration holidays and vacation time and we'll see that it's actually a lot more than two thirds of the time that you have to take care of your kids. So YOU are in charge of their education. School provides instruction on knowledge on some specific issues and you do the rest.

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How to Feel Even More Self-Motivated

I have a confession to make; I, on occasion, have felt a little de-motivated. Yes, me, the ‘Motivation Doctor,’ feels a bit lacking in motivation from time to time, just like everybody else.

I’ve talked in the past about how to develop your Brain and Body Energy to build self-motivation; so here’s another suggestion – Spend time with positive people.

Last Saturday I had lunch (well beer and chips) with five of my really good friends. They’re always interested in what I’m doing, really supportive and they really make me laugh! When I leave them, I feel much better and more motivated than I did before we met.
I like to think that I do the same for them, and that’s the secret to receiving support and motivation from others; you need to hand out some ‘Warm Glows’

So let me ask you; do you remember how you felt after your last interaction with another person either on the phone or face to face? That person – it could have been one of your customers, a colleague, a salesperson, a friend or even a member of your family. Did they make you feel good, uplifted and more positive? Did they leave you feeling neutral or, even worse, did they make you feel down and more negative?

Unfortunately, most of us have grown up in a negative culture where it’s much easier to tell people what they did wrong rather than praise them when they succeed. Research in the United States found that 65% of employees received no recognition for good work in the past year. Similar research in other countries of the world shows comparable results.
Other research has shown that the number one reason people leave their job, and customers take their business elsewhere, is that they don’t feel appreciated. (And if you think about it – many people leave their partners for the very same reason)

If customer’s leave an interaction with you or one of your team feeling better than they did before, then they’re much more likely to come back, recommend you to other people and spend more money with you.
If one of your team feels better after an interaction with you then they’re much more likely to pass that feeling onto a customer.

“The way you treat your staff is the way they’ll treat your customers” - Karl Albrecht

If a friend feels better and more motivated after spending time in your company, then they’re much more likely to return these feelings to you.

So, go ahead; give some positive and motivational comments to the other people in your life and you’ll have - a workplace that’s more productive and more fun - more happy customers – more friends – better relationships and a healthier, happier and longer life.

Remember – “Hand out warm glows, not dampeners.”

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