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Canadian Forex Foreign Exchange Services – Foreign Exchange Trading Made Easy With iRobot Forex

Canadian Forex Foreign Exchange Services

Can I make Money Trading Forex?

If you discover Forex (Foreign Exchange) Trading, you can make money consistently and tons of it. So what is Forex? It is the foreign exchange market or currency market which is the market where one currency is traded for another. It is one of the largest markets in the world. Canadian Forex Foreign Exchange Services

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Credit Card Services Qualify You for Small Business Loans

If your business still does not have a merchant account that allows you to offer full credit card services, you are turning your back on profits. Just take a look at all of your competitors. All of those that pose serious competition accept credit card payments. Those that do not have credit card services do not have great sales figures to show, either. Even statistics point to the fact that companies that have credit card services earn much more than companies that do not have credit card services. The average credit card sale is $40 while the average cash sale is only $9. That means you are losing potentially $31 per sale.

You may also be spending more by accepting only cash and check payments in your business. The processing of cash and checks has been found to be more costly, requiring more manpower in handling. Studies have shown that the average processing cost of credit card payments is only 2.7% of a transaction while the average processing cost of checks is 4% of a transaction and the average processing cost of cash is 4.8% of a transaction. Once again, you are leaking profits by refusing to accept credit card payments.

So how do you accept credit card payments in your business? This is where credit card services come in. The old route is to apply for a merchant account in a bank. You will then have to lease the software and equipment necessary to actually process payments and send the data to your account. If you want to accept credit card payments online, you need to apply to a payment gateway that allows real time credit card authorization for online transactions. You should ensure that your payment gateway is compatible with the bank or financial institution where you have your merchant account, and with the software and equipment you have leased.

In choosing the bank or financial institution for your merchant account, consider their expertise in combating fraud and reducing chargebacks. Also make sure that they are experienced in handling merchant accounts with online transactions.

If you are a small business owner, stick to a bank or financial institution that caters to small businesses rather than large companies. You may be able to get better rates and packages designed for your specific niche.

There are options for credit card services that offer everything you need in one easy package. You will not have to deal with various entities or go through various procedures. Often, these options also have added benefits, among them, quick reporting on your credit card sales figures. They may also offer interest on your credit card sales income, even up to money market rates.

One very important feature of your credit card services that you may not know of is that it can automatically qualify you to avail of small business loans. Once you have established a record of sales through credit, most credit card services will allow you to make cash advances that are practically like getting previously approved small business loans without having to put up any required collateral. The credit card services consider your future income through credit card sales as your collateral. This can go a long way in further growing your business.

Payment will not be a problem, either. For as long as you have sales through credit payments, you automatically get to pay your small business loans. It does not matter how much your sales are. Your payments are automatically deducted as a percentage of your sales. You are always covered.

Now do you still need further convincing on the benefits of credit card services for your business?

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E- Marketing 101: Exploring The Power Of Online Email Marketing Services

Why choose an online email marketing service?

The vast majority of online email marketing services can be found exactly where you use them -- on the Internet. Whether you're new to email marketing or a veteran, online email marketing services can help you streamline your email marketing campaigns and get the word out on your goods and services. The most immediate advantages to an online email marketing suite, when compared with an offline one, is that you no longer have to worry about access. As long as you can power up your computer and get access to the Internet, you can manage your permission-based email marketing campaigns 24/7, anywhere in the world. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Online email marketing -- the features

Few online services are as robust and user-friendly as online email marketing. But that is just the start of using an online email marketing service.

They usually require no downloads and no setups

Worried about what exactly you're downloading onto your hard drive? With a email marketing service provider, everything is hosted online. This means that you usually won't have to download a single file to your computer.

You can manage and store your contact lists online

Tired of digging around to find all your contact lists on your hard drive? With online email marketing, you can upload your list and store it to the service's Web server. This allows you access to your customer information from anywhere in the world. Not to mention an extra layer of protection just in case your computer crashes and you lose all your data.

Your real-time campaign statistics are immediately viewable

If you're interested in getting data as quickly as possible on how well your campaign is doing, the top email marketing services offer real-time reporting that's available for viewing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that as soon as a customer clicks on a link in your email, you can view that customers' info down to who they are and which link they clicked on. Customer statistical analysis is a great way to improve your overall ROI (return on investment ).

You can create plain text and HTML emails and newsletters via Web portal

One of the best benefits of using an online service is the availability of templates and online editors that come with your monthly service fee. Imagine uploading your own HTML template, using one of many available through your service, or simply creating your own via a user-friendly online editor.

You can segment your lists by custom characteristics

Why send a mass-market email to everyone on your list it the info only really pertains to certain email marketing customers? With online email marketing, you can effortlessly segment your email list based on customer likes and dislikes, geographic location, age and other info.

So in a nutshell, online email marketing, is cheaper and more flexible than offline email marketing. When it comes to true convenience in regards to your bulk email marketing campaigns, nothing beats online marketing.

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Important Information on Email Marketing Services


For online companies it very important to get in touch with Email Marketing Services providers. It is so because such advertising service providers carry out the work of bringing customers to the online companies. Email marketing makes these online companies to communicate frequently with the customers and brings them back to the companies' websites. It delivers value added information to support the products and services to the people who want it. So, the concept of email marketing services is much crucial for the purpose of creating successful publicity.

Basically, email marketing services provides statistical analysis, subscriber management and performance monitoring. Whatever online companies seek help from email marketing service providers should check their performance as well. The experience marketing service providers should always attempt to reduce the running cost of these online companies. They should create better inputs which can help the companies to achieve better results and increase sales. The service provider's campaign reports should include full budget and 'Return on investment' analysis. This would make the agreement strong between companies and email marketing service providers.

In addition Email Service providers also help online companies to acquire and maintain an email marketing system to manage all their contacts, communication and content. They too help these companies to evaluate their email responses and results. Most of the service providers would guide these companies to set up the email marketing system as an integrated platform to gather new leads, sending follow up messages, creating and sending email newsletters as well as provide tracking responses and interpret the results for them.

Email marketing services consist of: email lists, email list management, providing templates, and the timely delivery of all online companies's material. Some of the email marketing services even guarantee that there projects's solutions are permission based. In the present world of spam and viruses, it is very crucial to think seriously about using an email marketing solution.

Online email marketing has become a very important marketing plan for many companies offline and online. When a company has just completed creating a product, the success of the product is greatly dependent on how good the company promote and endorse it. Online email marketing is one of the efficient ways to publicise your product on the internet.

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