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Fear Of Small Business Video Marketing

In the electronic media age we find ourselves in today small businesses can no longer survive without participating in internet marketing. As a small business owner you know that hiding in your store front and buying yellow page ads, radio spots, or newspaper ads just won't get the customers like it use to at a reasonable cost. You must play a bigger game using the tools that generate large amounts of traffic for the lowest cost. Your best results will require losing your fear of small business video marketing.

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Are These Self-Limiting Beliefs Preventing You From Starting A Small Business?

Here are three common disabling beliefs which prevent people from starting small businesses because of the fear of failure.

Many think they are not well enough educated, come from a poor background which holds them back, or think they need loads of money to get started in a new small business venture.

Let me show you why I think these are not true.

Lack Of Education

Many believe you need a good education to make a lot of money or to start up successful small businesses.

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Small Business Health Insurance: a Wise Investment

Small business health insurance is one of the benefits that you intend to provide to your small group of employees. Apart from wages many companies provide benefits like paid vacation, maternity benefits, etc to retain the employees in their organization. Small business health insurance is an added assistance to all these benefits.

A small business organization generally comprises of 2 to 50 employees. Each employee is very vital to the organization. If, even a single employee falls ill, the whole organization will become dysfunctional. Therefore ensuring a good health of the employees is one of the most essential responsibilities of the employer who owns a small business organization.

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Small Businesses Affected by the Floods Get Help

The recent torrential rainfall that has plagued parts of the country has had a devastating, potentially fatal effect on thousands of small businesses throughout the UK. In the space of five weeks, severe flooding has impacted on almost 500,000 properties in the north-east, midlands, south-west and south-east of the UK, with many small businesses included in amongst those casualties. With gloomy estimates of around six months or longer to get the affected areas back into full-working order, can these small businesses survive or will many be shutting up shop this year?

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