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How to Make a Great Classified Advertisement for a Small Business

Most home and small businesses rely on classified advertisements to market their services and products. Getting good results with a classified ad isn't as simple as it seems. There is more to it than just writing two or three lines of copy and placing it in the local shopping digest or weekly newspaper. A well-written ad in the wrong publication or under a wrong headline or a poorly written ad in the right publication will not get you the desired results.

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Google and Small Business Internet Marketing

Small business Internet marketing requires attention to how well your site ranks with Google. A site that is ignored by Google or ranked very poorly will not get the benefit of any of the millions of people who use Google each day. In other words, those millions use Google every day to find the websites they want to use, and websites that don't rank well with Google aren't discovered by those people.

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Where Do You Get All Those Customers From for Your Small Business?

As a small business owner, you realize the value of having live, able customers stepping through your door everyday. It’s a simple question of math and conversion that those potential buyers become good profitable customers. However, you may be one of the many small businesses feeling short changed in that regard. Have you ever noticed some of the other small businesses in your area always seem to have enough of these types of customers? Some may in fact be busting out a good business.

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Some Helpful Ideas About Small Business Advertising

Although you probably do a lot for your business advertising, you might want to look at other options. It is always good to branch out. You can check around and see what else you might be able to do to reach other areas of the population.

If you are attempting to build up some recognition for your business then you need to get some communication or rapport going with your current and possible customers. To do this easily you can get people used to your logo through repetition. Big companies with deep pockets can use the TV and ads to do this. With a smaller budget you can do the same thing through the use of promotional products.

When you do advertise you have to think about the message that you use. You are putting out promotional items all over the place, but what are they saying about your company. If you are only putting your logo or business name on your products you want to make sure that they give just a bit of info. If your business name makes sense and explains what the business is then you are good. But when you have a cute or funky name it might not explain itself enough. You might need to add a little more info.

Is it bold or unique in some way? Remember the purpose behind advertising is to catch people's attention, and so the more unique looking promotional products and other advertisements are, the more notable they will be. Make your message something that they can't miss and it will send them right to your door.

Business advertising needs to be unique, intriguing and frequent to get the job done. Take your business advertising to the next level and start creating a stir about your business.

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