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Why Small Businesses Fail- Financial Roadblocks to Watch for

Small business origination doesn’t have to be a hassle. In our electronic day and age, the Internet has made small business origination loans almost instantaneous. There are several professional and high quality small business loan origination services available now that use the Internet to quickly find affordable financial assistance to beginning small business owners.

Why Small Businesses Fail
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How Small Businesses Can Save Money

When it comes to small business banking, this can be a confusing issue for those just starting out. Some banks will use this situation to get the most out of those customers and independent advice on small business banking is always a good idea.

One of these issues regarding the finances of small businesses is the problem of staff. Offering staff enough incentive to stay with the smaller firm and not succumb to the added bonuses and attractions of a larger corporate firm is a hurdle to be overcome.

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Pursuing Government Grants For Your Small Business

What is free government money? Here are a few facts about federal government grants. These grants truly are free government money. You do not have to repay this government grant money. You are not charged any interest on these government grant money. The grants are totally tax free money. You do not require any credit history or banking record to receive these grants.

All the facts above are very good reasons for ordinary people to pursue government grant money.

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The Ambiguity of Small Business Definition

When different people are using the phrase ‘small business’, do they refer to a common set of definitions? Like, how many employees are listed in the payroll? Or, the number of years it’s operative? A literature review of 23 papers, which have been published from 1958 to 2002, tries to shed light on this issue. The review revealed an inconsistency regarding both characterization and definition of small business. The variety of definition used in these papers unable to set an agreeable format for small business definition. Mayer and Goldstein (1961) define small business as an employer of less then 200 employees. Potts (1977) set the barrier on 20 employees in addition to a minimum eight years that the business is operative. Robinson (1982) define firm as small if the number of employees is less then 50, the annual sales is under three million dollars and it’s operate as sole ownership. Covin and Slevin (1989) define small business according to number of employees - more then five or less then 500, as well as a minimum of five years that the business is operative. Rue and Ibrahim (1998) define small firm as an employer of more then 15 employees. Perry (2001) set an upper limit of 500 employees as a sole identifier for business to be regard as small. The review clarify that the ambiguity is stable over time. The lack of uniform definition in the sixtieth continued throughout the decades into the millennium. The industries targeted by the different scholars do have one common base; the focus was on industries with low to average economic growth such as manufacturing, trade (retail, wholesale) and service.

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