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Entrepreneurship in Botswana

The Parliamentary Republic of Botswana declared its independence from the United Kingdom on September 30, 1966. With a population as of 2003 of 1,573,267 Botswana has great potential for accelerated entrepreneurship. The GDP per capita is 15,800.

Since independence, Botswana has had the fastest growth in per capita income in the world. Economic growth averaged over 9% per year from 1966 to 1999. Much of that is due to the stockpiling of foreign exchange reserves and most of the impressive economic record has been built on revenue generated from diamond mining to fuel economic development. The economy, closely tied to South Africa’s, is dominated by mining, especially diamonds, cattle, and tourism. Some going concerns of the country are that it is the second highest HIV infection rate in the world after Swaziland, and that it is heavily reliant on mining for economic stability.

Botswana is seeking to further diversify its economy away from minerals, and tourism and entrepreneurship may play an important role in this. The government welcomes this. The national language is English and the Batswana further wish to entice foreign investment and business. As of 1999, Botswana abolished foreign exchange controls and has lowered the corporate tax rate to 15%. They also have no prohibitions on foreign ownership of companies, and will develop plans to further advance their competitiveness on a global scale. Some U.S. companies that are prevalent in the country are H.J. Heinz and AON Corporation, as well as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Remax.

Globalization will be necessary in order for Botswana to become a stronger economic and entrepreneurial force. Currently 70% of Botswana’s electricity is imported from South Africa. Botswana will need direct foreign investment in order to grow further.

Economic freedom has flourished under a contemporary multi-party democracy, which has promoted entrepreneurship through domestic and international educational and training programs for Botswana’s citizens. Although the majority of Botswana’s income is from mining, the entrepreneurship push is allowing areas such as construction and technical fields to be explored.

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South Florida Online Marketing Agency Helps Companies Include Search Engine Marketing in 2009 Business Plan

Large and small companies across the globe resolve to include search engine marketing as part of their strategic business plan for 2009, and turn to the expertise of South Florida SEO agency to get them on track.

South Florida, USA – January, 05, 2009 – Companies across the globe are adopting search engine Internet marketing as part of their tactical business plan for 2009, and are using the custom services of to ensure a high return on investment. Since 2005, agency has been maintaining their reputation as one of the most experienced SEO online marketing businesses throughout the South Florida area, and has recently taken a leap into the global market. Now, with the demand for experienced search engine marketing at its highest, is helping businesses on a local and global level to increase their Internet visibility.

In 2008, the business world watched as Internet marketing quickly became a necessary tool for nearly every company to keep in their marketing arsenal. Heading into the New Year, commerce on the Internet is thriving more than ever, and perceptive companies are incorporating search engine marketing in their 2009 budget. Because of the need for online marketing, companies like are seeing lofty requests for their services and knowledge. South Florida SEO agency began to see results using Internet marketing as early as 2005. With the skilled use of Sponsored Search Marketing, they successfully reached target markets and watched the return on investment of their clients climb. The online marketing SEO agency now incorporates a broad scale of Internet marketing techniques specific to each client and their needs.

Zach Hoffman, CEO of, states, “Search engine marketing is more vital than ever to the livelihood of a South Florida business. The Internet is becoming one of the fastest growing areas of marketing, and there are many different ways of doing it. Search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, optimized press releases, and optimized videos are just a few of the proven ways to increase return on investment. 2009 is a major year for Internet marketing, and it’s not too late for a business to include it in their 2009 budget. At we can provide the best services and education for companies looking to do so.”

Social media outlets, blogs, and other optimization target a specific consumer who is more likely to be wholly involved in the macro-presence of a specific business. Zach Hoffman explains, “By optimizing for top search engine position, you’re automatically gaining visibility, reputation, and credibility for your business. Consumers are drawn to websites with those three qualities on the Web, and a South Florida business can quickly build their customer base without spending their entire annual budget in the first quarter.”

As evident in 2008, people are finding what they want via search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, and will continue to do so in 2009. The vast industry of Internet marketing is only gaining momentum, and companies like are ahead of the trend. Information on services and education from the South Florida SEO agency can be found at

About has been well ahead of the online marketing trend since 2005, and has been supporting the South Florida and international business community by substantially increasing their Internet visibility. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, the SEO online marketing agency employs custom multifaceted Internet marketing solutions to increase the ROI for their clients.

The team of includes valuable members with extensive backgrounds in finance, online marketing, economic trends, budgets, and traditional marketing. Contact them for information on how to incorporate search engine marketing into your 2009 budget.

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