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Why the government should invest in small businesses- great American spirit

Every street corner you turn shows the marks of many small business developments. I believe if we don't support these businesses, then America's streets will be like ghost town, and this can economically scarry to people that depend on them. This is why we need small businesses to exist. Did you know in 2005 about 587,592 jobs were outsourced to foeirgn countries? These jobs were outsourced by big companies not small companies. small companies are loya to Americans employees. I think companies that keep shipping jobs over seas, and causing too many jobs should not get tax break from the government. I know some people will say but it's too expensive and there too many overheads for these companies in the U.S. but they forget to know that it cost lot to reestablish to in a foreign country as well. These companies must also understand that the consumers buying power in these countries is not as strong as the American consumers.

Countries like India and China are reaoing the rewards of outsourcing why this country is falling apart economically. 50% of workers are hored by small businesses. This is very important for the government to understand now, and no more waiting. The government should provide, not just loans but grants to people small businesses that need them the mosti f banks don't. Big are being bailout, it's for small businesses get a bail as well. By the way you must understand that most of big companies today started as small businesses. You never know what small businesses can do in the future. It's time that taxpayers dollars work for small businesses as well.

Outsourcing kills Americans jobs. Many lose their jobs. we can't keep encouraging people to get degree, and can't find a job after that. This make no sense at all. I believe outsourcing is one of the reasons why we're in this mess today. We keep bailingout big companies and they keep failing. It's time some real leadership. People that manage small businesses have better management skills because they keep thriving, why the big keep failing. we have to work with one voice and and support small businesses before it's too late. we have to jeep fighting for what we want. Never give in to the recession pressure. For those seeking opportunities and financial freedom visit my resource box at email: phone: 612-306-4920

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You Need to Develop the Spirit of Entrepreneurship to Succeed in Business

(c) Copyright Bayo Bamitale 2006

Many of us are interested in starting home-based businesses or quitting our full-time jobs. There is a marked difference between the psychology of the worker and that of the entrepreneur but the great flicker of hope is that the entrepreneurial consciousness could be developed. If you are tired of your day-time job and have been thinking of leaving your job and striking out on your own, you need to think about this properly. It is necessary to examine yourself and ask whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur; and if you don't to go ahead and start the process of developing that consciousness. This article itemises some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur as well as the method by which those characteristics could be developed.

First, be clear about why you are starting business. Why become an entrepreneur? There are various reasons that one may consider in striking to become an entrepreneur and starting one's own business. Some strike out because they hate their bosses, some because they hate their jobs, some because they hate poverty and some because they hate commuting. Becoming an entrepreneur because you hate something may not be the right attitude. It is better to strive to start your own business because you love something. When the chips are down, you will need the energy of love to sustain you in the days of adversity. It is your love of business or entrepreneurship which will keep you going when partners desert you, or a project fails, or the tax-man comes with harassment, or you face other negative circumstances. So the first thing to do is to first settle all the hatreds and rather replace them with the love of something this is done at the level of attitude. Your attitude to business will determine your altitude in success.

Second, don't go into business tabular rasa like a clean slate. You need to develop yourself along the business line. You need to learn some accounting skills, some law, some technology and some philosophy to be a good business-person. A good way to start is to join a network marketing system. When you join, don't join because of the money although you can make a whole lot of money from this business but don't make that your focus. Go with the intention of learning, especially learning to sell. To succeed in business, you need to know how to sell. You will need to sell your business ideas to partners, to sponsors, to customers, and even to members of your work-force. And one good way to learn to sell is by joining a network marketing system and taking advantage of the great training facilities provided there.

Third, understand the difference between assets and liability. Many go out into business without understanding the difference between assets and liabilities. Your knowledge in this area is very vital to your success. So get some good training before you jump in.

Forth, understand the power of systems. A business is essentially a system. Not understanding the power of systems will convert a business-man into a self-employed, and there is a difference between a business-man and a self-employed. A good business-man puts in place a system, which works irrespective of whether he is sleeping or working. The ability to do this is the difference between a business-man and a self-employed.

One needs to take a closer look at him or herself before going into business, but every attitude and characteristics required for entrepreneurial success could be developed by paying attention to critical factors, most of which are essentially psychological.

Bayo Bamitale , a consultant ,teaches how to earn full time income working part time. His vision is to provide informational support for small scale businesses and budding

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Bayo Bamitale , a consultant, teaches how to earn full time income working part time. His vision is to provide informational support for small scale businesses and budding


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