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Entrepreneurship: Getting Started

I started my company (EMJ) from the trunk of my car (and it was a small trunk so that's a small business). I grew EMJ to $375,000,000 in sales prior to selling it to SYNNEX. I am now CEO of a $1 billion business. My successful blog at ( generates a lot of comments and questions. I want to share one of these thoughtful questions with you, and share my answer.

The question:

"First off I just want you to know all I'm asking for is advice, which is the most valuable thing I can get right now.

I have been working in a field of interest for many years now as a hobby. I've always had many very good ideas but I never had the resources to make them happen. I always figured it was because I was too young. Now I'm older, I have a job and I'm plagued with the same problem. I'll have a great idea but it will usually be out of my range because I either do not have the technical ability, the funding or resources to make the idea I vision happen.

My most recent plan evolved from my experience running similar websites, I found there was an un-fulfilled need. I decided to start judging the need for what I was offering so I did my homework and contacted over 130 other similar sites. Within a day I had 20 sites interested in what I had to offer. That's great and all but those 20 sites generate about 6 times the traffic I could handle. So once again I'm in the same position. I do not have the resources I need to properly execute my idea.

My basic question, what is the best route to take when you have a great ideal that is more then you can handle.

A little more about me, I'm 23 years old, I have been running web sites and involved in the industry for around 6 years. I have a good paying job in another industry which makes it even more difficult to make the "jump".

Thank you for your time."

My response:

1 - There is never a right time. Entrepreneurship involves risk. This means yous sometimes need to just jump. This said - I always say "fail often, fail fast, fail cheap" so I always look at the downside.

2 - It is very powerful to be under resourced. It will make you more resourceful and likely allow you to run a leaner more competitive business.

3 - I like to choose opportunities that are the right size for me now. This is a beautiful thing for business - there is always a right size business opportunity for everyone at every size. When you are starting from your basement, you can take a $100,000 opportunity and do well. Bigger companies cannot do this so will leave you alone.

4 - When the opportunity is too big for me, I consider narrowing my scope. Instead of being the biggest seller of bar code equipment, be the bigger in bar code for warehouses etc.

5 - Consider partnering. It is better to have 10% of something that is worth something than 100% of an idea.

6 - Ideas are a dime a dozen. It is the implementation that counts. How often do you see a restaurant with a line outside and the one next to it goes bankrupt. All the time. Ideas are easy.

7 - I know a lot of people who almost start businesses. They are not successful. To steal from Nike - "Just do it". And do it now. Time is the enemy of ideas and business. Someone else has the same idea. It is the one who perfects it that wins.

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How to Get Started Online Marketing

You have probably heard that many people are making money online. Perhaps you have also tried various attempts to make money on the internet. You might have tried various internet marketing techniques to sell a product in an effort to make money, to no avail. Many people do make serious money online. Unfortunately, many others give up, after wasting a lot of time and money with websites that do not work.

Internet marketing encompasses many online marketing strategies that you can learn. But even those who are experts at these strategies can have trouble making it online. They lack the coaching that is needed for internet marketing as well as the right product. According to internet guru, Alex Jeffreys, you have to not only have good coaching to make money online, but you also have to have a quality product that you are distributing. Otherwise, all of the mass mailings in the world will not help.

A great deal of online marketing involves direct response marketing. This is where you contact the prospective customer via email to tell them about your product and urge them to take action. There is an old saying that sales is a numbers game. This concept of contacting as many people as possible translates to building a list of prospects and then shooting them offers via email. The numbers game, however, does not work with online marketing. Sure, you should build a list and gather as much information in your email list as you can about your potential customers, but this alone will not allow you to succeed. The numbers game only works if you have the right product of value to sell, but savvy internet marketing skills to boot. In other words, you need a good email list that you are constantly building, a product that has value and that people will want to buy and a marketing plan. Once you have this, you can become successful in your efforts to make money online.

Instead of going at your online marketing sales alone, you are better off to get a coach who is successful in the online business that you want to create for yourself. Just as you would look for coaching and mentoring with any other type of job, you want to do the same when you start trying to make money online. It does not make sense for you to try to go at it alone in the competitive world of online marketing when you can get the help that you need from successful internet marketing coaches.

If you are tired of wasting your money trying to sell products that do not sell through newsletters and emails that are promptly deleted, your strategy is not working. You are better off to seek a new way of making money online by looking for a successful online coach. You can go from a successfool to being successful if you follow the tried and true pattern developed by those who have made it in the field by seeking out their guidance with your internet marketing plan.

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Getting Started With Opt-in Email Marketing

If you have decided to promote your products and services through opt-in email marketing then you will need to know how to get started. It's important to understand that by taking the opt-in email address route you are making the best decision for your product or service. Part of the reason is that when you use opt in email addresses the recipients will be knowledgeable of your product's name when the email arrives. This means that they are considerably more likely to open the email, read it, and then make a purchase. Similarly, when you use opt in email addresses in most cases your email will arrive in their email inbox. Spam emails rarely make it through spam filters and as a result they don't really make a big difference in your bottom line. So, getting started by using opt-in email marketing is an important way to set your campaign off to a good start.

Getting the Email Addresses Once you are ready to get started with your opt-in addresses you need to figure out how to get the addresses. There are many methods you may use to collect email addresses. For example, you might want to set up a subscription box on your website so that visitors may voluntarily sign up for a free newsletter or periodic updates from your website. Many people will feel comfortable providing their email address when they are on your website because they have a vested interest. This means that they are interested in what you are providing whether it is information, a service, a product, or a combination of all of these.

Another method of collecting email addresses that is popular and seems to be a great way to go about it is to have popup windows on your site. For example, when someone visits your site a pop up window could be displayed that would request their email address if they want a free ebook, or a free newsletter, or perhaps even coupons for products or services. The way you word the ad is up to you, but it should be compelling enough that visitors will want to sign up and provide you with an email address that is valid.

Some email marketers have found that sponsoring a contest is an excellent way to collect valid email addresses because everyone wants to win something. Providing their email address for the chance of winning a prize is a small price to pay and one many people will more than happily do. Of course, there are many ways to collect email addresses and to get started in opt in email marketing. However, the methods discussed here should help you significantly and allow you to get a great start to email marketing.

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Start Blogging Now, Here’s How to Get Started in Online Marketing Fast

Here is the absolute simplest way to get your own website going and start making money. Get a blog and start bringing your share of massive online marketing money to you. If you envision a life of doing your hearts desire, whenever you please, and always wanted to get paid to write, then get your blog started. Blogs are flexible online marketing tools for any niche and are a great way to relax because you are writing about something you love.

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