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Online Business Internet Marketing Computer – Online Business Internet Marketing Computer Strategies

Online Business Internet Marketing Computer

Those seeking to build an online business using internet marketing computer strategies should begin with a specific end goal in mind. And that end goal should be the complete (or complete as possible) automation of your online business. There are indeed some internet marketing computer strategies one can employ that require less work and generate somewhat equal results in the short term, but you should be planning for the long-term; and long-term success requires content rich sites with a long list of subscribers.

Let's look at two examples of online business internet marketing computer strategies. Both will use affiliate marketing and both will generate roughly the same amount of money, but one will require less work.

The first method is one that requires less work: writing articles to promote a product through an affiliate program. The articles are distributed to different directories and provide a link either directly to the product's website or automatically redirect people to the product's website from one's own domain.

The second method also uses article marketing in the same manner, except the articles link back to a website or blog with a lot of unique and relevant content, as well as an opt-in form that builds a subscriber list. Online Business Internet Marketing Computer

So, the second method clearly requires more work than the first method, but both are essentially promoting the same product and will essentially make the same amount of money. In fact, the first method may even make more money initially because the customers do not have to go through a series of complicated steps to reach the affiliate product's website.

But don't be fooled by the ease of the first method. Sure, it will make money and can be useful. But over time the usefulness and search engine popularity of your articles will wither away, leaving you only a limited period of time from which to profit. You would then be required to re-do the article writing process all over again for the same product or other products.

If you would have taken the second method, you would have built up a long list of subscribers to whom you can easily offer affiliate links, as well sell your own products to. Your website will also last a much longer time, with a lot more content. And your content-rich website will develop a community which you can continue to profit from over the long-term. Eventually this kind of situation becomes self-sustaining and automatic, requiring very little time.

Therefore, the situation at the beginning of the process seems to have reversed itself. The person using the first method will have to start another round of article writing to generate his revenue stream all over again. But the person that built the content-rich website developed a community around a large amount of relevant content that provides him a foundation from which he or she can easily promote new products with little work. Online Business Internet Marketing Computer

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Business Advertising Strategies For Home Businesses

Getting the Word Out with Power and Persuasion

A well defined business advertising strategy is the key to home business success. All home businesses need to communicate their advertising message either to generate new business opportunities or to reinforce their message to their customers. As a home business entrepreneur, you can advertise your home business either online or offline or use a combination strategy. All three pathways are known to be very effective.

For your home business, the avenues of business advertising may be either online or offline.

Offline advertising includes:

Print media such as newspapers, magazines and brochures

Electronic media such as radio, television and cable advertising

Online media includes:

Internet-based advertising such as Pay Per Click, banner advertising, Pay Per Impression, e-mail marketing and a host of other virtual advertising avenues

Using a Combination Strategy to Advertise your Home Business

By using a combination strategy to showcase your home-based company, you could get a big bang for the buck. So evaluate various options.

You will most probably be creating the advertisement yourself so follow a few simple rules. Write using "you" and in active voice, keeping sentences short.  Bear in mind the context of the reader. A classified advertisement would have to be short and to the point compared to something you are sending out by e-mail or posting on a mailing list, Internet forum  or discussion group. Try and include a referral if you have the space. Just send out one message in the advertisement.

Look at some of the options you have.

Your very own Website

Many individuals go on to the Internet to research products and services even while buying from a brick and mortar shop. Maintaining your own website would be a good option but if you are unable to so at least advertise on sites.  Make sure that you are on to free listings, many municipalities and business associations offer this service. So conduct research. Sell your product on eBay. That is one of the best ways to advertise your product.

Business Advertising through e-mail

There is an increasing level of hostility to spam. So be very careful of this media. It can be used to communicate with people who have shown interest in your product or service and also with existing customers. E-mail doesn’t cost anything to send. However, send it only to your confirmed subscribers such as those who have signed up for your online newsletter on your website. If your company does not have a newsletter, please explore that possibility at the earliest.

Traditional Business Advertising through Community and Neighborhood Newspapers

Newspaper advertising is short lived. Advertisements in magazines have a slightly longer life. Again, look for special supplements that are published periodically. Also, look at newsletters published by community NGOs. For certain categories of products and services, newspaper classified columns work out very well and strangely enough better than large advertisements in the same paper.

Consider cable television  and radio if you can afford it. these have a very loyal audience and accurate local reach all at a low cost.

Direct mail continues to be popular amongst some sellers. However, though it is costly but it may be very effective to relate to existing customers. Also, you can send promos. These offers are often not used but are kept by individuals to give away to others.

Using Business Cards for Business Advertising

Your business card should not just contain the usual company name and various addresses. It is your corporate signature. It should contain several additional  details such as:

The products you sell or the service you provide

The names of  the various brands you carry

A catchy slogan that your prospective customers can remember

Use a double leaf business card and spread your business message. This is one of the most under used tools of business advertising.

Forums on the Internet

don’t think just in terms of forums which are related to your business. A charitable cause in which you could participate may yield contacts which later translate into business. You could keep a stall for hand tools in a school fair well knowing that none will sell but gives exposure to your home business.

Yellow Pages Advertising

Don’t forget the yellow pages. Sometimes a small descriptor of a business is free. So it is not necessary to stick in a large advertisement. Many buyers will call up twenty sellers before deciding, not just the one with a large advertisement. Don’t forget to include multiple classifications of your product or service, as that will increase your presence.

Sending a promotional offer is one of the best forms of advertisement. It can be sent to existing customers or potential ones.

Here are some words that you need to be very careful about using. They often go down badly with readers of advertisements:

Guarantee: If you include a warranty, provide brief details. Don’t say ‘we guarantee the product’.

Free:  When you use the word free, everyone looks for a catch.

Opportunity: Remember, a buyer wants a hair dryer to work well, she is not looking for a ‘wonderful opportunity’ to buy one.

Remember your advertising messages need to be roughly the same year after year. For that you need to understand your business in relation to your clients. Having understood the business, you will have to choose the media. And most importantly, you have to find ways of testing which form of advertisement is working well. Good luck with your business advertising mission!

Stuart Rubenstein is the CEO of You Taking Action, a Canadian personal wellness and personal development company which shows you how to start your own home business with little or no investment. Visit him at


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