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10 Email Marketing Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Email marketing is one of the most profitable strategies available to the online entrepreneur (and offline business owners, too).

Consider this: About 99% of your website visitors will leave without buying anything from you on their first visit. But by creating a great opt-in offer you can at least get their contact details -- and then use email marketing to follow up, build relationships, and turn them into paying customers.

And email marketing is by far the BEST and CHEAPEST way to stay in touch with your customers and build rock-solid relationships with them -- so they'll buy from you again and again! (This is called the "lifetime value" of your customers, and it's extremely profitable.)

Email marketing just plain works! Just take a look at these statistics from PostFuture:

There are now more than 1 BILLION Internet users worldwide -- and 90% of them use email. 70% of users receive opt-in email from online businesses. 82% of online buyers have made at least one purchase in response to an email promotion. 32% have made an immediate online purchase in response to an email.

With numbers like these, you can understand why I'm always stunned to hear about a business that STILL hasn't started to take advantage of email marketing strategies.

If you're stuck for ideas on how to use email marketing to ramp up your profits? Here are 10 proven email marketing strategies to get you started...

Email marketing strategy #1: Develop relationships and establish credibility by offering free information

Sending your subscribers valuable, free information -- such as an authoritative eBook -- will help them get to know and trust you. Once you've established your credibility, you dramatically increase your chances of converting subscribers into lifelong customers.

You can offer anything from a free report to a free trial version of software... whatever you think your subscribers would like!

Email marketing strategy 2: Encourage repeat visits by announcing regular specials

Once you've started collecting email addresses, you can send your customers and subscribers regular updates letting them know what your specials are. Sending regular discount offers is a great way to get your customers familiar with you and your site -- and turn them into regulars who will buy from you again and again.

Email marketing strategy 3: Host "Customer Only" events

Suppose you own a restaurant, and you've been collecting your customers' email addresses. You could send each of them an email invitation to an exclusive wine-tasting evening for regular diners only. Rewards like this are one of the best ways to capitalize on the lifetime value of your customers.

If you own an online business, you can set up a special page on your site that is accessible only to customers -- and then send them an email telling them how to take advantage of the specials you advertise on that page.

Email marketing strategy 4: Include promotions in appointment reminders

If you are running a service business, as opposed to a retail business, you can still capitalize on the power of email marketing by sending appointment reminders to your clients.

If you're a karate teacher, for example, you could send your new clients an email three days before their first lesson, reminding them where you are located and when they need to arrive. In that same message, you could include a coupon that offers them 25% off their lessons if they bring a friend to enroll as well!

Email marketing strategy 5: Follow up with your hottest leads

You can use email to follow up with people you have spoken with personally, but who have not made a purchase. Offer to answer any additional questions they may have, and let them know that you are available to speak with them at their convenience. This can dramatically increase your chances of closing a sale by providing your leads with extra information they're not expecting.

Email marketing strategy 6: Offer electronic "loyalty coupons"

This is a great way to get your existing customers to buy from you again and again. Simply send each of your customers a coupon that they can print and bring with them into your store or use on your website. It is always a good idea to make your coupons valid for a limited time only to motivate your customers to make a purchase from you as soon as possible.

Email marketing strategy 7: Send follow-up offers to your customers

Follow-up offers are one of the most powerful ways to build a profitable business. because they build on the trust you've established to close the initial sale -- and turn first-time buyers into regular customers.

How profitable can follow-up email be? My team once sent our customers a follow-up email introducing them to a product that we thought they might like. The entire process of writing the email and sending it out took about 20 minutes -- and the result was a direct profit of $74,000!

Email marketing strategy 8: Encourage "Send to a Friend" referrals

Email is a great way to encourage referrals because it's easy for people to forward messages to their families, friends, and coworkers. Make sure every newsletter, offer, or eBook you send to your subscribers reminds them that they can forward your message to anyone they think might be interested.

You could even run a promotion that gives your existing customers something for free every time they personally refer a new customer to you.

Email marketing strategy 9: Deliver your product electronically

Suppose you've written a book and you're currently selling paperback copies through your site for $29 each. By creating a digital version of your book -- which is WAY easier than you're probably thinking -- you can simply email it to your customers.

And since you won't have to worry about things like printing costs, warehousing, packaging, and delivery, you can DRAMATICALLY increase your profit margin!

Email marketing strategy 10: Use email to sell your knowledge and create recurring revenue

If you are an expert on a particular topic -- and just about everyone is -- then you've got a successful business based on a paid-subscription newsletter waiting to be born.

Of course there are tons of other email marketing strategies you can put to use. And once you realize just how easy it is to use it to drive sales, you'll be thinking of all kinds of new strategies yourself!

Derek Gehl, Internet Marketing Center CEO and author of the best-selling "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" course, helps entrepreneurs start and grow lucrative online businesses on a shoestring budget. Click here to take Derek's free quiz and get his proven Internet and email marketing strategies.

5 Best Internet Marketing Strategies for your Home Based Internet Marketing Business to Make Serious Money Online!

Now, I am going to give you the 5 best internet marketing strategies to make serious money online. Those best internet marketing strategies are extremely powerful strategies for everyone who is looking for how to make serious money online from home business. You'll discover proven success & the best internet marketing strategies for building your highly successful home based internet marketing business.

Here are the 5 best internet marketing strategies to make serious money online:

Strategy #1: Research hot niche keywords to attract more traffic, maximize the benefit of your PPC campaigns, and find new hot niche markets with high demand.

This is the first important strategies you must do for your own home based internet marketing business. Discovering hot niche keyword research with low competitors is the KEY successful factor for:
- Setting up your high quality website with high relevancy & targeted traffics
- Improving your search engine ranking/optimization
- Building your unique & high quality content/articles with keyword-rich
- Establishing your pay-per-click campaign

Strategy #2: Sell to visitors when they're on your web site with a great sale letter AND after they leave.

Second of the best internet marketing strategies you must concern is to provide a great sale letter on your website. This strategy is about writing a great sale letter with high conversion rate & builds your online mailing lists. I highly encourage you to focus on how to convert traffics into sales through your own salesletter on your website and collect your visitor's personal information for further sales in the future. I saw many home based internet marketing business people that they focus on how to drive traffics to their website rather than on how to convert traffics into sales. You'll get nothing if you can’t convert your visitors into your customers. The more conversion rate you have, the more sales you get! Even if your visitors won't buy or make any purchases from your website, you must keep their personal information in order to use for further sales in the future. This is one of the huge make money business opportunities!

Strategy #3: Automate your home based internet marketing business to leave you free to grow it in the future... and come up with new money-making ideas

Without this automation internet marketing strategy, not only would you get fewer sales, you simply wouldn't have the time to research ideas for new home based internet marketing businesses, let alone start them up and manage them. By building home based internet marketing business that is fully automated. You can withdraw from your day-to-day operation works and you will have time to look for more untapped niche markets. My experiences show that this strategy is the best of the best internet marketing strategies to grow your home based internet marketing business.

The example of how to automate your home based internet marketing business is to automate your email promotion internet marketing strategy. You need an autoresponder to take a responsibility of this stuff!

Strategy #4: Utilize full use of the expertise of others to maximize your make money business opportunities and revenues

Don’t reinvent the wheel all the time! You must utilize full use of the expertise of others to maximize the opportunities to make serious money online from home based internet marketing business. My highest recommendation is to learn from other successful internet entrepreneurs in the membership site and try to come up with a lot of questions you have in your mind. I am sure that those entrepreneurs are willing and ready to help you to your success in home based internet marketing business.

Great tips on internet marketing & secrets of how people can make money over $5,000,000 in one year. You’ll discover real-life case studies - which you have never seen somewhere else - of people who make big money online. Also, you’ll find a great tips & top secrets of their hugely success.

Strategy #5: Don't give up & never stop learning!

The last best internet marketing strategies for your home based internet marketing strategy is you! You have to learn all the time. I would love recommend that you don’t give up until you achieve your goals. Also, learning all the time in the internet marketing world is a must.

Final thoughts, the best internet marketing strategies for your highly successful in home based internet marketing business are: research, sell, automation, utilization and self-improvement. I strongly believe that those best internet marketing strategies will help you definitely to your goals. Also, you will absolutely make serious money online in your home based internet marketing business with taking those best internet marketing strategies into your action seriously.

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Get FREE report now to discover great tips on internet marketing, internet marketing techniques and secrets of how to make serious money online at home easy through your online home based internet marketing business with multiple best internet marketing strategies (e.g. email promotion internet marketing, affiliate marketing business, and blogging). There are many easy ways to make money online there. You’ll learn a lot of easy ways to make money online at home. Also, you’ll save your time & money for your online home based internet marketing business!

*Reprint Policy: Reprint in full with writer's name, contact information, active links and brief bio.

Siripong R. or zMillionDollars is a recognized authority on the subject of making money online from home through highly profitable & successful home based business. His websites, and, provide a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you'll ever need to know about earning money online.

Cult of Analytics: Driving online marketing strategies using web analytics

Product Description
If you want to understand and get true value from your online content you need to understand how it is used by your customers. If you work with web analytics and online search optimization, this book will provide you with the tools and insight you need to do just that.
Even more, it will give you an actionable plan to transform the culture of your organization into one that uses web analytics on a daily basis, focusing on real changes you can make to your depart... More >> Cult of Analytics: Driving online marketing strategies using web analytics

Internet Advertising Strategies for Success

With the technological and conceptual breakthrough that internet has offered, internet advertising has become a full time employment option not only for companies, but for persons like you and me alike. Because most companies choose to go online with their businesses, the immense market that online advertising offers is like a new gold rush.

There are two primary ways to advertise on the Internet:

1. Register your Web site with major search engines so Internet visitors can find you;
2. Place an ad banner for your site on another Web site that has a lot of traffic (viewers).

Ad banners allow viewers to link to your site when they click on the banner. Internet Advertising Advantages Relatively cost-effective. The costs can also be independent of the size of the audience. For example, a Web presence will cost the same regardless of how many viewers your site has. (You will, however, need to make sure your Internet Service Provider can handle the volume of viewers you anticipate having.)

Advertisers can target specific types of viewers by positioning an ad banner on related Web sites. For example, if you're targeting people seeking information on a specific topic, you can purchase ad space on Web pages that are related to this category in the major search engines (Yahoo, Infoseek, Lycos, WONET - The Women's Online Network, etc.).

So, an organic herb farmer selling through mail order might advertise through the organic foods or gourmet cooking category. The indexing structure of these sites allows you to target your audience by geographic location and related interest area. Messages can be timely because editing the content is often easy and instantaneous.

Ads on the Internet can be interactive. You can request viewer feedback, take orders or answer questions instantly. Ad banners can run with as much frequency as you choose. The Internet is constantly available!

Internet advertisers can potentially reach a global audience. Aside from language barriers, anyone at any location in the world can access information about your products or services.

Internet advertising should not be approached in a vacuum. Instead, it should be one component of a comprehensive Internet Marketing strategy. Although the popularity of the Internet is rising remarkably, it is difficult to gage the impact of advertising on the Internet.

The range of costs to advertise on the Internet can vary greatly. It is best to compare a number of highly-frequented sites to determine the best way to spend your advertising dollars. You must research your options and decide to go for an established company.
A successful advertising campaign will inevitably end up bringing you a swarm of visitors to your online store, your website that is. Now it's your own option if you decide to market your own products, promote someone else's, or both. There are practically limitless options of affiliate marketing options available out there, it up to you to go out and grasp it. If you do it the right way, internet advertising may just change your life forever.

Make the most of your advertising space Advertising space. Direct advertising company information Advertising companies.


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