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Business, Government and Society: A Managerial Perspective

Product Description
Business, Government, and Society, by Steiner and Steiner, tells the story of how forces in business, government and society shape our world. While current events move rapidly over the surface of the subject matter, the underlying principles and relationships at its core lie undisturbed. The Twelfth edition of this popular textbook is equipped with new chapter opening stories and cases that reflect current concerns in a changing environment. The thorough blend of history and today’s events help students understand the entire context of forces at work in business, government, and society. A new emphasis on management issues and processes allows students to apply the principles they learn to real world situations. Read the rest of this entry »

Online Business Degree

The popularity of online degree is growing each year, especially among professionals, since it allows them to earn their degree even with their tight daily schedules. It probably can be said as the best alternatives to the old class-based education, which is not really fit for the busy people due to the class-attending requirement. With online degree it is possible for them to earn the degree without the need to arrive to the class themselves, so they don’t have to ’sacrifice’ their daily schedules. Read the rest of this entry »

The Business Writer’s Handbook, Ninth Edition

  • ISBN13: 9780312575106
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Product Description
Now in its eighth edition, this classic book remains the complete business-writing reference for students and professionals alike. Alphabetically organized and easy to use, its nearly 400 entries provide guidance for the most common types of business documents and correspondence, from brochures, press releases, and résumés, to executive summaries, proposals, and reports. Abundant sample documents and visuals throughout the book demonstrate effective business communication, reflecting current practices for formatting documents and using e-mail. In addition, advice on organizing, researching, writing, and revising complements thorough treatment of grammar, usage, style, and punctuation to provide comprehensive help with writing skills. This edition has been thoroughly revised to include expanded advice for analyzing the context of different writing situations, using and integrating visuals, and dealing with ethical concerns in business writing, including plagiarism. Entries throughout have been revised, updated, consolidated, and streamlined to provide the most accurate and accessible information. Comprehensive yet concise, The Business Writer's Handbook remains the quick reference faithful users have come to appreciate. Review
This fifth edition of The Business Writer's Handbook consists of nearly 700 spiral-bound pages written with both business students and professionals in mind. (It is also available in a paper-bound version, but how nice to be able to lay the book flat on one's desk for ease of reference.) "Our focus," say the editors, "is on helping professionally oriented writers develop effective skills and strategies for communicating in a rapidly changing environment," and that they do. The entries, arranged alphabetically, are straightforward and to the point. Sandwiched between items addressing issues of English grammar and word usage are guides to writing résumés, resignation letters, and everything in between (e.g., abstracts, annual reports, e-mail, executive summaries, form letters, feasibility studies, memos, mission statements, proposals, and trade journal articles). Throughout the book, the point is made that good writing has a marked effect on business communications--a short, personal collection letter, for instance, "will usually motivate a customer to pay a bill faster than will a form letter." Since the book is written for the business professional, many of the usage and grammar issues are illustrated with business-related examples, but don't think that that means the book isn't any fun. Consider the first sentence in an entry for gobbledygook: "Gobbledygook is writing that suffers from an overdose of traits guaranteed to make it stuffy, pretentious, and wordy." --Jane Steinberg Read the rest of this entry »

Entrepreneurship Major Introduced for Secondary Florida Schools

One of the things I appreciated, only after graduating college graduation, was that my school employed professors, who had “real world” experience. I cannot tell you how many times we heard a professor say, “Okay, that’s what the textbook tells you. Now, let me tell you how it works in the real world.”

Textbooks only give students a foundation on which to build later in a real job. Often times, the real world does not follow the procedures set forth in or look/act anything like those models in the textbooks, making it difficult to adjust. You expect one thing in a new job but discover another, feeling lost as to how to proceed.

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