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Seeking Massive Success Via Online Marketing? Then You Must be Aware of These Two Words That are the Kiss of Death

Here is a pill that’s very hard to swallow: Nobody wants to buy your product. As Lily Tomlin used to say in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (I’m dating myself here…) “That’s the truth!”

That IS the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

So, since it is a fact that “Nobody wants to buy your product”, what DO they want? They all want to buy the product of your product, the benefits. So the more you’re able to focus on them – and NOT on the features – on what is in it for them, the more you’re able to win their trust.

You earn their trust based on merit. And merit is always defined on the terms of the buyer, never on the terms of the seller. Ultimately, it’s the buyer who will decide if there is something for them in what you have to offer.

Not sure of the difference between features and benefits? Well, a simple explanation is that features are what you and your products and services ARE or HAVE, while benefits are what you and your products DO. What EXACTLY do you DO for your customers and clients? If I buy one of your products, or attend your seminar or workshop, what SPECIFICALLY will I get out of it? In other words, WIII-FM – What Is In It For ME? Can you answer that?

Amazingly, most businesspeople can’t. It’s especially evident in their ads and on their website – which for many is the most expensive component of their marketing budget.

A year ago, we were featured on a local TV business show. We were invited to talk about our unique workshop that we delivered to business people in corporate boxes at the ballpark, before the game. The title of the workshop was, appropriately enough, “Getting on First Base”.

During the conversation in the green room before going live, the host told us that her biggest frustration in researching guests for her popular show was the amount of time wasted on websites where after 20 minutes of reading “…you still don’t know what that person or company does – what benefits they provide.” She went on to complain about “… graphics, images, audios, videos, and text, text, text that spotlight the ‘features’ instead of the benefits.”

Hey, if you want some action, you’ve got to get to first base! That’s a principle that applies to getting a job interview, or with a visitor to the home page of your website. First base means you got their attention. What’s the best way to get someone’s attention? Sharing benefits that make them think “Tell me more.” What’s the best way to strike out – aka not getting on first base? Boring your audience with a litany of features that make them think ”So what?”

”So what?” is the kiss of death for a business – particularly online – as it’s usually followed within seconds by this sound: “Click!” – the sound made when someone leaves your uninteresting website to go look for something more captivating elsewhere. And chances are good they won’t come back.

Our advice? Go to your website, read your content – particularly your sales page – and after each bullet point, statement, or paragraph, listen to your inner voice… Is it saying “Tell me more” or ”So what?”

“Tell me more” means you’ve invested your advertising money wisely. ”So what?” means your online advertising costs are an expense – and not a good one at that.

If it turns out your online marketing is an investment, bravo! If not, seek out more info about benefits and features, and make the necessary adjustments on your website, and in ALL your ads. Doing that well will automatically move you ahead of 90% of your “So what?” competitors.

I wish you ALL the personal and professional success you desire and deserve. (Just remember that…What you “desire” is a function of your ambition, what you “deserve” is a function of your ACTIONS…Are the two aligned?)

Daniel G. St-Jean, BB, IMA, AMA, FBMI, SEM

(BizzBooster, Internet Marketing Advisor, Article-Marketing Alchemist,

Firm-Base Marketing™ Instructor, Successerenity™ Exponent & Mentor)

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Are you Searching for Home Business Success?

Everyone is searching for home business success! Home based businesses are popping up every day and numerous others will start a home business within the next year. Experiencing home business success is important to anyone who desires to work at home. For those of us who already have a home business we are continually looking to grow and connect with others who are like-minded.

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Quick Tips for Email Marketing Success

The best email marketing strategies strike a balance between recruiting new subscribers and retaining existing customers and long-term subscribers. Concentrating purely on acquisition at the expense of retention is a dangerous game, so our first tip is:

Reward customer loyalty

Turning existing customers into loyal repeat customers is the cost effective way to bring in a substantial return on direct marketing investments.

Existing customer intelligence can always be improved upon. Additional information gained through surveys and purchase behaviour should be used to update their demographic, preference and interest profiles, to improve future email campaigns and offers. So, when a customer helps you, why not help them in return. A special offer, loyalty rewards, exclusive prize draws or a simple 'thank you' is often all that is needed to make customers feel valued. If a customer feels valued by a company, they invariably return the complement.

Think mobile

More and more mobile devices are now able to receive and read emails. When designing and writing your email you should consider how it well be rendered and read in a variety of devices. You might be aware what your email looks like on Microsoft Mail, but what about Hotmail, Blackberry or Iphone? What happens to your mail when different sizes of preview panes are used. What does it look like if the images are blocked?

Simplification is the key to success. Aim to deliver the maximum amount of information in the top 2 to 4 inches. If you think plain text harms your brand, then opt for HTML, but use standard fonts and colours. Move away from using images that ISP's or recipients email clients might block.

Integrate with other marketing activity

Email is an effective marketing channel in its own right, but it works even better when part of an integrated marketing campaign.

Experience has shown that by integrating email and direct mail campaigns - for example by sending a posted catalogue alongside an email to the same target audience - the chances of high response rates are greatly improved compared with an 'email only' or 'mail only' campaign.

Campaign recognition can be strengthened if a design style is carried through from press, to Direct mail, to email to microsite to banner advertising; each adding to the cumulative effectiveness of the entire campaign.

Encourage networking

Your target audience will often have a social network of their own who have closely matching purchase behaviour and preferences. Therefore your offer or information is likely to also be relevant to them. The rise of electronic social networking opens up a far greater potential audience than your data list alone.

To make the most of this potential, aim to create an email marketing program that identifies recipients with high social networking potential and creates an offer so desirable that it is passed on and shared amongst the network. Don't be afraid to explicitly provide text and links that encourage social sharing of your offer.

Test, test and test again

With so much competition in email marketing your campaign needs to be at the forefront for format, copy, design, calls to action, offers, personalisation, subject line, product categories and much more.

Before sending your email, it should be tested for different variables to ensure greatest chance of success in deliverability, readability and response rates.

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Create Html Email – Basic Tips For Email Marketing Success

If you haven't gotten to email marketing, there is no opportunity like the present. This powerful form of marketing can let you direct targeted traffic to your website, stay you in communication providing your customers, and more. When begun an email marketing campaign, you're going to want to be careful about how you go about it.

Here are some tips for setting up an email marketing campaign. Double Opt-in The most top notch kind of email list is one accumulated via the dual opt-in method. What this means, basically, is overly people experience to opt-in to receive the emails in a two-step process. They brand their email into a form on your site, but they consequently hold to click a link in a confirmation email they receive.

This seems desire it would be bad as it could indicate some people to not sign-up for the list by not completing the second step. The thing is, though, is those that do complete that moment stage really, really want access to the emails you send out. This makes them very valuable to have as you know they're right now interested in the material you're going to be sending. Don't take a short-cut to try to substantiate the raw numbers of your list.

You'll end up amidst a egregious list that performs at or below industry criteria for conversion rates. By insisting that subscribers dual opt-in to get on your list, you ensure the they're passionate about getting tips from you and therefore more innate to click links or act on offers you present in front of them. Don't Go Overboard One of the quickest ways to get a lot of purchasers to opt-out of your email list after you have carefully put up it up is to bombard them providing too many emails or too several off target emails.

Either of these methods can kill your email selling attempts before they get off the ground. People are busy. If you send too various email newsletters, clogging up their email Inbox, they're lessened likely to was reading any of them. Limiting yourself to sending out carefully crafted email newsletters relatively than blasting any old garbage to your store will go a extended way in making sure not too many homeowners quit your list.

Even if you only send one email a week or one email a month, if it is not super targeted to the group of households who signed up for the list, it's not going to be truly successful. If you send out things that aren't of financial to the people on your list, they're being handed out to commence to wonder why they signed up for your email include in the above all place.

This is not the thought you want going through their mind when properties open your email newsletter. Final Thoughts Email marketing is a great way to build and maintain relationships with customers and potential customers. If you've not thought up it before, you're missing out on one of the firmest ways to sell your brand online. Download your FREE Internet Marketing Preview Ebook @ now.

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