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Tax Effective Business Options- How to Find the Tax Information You Need

You really have to wonder what sort of tax advice some businesses are getting, when you read the various gripes of the business community about taxation. In practice, there are plenty of good legitimate tax effective options for businesses; it’s really a matter of getting the right tax accountants to know how to take advantage of these opportunities. (Experts please excuse a somewhat simplified approach to this often highly technical matter, but the message has to be rammed home that there are always better tax options for business. It’s important to clarify the issues without getting tangled in legalisms and statutory jargon.) Read the rest of this entry »

How To Beat The Tax Man: 4 Controversial Tips for Anyone in Small Business

If you are in small business, you are looking to avoid as much tax as possible. Avoiding tax can soon turn into tax evasion. Whether or not tax accountants will recommend these controversial tips, is another matter. If you are considering tax evasion, you need to do a little homework. Even if you have great tax accountants, they might not tell you explicitly what is written in this article. If you are running your own small business, there are concrete ways to avoid paying tax. This does not mean they are legal, and so you should take care in what you do. These are tools and techniques that you can use if you are tired of paying too much tax. This article does not actively promote these ideas as they may be illegal in your country. Make your own decisions after being informed. Read the rest of this entry »

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