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Losing your Social Skills? : Online Marketing Business and Technology Uh-ohs

Starting, growing, and maintaining an online marketing business is something billions of people worldwide are trying to do as one of the ways to stay hip with technology. If you don't have a PC, notebook, ipod, Utube video, Facebook profile, MP3 player, and the whole shebang, you are just not with the program.

I guess that means I'm out of it, even though I am an online marketing business owner, because I only own a PC, and don't even have a cell phone or text messaging. In fact, text messaging has become my number one pet peeve lately, with the cell phone being a close second.

People love cells and text messaging to the point that the person they are with in the current moment is less important than checking for, or writing messages to someone else! Uh-oh! There's no better way to make someone feel like an object rather than a person than to tune her out in favor of that cell or text message.

Trust me folks, this is not a handy social skill in your personal life, or your online marketing business life! Are you losing it because of technology? If you are trying to win over new prospects and customers, you better not be thinking your incoming cell or text message is more important than who you are with!

This is a sure way to lose business if you are not giving your potential customers 100% of your attention when trying to make a deal, sign up a new member, or just get someone's feet wet with your online marketing business programs and services.

If you think this is petty information from an opinionated online marketing business owner, then think again! Do you remember being a kid and watching TV with someone, and asking a burning question only to be told, "Shhhh! I'm watching this!" or "Shhhh! I want to hear this"? How did that make you feel?

It probably made you feel less important than a piddly piece of technology! If you run a business, you can't afford to let it zap you of your social skills. Yes, you have to spend time working on the PC or notebook to get your work done. But you can't expect to run a healthy online marketing business when you shut out the rest of the real world and real people in it!

Have you ever gone out for a nice dinner and the person you're with pulls out their text messaging? How embarrassing is that!? As your potential customer, that tells me that you are an online marketing business owner who finds me boring, and you don't care, or think I am at all important compared to the technology you have to attend to. Uh-oh!

Now you may think that communicating online in discussion forums, chat rooms, MSN, and this whole cell phone and text messaging thing is still interacting with others. But wait a minute! You are still losing an essential component of human interaction here!

The human brain is capable of sending a piece of written text over the phone, but only when you are face-to-face with someone and in their presence, can the human brain release neurons that feel what the other person is feeling, sense what they are sensing. You only get a gist of this online.

Empathy is something we can all have but it's developed by being with people, not by having a relationship with your computer. If you know that human relationships are the essence of all our online marketing businesses, then you will realize the importance of in-person contact with others.

The point of this article is to make you aware that your online marketing business and other techno-gadgets of this new techno-internet age may be ruining your social skills. These skills are so important in building our business and personal relationships.

Remember that your online marketing business is about relationships, not about technology. If you have well developed social skills by being around other people, your business will attract more customers.

Liane Bate owns a Plug-in Profit Site web business, and is author of 115+ articles related to internet marketing and online business. Has technology got your social skills out of whack? Learn Conversational Skills for the Online Marketing Business Recluse.

Effective Email Marketing with Integrated Technology & Measuring for Business Success


Many organizations are utilizing email marketing as part of their internet marketing strategy.  There are numerous email marketing services provided that support all types of businesses such as: Emma, ConstantContact, Aweber, etc.  In today’s environment, businesses are sending emails to promote products & services, cross-sell additional services, inform customers, and provide discount coupons.  The question is: Are businesses leveraging email marketing to support multi-tactical internet marketing campaigns?

In most cases, businesses are not leveraging email marketing to drive successful campaigns.  Marketers continue to see email marketing as a single tactic that has a limited impact on the goals of their campaigns.  The biggest example of this is the lack of integration between databases, website, and email marketing campaigns.   A local business owner has a limited amount of hours in a day and a limited amount of resources.  However, most of them do not streamline the lead acquisition process to work together.  If the systems were integrated, a similar scenario can be applied to large corporations that employ or utilize 3 different employees to do the job of a single email marketing professional. Simply put, the website form does populate to the database, and neither of these automatically feed to the email marketing system.  In general, this is a manual process that costs businesses time, resource, and money. 

How can effective Email Marketing Help Your Business and Drive Results?

How you ask?  Well, let’s start with efficiency.  The ability to integrate your website with your business’s database, website forms, and email marketing services tools may cost additional money upfront; however, in the long-run you will not need to use manual processes that require more resources.  At DaBrian Marketing Group, we provide businesses will the tools to connect website forms to an email marketing system and eliminate the database itself.  In our client’s case, the email marketing system or email marketing service is the database.  In addition, you can use event or email triggers to confirm opt-in email addresses after receiving a contact submission form.  In less than 30 seconds, you have populated your form into a specific list with the email marketing tool, confirmed an opt-in email, and responded to a prospect with relevant content.

 Email triggers can be a useful and impactful tool for customer acquisition & lead generation.  We live in a society of instant gratification so being able to deliver relevant information or set the expectation to receive a response to a question is critical.  This can help to separate your business from the competition.

The ability to reduce the resources used for an email marketing campaign will reduce the campaign cost.  If implemented effectively, email marketing can position your business to be on your customers’ minds and reduce your overall acquisition cost. The bottom-line is Return-on-Investment. 

 Testing to Drive Results & Revenue?

Once you have become proficient with your automated process, it is time to start testing your email campaigns.  There are a number of different tests you can do with a single email campaign.  These tests include A/B, A/B/C, and multivariate testing of headers, subject lines, layouts, landing pages or calls-to-action.  The more successful your business is at getting customers to open emails, the greater the probability that the customer will respond to your call-to-action. Usually, better open rates and click through rates translate to better ROI. 


The truth is that just about every business uses email marketing to communicate with customers.  Unfortunately, not every business takes the time to evaluate opportunities to integrate technologies, test, or measure their results.  These are simple fundamental businesses practices that should be gone.  The ability to establish internal processes and best practices are critical to every business’s success. 

 The fact that you have an email marketing tool does not mean that what you are communicating is relevant to customers, or even driving results.   It is our recommendation that businesses start to take a holistic approach to all internet marketing strategies & tactics.  Continue to push the envelope for maximum results that will lead to maximum returns.      



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