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How Email Marketers Can Capitalize on Mobile Marketing: Insider Tips

Your email program is going strong and now your CMO is asking “what about mobile?” Let’s face it, the world and your customers have gone mobile, so your email program needs to follow suit.

Reaching your target audience today can feel like an exercise in virtual roulette—an assortment of options to choose from, each feeling as much a gamble as the next. Mobile has become a key component of today’s marketing venue, so you need to be prepared to enhance your email program to market to the exponentially growing numbers of mobile users and to introduce mobile messaging into your mix.

Be a mobile marketing maverick

Since your customers have adopted the ease and portability of handhelds and cell phones for media management, it’s time for marketers to adapt and customize their messages based on customer habits and preferences. As digital media adoption rates soar, customer demand for mobile engagement will skyrocket.

Be where your customers are

As an email marketer, it’s essential to be at the center of your customers’ attention if you hope to earn and hold their business. According to AOL Mail’s fourth annual Email Addiction Survey, 16% of survey respondents said they check their email from a mobile device. What’s more, 55% of respondents said they upgraded to a new cell phone in the last year so they could check email on-the-go. Crunch these stats and you’ve got a major trend towards mobile migration.

Clearly, to be successful in today’s market, your email program must adapt to meet consumer demand in the mobile stratosphere. Don’t think of mobile as a replacement to email—think of it as an enhancement to the strategies you already have in place today.
To get started, try out these simple yet powerful tactics for integrating mobile into your email strategy starting today.

Steps to mobile marketing success

Step #1: Create ‘mobile friendly’ formats for your email

Not all email layouts and styles are right for mobile media. As you target your traveling audience, be sure to think simple—design for tiny screens, mobile software, and use patterns most common to portable media devices. Mobile users spend mere instants accessing messages, so say it fast and focus on benefits.
- Craft clear and easily understood offers for the subject line.
- Put the most important subject matter at the top of emails for faster access to substance.
- If you include links, ensure landing pages are optimized for handhelds.
- Make messages brief, concise, and worth it… with clear action items and incentives.

Remember, the size, layout, and design features useful in standard email communication will not produce the same results in mobile messaging, potentially causing recipients to hit the delete key without bothering to read further.

Step #2: Have a plan and stick with it

Plan for success by identifying your goals and the tactics you’ll need to achieve them. Ask yourself, “How can mobile marketing help me build my business and meet marketing milestones?”

The first action item should include an assessment of the unique qualities of the mobile lifestyle. Content and user flow that informs via full-scale Web layout won’t necessarily scale on a Blackberry. Play to the strengths of this small, multifaceted platform and run campaigns that bring value to mobile users, e.g., click for ring tones, access mobile-only special offers.

- Build a mobile marketing strategy that integrates with your overall marketing plans.
- Outline campaigns and relevant offers that specifically appeal to mobile users.
- Set goals with incremental dates and milestones and track performance.

Step #3: Collect mobile data from your Web site visitors

Before you begin a mobile campaign, turn to your own captive audience—your Web site visitors—to see what, when, where and how they want to be communicated with on their mobile device. Within your website’s communications preference page, gather key data points, such as:
- Mobile number
- Mobile opt-in agreement
- Type of information users want from mobile messages
- Basic demographics, like age, gender, DOB, email, phone, zip (geo targeting), and interests
- Mobile phone type and carrier specifications
- Email address

If possible, offer incentives for completing the form to fuel sign-ups. While you’re at it, drop hints indicating that exclusive, top-list deals and announcements are coming soon in future mobile messages from you.

Remember, those who opt-in to receive mobile news are likely:
- Too busy to proactively obtain all their data from the Web, and
- Don’t want to miss the latest, greatest development about their favorite brands, hobbies, and heroes.

Maximize the medium by offering perks that save users time, give them useful tips, and sell them over and over again on your value.

Step #4: Create an infrastructure that’s industry compliant

Mobile marketing, like any medium, has its rules. The good news is, following these guidelines can afford you smooth travels along this new superhighway.

To ensure your infrastructure is up to snuff, first check with the Mobile Marketing Association (—their code of conduct and industry best practices cover essential protocol you’ll need to know to keep yourself in good standing.

Simple things like using compliant SMS aggregators and sending permission-based communications are big deals in the small world of handhelds. Just like in the email arena, there’s no spam allowed! Also take note: clear, accurate and age-appropriate messages are keys to fair game.

Step #5: Get down to details—develop campaigns, then track results

Since mobile marketing is actually a segment of your overall marketing strategy, sync it up with business goals and develop campaigns that mirror and compliment what you’re doing in other venues. Get your hands in the details, set quarterly goals, and outline the steps that get the job done.

Take stock of these integrated tactics along the way:
- Compliment current promotions with mobile-only offers.
- Encourage mobile user interaction by emailing, mailing or broadcasting special offer access codes that deliver a “gimmee” (e.g., song, ring tone, coupon, widget).
- Use mobile messages to: drive people back to your Web site, build your brand, and promote your services.
- Set up a testing calendar to try out SMS methods, calls to action, and audience receptivity.
- Measure response time: speed, time-of-day, day-of-week; and create a matrix of best times and types of messages to send.
- Test calls-to-action that incorporate coupon redemption, click-through rewards, and latest/breakthrough news; adjust tactics based on results.
- Send different emails to different audience groups; test which performs best and modify future sends accordingly.
- Ask yourself, “What makes my audience respond?” and do that.

Step #6: Analyze and apply campaign success

As you wage campaigns, your testing and tracking activity will reveal what’s working and what’s not. Now’s the time to fine-tune your methods and build a strategy that grows with your business goals.

If a campaign results in a high number of opt-outs, take note and analyze the demographics, subject lines, calls-to-action, times-of-day, and message offers to locate the source of failure. On the flip side, if a campaign hits the roof, boosts sign-ups, surges sales, and triples Web site traffic, try to identify the muscle behind the homerun—and create a few clones!

Criteria by which to analyze campaign success:
- What was the level of interaction on handsets?
- How many recipients unsubscribed?
- How many new users subscribed?
- How many recipients sent in the survey?
- What days of the week and times-of-day did users respond?
- How long did recipients wait to respond?
- How many coupons were redeemed, songs/ring tones/skins/widgets downloaded?
- How many recipients clicked the call-to-action link and/or clicked to my Web site?
- What other responses did the campaign yield?

Stay focused and get in the game

As the face of email marketing forever changes, take charge and evolve with the times. Integrating mobile strategies into your marketing mix will help you reach more customers, more often, and more reliably. With a few adjustments to your program, you can create scalable campaigns catered to mobile devices that get you in the game to win.

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Tips For Running An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

It seems that what emerged as sound email principles and etiquette apply just as well to email marketing. But its not just email marketing... it's effective email marketing.

Where previously formal letters and faxes used to be the way to communicate with clients and potential customers, the shift to the 'softcopy' world of the Web has meant that this same type of communication would have to happen in a format pertinent to this new venue. Email and email marketing asserted itself as the prime method of contact then. From brochures to customer support, everything can now take place through a few types on the keyboard and few clicks of the mouse.

However, there still is a protocol and a proper manner for effective email marketing:

- Be clear

Email is a shortened form of communication. There is no space for flowery and overtly ego-soothing language. Basic courtesy applies, like proper greetings and such, but on the whole, emails should be short and clear. Get to the point as soon as possible. Let your recipient know what is expected of him, what he stands to gain through this communication, and how he can gain it (for example, what he has to do, such as be within the first hundred to visit a site and thus earn a discount)

- Offer value, not information

Provide incentive for the email reader to read and click through. Add value to your communication. Attract and seduce. Don't be surprised a boring, hum-drum email is deleted as soon as the recipient reads the first few lines. Entice, and do not provide too much information in the content. The website is there for this purpose. The email is for communication.

- Prefer text

Graphics take long to load and often emails with graphics and attachments are deleted immediately or go to a junk mail folder.

- Label your images if you use them.

Some people get only the text in an email in their browser. If you include graphics but fail to label them, the whole message may not make sense or the reader may not be enticed. Providing labels lets him know what stands at such a place in the message.

- Use a hook

You should aim to catch the attention of your reader from the first line itself. A good hook works then. Its message should be relevant and clear so that the customer can then immediately decide to read on or not. Remember that a reader is won through the first few lines itself.

- Support the hook

In the body of your email, use relevant information to support your hook and its message. However, be concise, as this isn't an opportunity for an info dump. Your information should simply reinforce your hook.

- Be short and concise

Readers won't read every word that is down in an email. They usually scan the thing in whole. Use the space you have succinctly to maximize the opportunity to grasp the reader.

- Provide the most important information first

Make efficient use of the top space of your email. Many readers read email through a preview pane. The top third of your email will be displayed in this pane, and based on this information, a reader may decide to read the full or delete the message already.

- Use a legible and easy to grasp format
- Arrange your text in a manner that is pleasant to the eye.
- Delineate text and paragraphs using hyphens or lines.
- Use legible font such as Georgia and Verdana in a readable size.
- Use bullets and lists to more clearly define your message so it can be grasped at first glance.

- Use the active voice

The active voice 'involves' the reader in the message and pushes him to react.

- Know your audience

And write accordingly with appropriate wording and information.

- Avoid URLs that are too long

Such addresses in emails can be difficult to click as they lose their link when they are 'broken' onto 2 or more lines.
Aim to have a URL on its own line. If needed, shrink the text for the link. Or you can offer the address without a hyperlink but as a 'copy and paste' option.

- Avoid caps and excessive use of punctuation marks

That's basic email etiquette, which carries forward into your business communication.

- Offer an option to unsubscribe

Always offer a 'way out' for your recipients. An unsubscribe link is expected to be seen at the bottom of the email.
Providing your recipient with the option to continue receiving emails or to terminate the reception shows caring and courtesy to the reader.

Also ensure that an unsubscription is effective immediately.

- Easy to subscribe as well

Make it easy to subscribe as well. Provide links and offer a way to your guest book or how to provide comments and feedback. This shows consideration on your behalf.
It is also a good idea to let your readers know that they are free to forward the email as well.

- Make it easy to change subscription address

This way, if a client or recipient changes his address, he can make sure the email follows as well.

- Make good use of your subject line

The headline of your message should go in the subject box, as this is the first glimpse recipients will have to your email. Use it judiciously to convey information.

- Address your recipients by their name

This shows consideration and a personal touch. You definitely win over more people through a personalized message than through an impersonal mass bundling.

- Avoid in holiday periods

This time is often holiday from emails too, so keep email marketing communications to the minimum too.
You could however send out a message with the holiday's greetings and best wishes.

- Consistency with corporate design

Having the same kind of layout and formatting as your website and other business communication supports ensures that someone recognizes your email at first glance too.

Once you have found the right template/format, use it every time.

- An email address that says who you are

People are more apt to trust a message with a From line containing information about who you are and where you're from. This will also prevent your email from being listed as spam and from ending in the junk email folder.

- The landing page should fit the email and the offer

Make sure you are leading your reader to the right destination through the links provided in the message.

People hate wasting their time, and if this happens even once, you stand the risk of losing credibility.

By tailoring your landing page for links, you also make better use of your website to further engage the customer's interest.

- Motivate newsletter sign up with a freebie or bonus
Offer something in return as an incentive. This could win you a lot of new subscriptions.

- Have good multimedia if you are using it

If you are using audio or video, make sure they are of good quality and can be accessed easily.

- Reply to requests within 24 hours

This is basically common courtesy but it pays to be recalled. Ensuring prompt replies show you care and value your customers.

- Email should be service oriented, not marketing oriented as with paper

Your aim through email marketing is to inform and provide an 'easy' access to your company.

- Customize so it doesn't look like spam

Make sure your message is unique in its content and format so it isn't brushed off as spam.

- Offer user control if possible

Wherever possible, give your reader the opportunity to tailor your communications to him. People are most apt to listen to the information they have asked for.

- Provide contact information for you

Always provide a way of contacting you. The signature in emails is one of your greatest effective email marketing assets.

By making use of these email marketing tips, you should be able to create a successful and effective email marketing campaign.

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Best Business Home Internet Opportunity – 4 Heavy Traffic Tips to Earn Killer Income

If you are willing to make quick money through best business home internet opportunity then you are on the right place where you can feel success on every step.

In this way you can be able to overcome the chances of failure that other are usually facing on each and every step. The main reason behind failing is lack of knowledge about current market trend.

What you have to do is, do little research on current and future market trends and on that basis you have to take decision to initiate with your best business home internet opportunity, then remaining door of success will automatically open in very short time with heavy traffic on your site.

Once you get clear picture about market trends then it will easy for you to start your best business home Internet opportunity with great confidence.

Below are few hints to get excellent results and returns with best business home Internet opportunity.

A. Start Promotion on Social Networking Site.

Internet business is all about traffic, once you have enough traffic then you can get good business out of it. You can see on social networking sites that people talk with each other, by using that tool you can develop channel or network for your business and you will end up with good sales out of it.

B. Start a Discussion Forum.

Another most well known technique is forum discussion, where people come to get the best solution for their problem related to their niche and that way they can share their views with each other.

This way you will develop channel of members very fast that will work to develop your best home business internet opportunity.

C. Start a Blog.

For expanding and expressing your ideas and knowledge, best place is blog. Allow your visitors to give both negative and positive feedback and let them share their views and content for your site.

This will boost your site at peak stage in your dream market.

D. Content Rich Site.

Content is heart of any site so you need to focus for getting powerful, truthful, fresh content for your site.

This will make the difference in generating traffic as well as returns on your site.

If your site has solid content then your site will easily get high ranking by the search engines.

Above four points are key to success for your best business home internet opportunity, so never ever forget those tips and have the taste of success in very short time.

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Daily Forex Trading Tips – Forex Day Trading Tips You Need to Know

Daily Forex Trading Tips

The popularity of forex currency trading system continues to grow as more and more people have realized the potential income that they can earn from forex trading.

With a massive daily profit of $1.5 trillion, forex trading has definitely surpassed the combined profits of bond market and global stock market. This is probably the main reason why many people were enticed to try forex trading.

Along with the massive growth of forex trading comes the forex day trading. As its name implies, forex day trading mainly refers to the actual selling and buying of various foreign exchange currencies all throughout the day. Its main purpose is to come up with no net variation in place at the last part of the day. In other words, for every forex currency bought, there should be one currency sold.

In order to see the profit or the deficit, one must look into the discrepancy between the current values of the currency being sold to the purchase amount. The main incentive of this method of trading is to lessen the burden of maintaining a position during the night.

Normally, the "open price" may have considerably altered from the earlier day's final currency value. Hence, forex trading that involves traders who are dependent on the currency's performance during the day is known as forex day trading. Daily Forex Trading Tips

In essence, forex day trading is not as dangerous as the other types of forex trading activities. But then again, the usual employment of margin purchases such as utilizing funds on loan increases the deficits and profits. So to speak, the potential shortfall and returns may happen in very little time.

For this reason, experts say that it is normal to expect that nearly 90% of forex day traders will lose profit. Hence, it would be more enjoyable on the part of forex day traders to gamble their money that is not important to them.

The main point here is that even if forex day trading aims to provide you with the right amount of money that you need to gain, it should still be separated from the psychosomatic point of examination and trading activities.

To know more about forex day trading, here are some tips that you need to know, or you can read about forex futures trading.

1. You should know that forex day trading is course oriented

This means that forex day trading is focused more on the development. Forex day traders are expected to identify what comprises the "winning trade." By the time you have already identified the outline, you will have more confidence in taking the trade. Daily Forex Trading Tips

This means that you will easily make good decisions without feeling regretful. In addition, at the end of each transaction, you will be able to feel good about your decision.

2. You are bound to lose before you can gain something

Forex experts say that every successful forex traders has definitely lost some hefty amount of money before they were able to achieve something. In fact, they say that this is the primary factor needed in order to gain success in forex day trading.

However, it does not necessarily mean that because you are bound to lose money at one point or another, you should expect loses all throughout. It is still important to remember that as a forex day trader, you must do everything just to win the game.

This can be done by speculating positively at all cost, taking risks without uncertainties. Of course, losing is part of the game. But remember that losing is not a major issue in one's success.

Fail if you must; that is, if you will think that losing is inevitable. Yet, one should also keep in mind that these loses are relatively small and will only take few minutes of your time to make those errors.

And lastly, it is important that you know what you are doing. Do your homework and find out more about forex day trading. In this way, you will learn the basic safety measures of forex day trading. You will also learn the important steps you have to make if ever the unforeseen circumstances take place.

So the next time you want to start a career in forex day trading, it is important that you start on the insides first. Know what the client wants. From there you can already make a fresh start in trading. Daily Forex Trading Tips

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