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Internet Marketing Los Angeles: Eight Famous Types Revealed

The internet has altered the way we regard business. To tell you the truth, a lot would agree that it is said to be one of the most utilizable inventions in history. Because of email and web, we can now make our products and services available internationally, and we can maintain regular contact with our clients. Internet marketing is considered to be an essential part of your success in the realm of internet.

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Types of email marketing

Widely considered the most efficient form of communicating with prospective customers, email marketing campaigns are increasing in popularity and therefore advancing accordingly. It is estimated that half of all internet users - circumstances permitting - check their emails on a daily basis.

Research shows that the UK consumers are among the most likely to purchase services or goods online. Countries such as Germany and Japan are others that are making the most of online deals and are increasingly shopping on the internet. The current economic situation means that many businesses are being encouraged to be more pro-active when it comes to marketing and sales. It goes without saying that direct marketing is more affordable and often more efficient than other promotional tools. Email marketing is possibly the best example of this; huge numbers of potential customers can be contacted quickly and easily. With the correct facilities it is also much easier for businesses to study responses from prospective customers through open and click rates. With all these advantages large numbers of companies are following expert advice and utilising email marketing. But in order to achieve optimum results the emails need to be of a high quality standard and sent to an appropriate audience for the product/service/company being promoted.

Recently increasing diversity in the content and format of marketing emails has arisen due to the need for individual emails to stand out- in what could potentially be an inbox crowded with others. This has meant static emails are often being rejected in favour of audio or even video versions. Audio adverts can sometimes play automatically once the email is opened. This creates a strong impression on prospective customers, it is different to the advertisements that they are used to receiving. It also gives an idea that a company has put more effort into their campaign and made it more user friendly. Statistics show that people are often put off marketing emails when they have to use quite a lot of time and effort accessing different links and reading more than necessary. Having an email sent that announces its purpose with so little user time and activity is certainly seen to be considerate and up to date.

Video emails are less straightforward at this moment in time due to the fact they often rely on links to external sources or have a large download size. This may mean they require more time or effort from a recipient to be used effectively. These problems are often rectifiable by the use of technology that can reduce download sizes. It is also worth mentioning at this point that, generally speaking, a consumer’s standard of software and access to increased bandwidth is improving. This means that this form of marketing email has the potential to gain more and more popularity in the future. On another note, consumers find videos more interesting than static emails. Encouraging research has shown that measured response rates (opens and clicks) can sometimes be up to ten times higher than for static emails. They also promote viral email marketing quite well. This can lead to a much wider consumer base just through items of interest being forwarded by recipients.

With online sales continuing to rise, it is essential that companies are using all the means they can to promote services and products online. Email marketing is a fundamental part of this. Whether static or other emails are used, it is vital that any promotional information sent is of exceptional quality and is user friendly.

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Entrepreneurship: Definition, Types, and Motivational Factors

Entrepreneurship: Definition, Types, and Motivational Factors


The word entrepreneurship has been derived from a French root which means “ to undertake”. It is also called by various names, e.g. adventurism, risk taking, thrill seeking, innovating, etc.

According to Higgins, “ Entrepreneurship is meant the function of seeking investment and production opportunity, organizing an enterprise to undertake a new production process, raising capital, hiring labor, arranging the supply of raw materials, finding site, introducing a new technique and commodities, discovering new sources of raw materials and selecting top managers of day-to-day operations of the enterprise.

Jaffrey A. Timmons has defined entrepreneurship as “the ability to create and build something from practically nothing. Fundamentally, a human creative activity, it is finding personal energy by initiating, building and achieving an enterprise or organization rather than by watching, analyzing or describing one. It requires the ability to take calculated risk and to reduce the chance of failure…..”

According to A.H.Cole “entrepreneurship is the purposeful activity of an individual or a group of associated individuals, undertaken to initiate, maintain or aggrandize profit by production or distribution of economic goods and services.”

Characteristics and Significance

A Function of High Achievement: People having high need for achievement are more likely to succeed as entrepreneurs, according to McClelland. Motive is high achievement and profit is merely a measure of success and competency.

Innovation: According to Schumpeter, entrepreneurship is a creative activity. An entrepreneur is basically an innovator who introduces something new into the economy.

Organization Building Function: According to Harbison, Organization Building skill means the ability to “ multiply oneself” by effectively delegating responsibility to others.

A Function of Managerial Skills and Leadership: Managerial skills and leadership qualities are more important than financial skills

A Function of Status Withdrawal: According to Hagen,” Creative innovation or change is the fundamental feature of economic growth. He describes an entrepreneur as a creative problem solver interested in things in the practical and technological realm.

Types of an Entrepreneur

Innovating Entrepreneur:

Aggressive in experimentation and clever in putting attractive possibilities into practice.

Adoptive or Imitative Entrepreneurs:

They adopt best practices. Imitative entrepreneurs are revolutionary and important.

Fabian Entrepreneurs:

Drone Entrepreneurs:

Against any change in production method even at the cost of losses.

Forced Entrepreneurs:

They become entrepreneurs on account of circumstances

Functions of an Entrepreneur

Perceiving market opportunities

Gaining command over scarce resources

Managing human relations within firms

Marketing of the products

Responding to the competition

Dealing with bureaucracy

Managing finance

Upgrading process and product quality

Managing costumer and supplier relations

Introducing new production techniques and products

Risk Taking

Organization and management

Qualities of a good entrepreneur

According to McClelland:

An unusual creativeness

A propensity of risk taking

A strong need for achievement

According to Prof. Tandon :

1. Capacity to assume risks

2. Technical Knowledge and willingness to change

3. Ability to marshal resources

4. Ability of organization and administration

According to more than fifty research studies:

Total commitment, determination and perseverance Drive to achieve and grow Opportunity and goal orientation Taking initiative and personal responsibility Persistent problem solving Realism and sense of humor Seeking and using feedback Calculated risk taking and risk seeking 9. Low need for status and power

10. Integrity and reliability

11. Capacity to work hard

12. Self Motivation

13. Vision and foresight

14. Sound Judgment

15. Flexibility and sociability

16. Persistence in the face of adversity

17. Will to conquer and impulse to fight

Entrepreneurial Motivation Factor

Educational background

Occupational Experience

Desire to work independently

Desire to branch out to manufacturing

Family background

Assistance from Government

Assistance from financial institution

Availability of technology/raw material

Profit margin

Desire for taking personal responsibility

Anticipation of future possibilities

Success stories of entrepreneurs

To gain social prestige

Heavy Demand

Technical knowledge

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Internet Marketing as of 2008 is Growing Faster Than Other Types of Media

Internet marketing, also referred to as online marketing, Internet advertising, e-Marketing is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. Online marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and sales. Internet marketing as of 2008 is growing faster than other types of media.
Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and sales for the help It does not simply mean building or promoting a website nor does it mean simply putting a banner ad up on another website. There are a few important characteristics that differentiate Internet marketing from off-line marketing. One major difference is probably the amount of start up capital needed to start a business. On the internet, all you need is a domain name and a web hosting server for you to get started. This cost is minimal.
Internet marketing is just something and everywhere. Online e-marketing is by far the fastest growing advertising method for all companies in this day and age. It is a specialized field and requires a unique combination of marketing expertise and technical resources that very few companies in the world can provide. Thus, you need to put in effort to make this work and I can tell you that the potential of income that you are looking at is an amount that you cannot believe. Super marketers are making millions of dollars on the Internet today and there seems to be no sign of slowing down for Internet Marketing.
You Can Become An Internet Marketing Consultant By Share Interest

If you are not knowledgeable about e-business in general and the way the online market place works, don't worry, you can still learn very quickly and begin a career as an internet marketing consultant.
It doesn't matter that you are total stranger to the online world, if you have just enough interest in internet marketing, you can actually still become an internet marketing consultant.
All it requires is just some work, just as is true for any career. When you begin to practice Internet marketing consultancy, store up information to equip you with varied knowledge and become scholarly.
It is your Internet marketing knowledge and skills that will ground you as marketable Internet marketing consultant. Find out where you power resides and specialize there as your niche while arming yourself with general Internet marketing information.
Continuously learn and load your knowledge store with every conceivable Internet marketing knowledge, for those are the basis on which you can sell yourself as internet marketing consultant, as soon as your skills and knowledge bolster your confidence enough to help Internet marketers become successful with their Internet marketing business.
Prepare fully, because as an internet marketing consultant it will be your duty to help different categories of Internet marketing clients. Some of your clients will be completely "green", some others will be seasoned veterans of Internet marketing.
There will also be newbies who know nothing about business or the internet and are looking to you for everything for the help You will have to take them by the hands, so to speak. As an internet marketing consultant, people will look up to you to help them succeed as Internet Marketers.
If you have enough knowledge and pertinent Internet marketing information, becoming an internet marketing consultant can be rewarding work.. All you need to do is stock up on Internet marketing knowledge and skill, educate yourself, and be ready help all levels of clients.

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