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Windows 7 Pass word Recuperation

You won't neglect your own Windows account password, however, you could need to aid someone which did. Company owners Claid off any individual these days? Any disgruntled staff could fasten your organization's major Personal computer by having an not known password just before leaving behind Actually without having ill-will, a worker will take another career or perhaps (expire prospect) falter in order to condition with out passing on the pass word. This might be destructive for any small business. What can you carry out? Read the rest of this entry »

Funny conversation I had with a (so-called) Microsoft Certified System Engineer

Yesterday, I was traveling back from Nagpur to Pune in a train. Air-conditioners were set for a very sweaty temperature - so, I decided to get some fresh air outside the compartment. I happened to share the small, congested space with a huge fellow passenger near the door. We exchanged smiles & made space to enjoy the fresh air. Standing there, I was just browsing through my iPhone, checking emails, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

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